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Walmart insurer come after Tracy Morgan! Demand medical records and income statements, insist comedian be deposed after he was spotted in a Lamborghini following ‘$90 million’ crash settlement

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Hmm! ‘feels like a severe case of buyer’s remorse’

Comedian Tracy Morgan suffered a brain injury in the crash between a Walmart truck and his tour limo on the New Jersey turnpike on June 7, 2014
Morgan was severely injured, of his travelling companions, comedians Ardley Fuqua was critically injured, and James ‘Jimmy Mack’ McNair  killed
Ohio Casualty is demanding victims surrender records pertaining to the 2015  crash settlement with Walmart, Tracy Morgan allegedly received  $90 million, Ardley Fuqua received $12 million 
Walmart insurer demanded Morgan and Fuqua turn over medical records and income statements, including future earning potential, and his ability to drive a Lamborghini after the accident
Morgan who suffered a brain injury in the crash spent almost two months in the hospital and rehab, re-learning how to talk and walk after waking from his medically induced coma 
Ohio Casualty blasted Walmart’s ‘s hasty settlement’ , insist Walmart paid out the funds without deposing the comedian or others involved
The demands come 13 months after the pair were served with subpoenas to provide the information, Morgan and Fuqua are yet to comply 
Walmart’s insurance company is demanding Tracy Morgan be grilled under oath over his multimillion-dollar payout stemming from a horrific crash involving one of the store’s trucks that nearly killed the comedian in 2014.

The superstore reached a deal with Morgan a year after the deadly accident on the New Jersey Turnpike that killed his friend and mentor, comedian James ‘Jimmy Mack’ McNair, and left the Saturday Night Live alumnus severely injured.
Morgan suffered from a broken leg, femur, nose, ribs, and a traumatic brain injury after his limo was hit by a Walmart truck driver on the New Jersey Turnpike. Morgan was left in critical condition, and his physical and emotional recovery has been ongoing.

Walmart driver, Kevin Roper 1Walmart truck driver, Kevin Roper obliterated Tracy Morgan’s tour limo but plead not guilty in court

The truck’s driver, Kevin Roper, pleaded not guilty to charges of vehicular homicide and assault. Wal-Mart called the accident a “terrible tragedy,” and has vowed to cooperate with the ongoing investigation. The retail giant also said it would take “full responsibility” if Roper was found to be at fault.
The feds ruled that the Walmart semi-driver was sleep deprived on the job. A report issued today by the National Transportation Safety Board found that Roper,  the driver of the rig that slammed into the Mercedes limousine carrying Tracy Morgan was speeding and had been working more than 13 consecutive hours. Roper eventually admitted guilt in the crash.
Morgan and the other crash survivors filed a lawsuit against the company.
The retail giant kept it’s word and settled. Morgan received $90 million, Fuqua got $12 million.
However, Walmart’s insurer’s, Ohio Casualty, has lampooned what it called a hasty settlement. The insurance company is miffed the retailer paid out the large sum without deposing Morgan and others involved in the suit.

Tracy Morgan struggled through months rehab after suffering broken bones and brain injury from the crash7.png

Walmart’s insurance company is demanding Tracy Morgan, 48, be deposed over his multimillion-dollar payout stemming from the 2014 car accident involving the retailer’s truck

Court documents lawyers for insurance company Ohio Casualty are now requesting deposition dates from Morgan and his comedian friend Ardley Fuqua, who was a passenger in the car.
The company is attempting to force Morgan and Fuqua to hand over settlement documents, as well as medical records and information regarding the comedian’s income.
They are also seeking all medical records following the accident, Morgan’s federal and state tax returns from 2009-2014, documents showing his future earning potential, and financial records that relate to his earnings for the five years prior to the accident.

Tracy Morgan  crash photos5.pngThe Walmart articulated truck [photo], rammed and crushed the tour limousine ferrying Morgan and his pals to their gigs, on the night of June 7, 2014. Morgan went on to spend two months in the hospital and rehab before he could return home.
Tracy Morgan  vs Walmart crash photos4.pngA tractor-trailer driven by Walmart employee Kevin Roper slammed into the back of Tracy Morgan’s Mercedes Benz limo on the New Jersey Turnpike on June 7, 2014

They are even demanding a list of medicines he was prescribed after the crash, any records of physical or mental examinations and documents related to his appearance on Saturday Night Live and The Emmys – and information regarding his ability to drive a Lamborghini after the accident.
According to the court papers, Ohio Casualty argues the depositions of both Morgan and Ardie Fuqua are relevant and necessary since the the two victims received 92 percent of the huge settlement paid out in the original lawsuit against Walmart.
Morgan received 80 per cent of an undisclosed sum paid out to all plaintiffs in his legal battle, an estimated $90 million.
Morgan and Fuqua were accused of refusing to provide dates to be deposed and failing to provide an adequate excuse for refusal after multiple attempts, 13 months after they were served with subpoenas to provide information to the case.
Ohio casualty says the depositions of Morgan and Fuqua are relevant and necessary, because they collectively received 92% of the huge settlement of the Morgan action, their depositions were never taken nor were they served with any formal discovery in the Morgan action, and Wal-Mart  has relied on the claims of Morgan and Fuqua as the principal reason in contending that the settlement of the Morgan action was reasonable.’

Animated sketxh of Morgan  vs Walmart crash from NTSB.pngNTSB released 3-D animation of the deadly Tracy Morgan car crash that nailed the case against the Walmart rig driver and his employers

The current flurry of legal wrangling kicked off last year, attorneys after Morgan was spotted driving a Lamborghini, shortly after the settlement.
Morgan suffered a broken leg, several broken ribs, and a brain injury and spent almost two months in the hospital and rehab before he could return home.
Morgan has recounted the harrowing ordeal of re-learning how to talk and walk again after waking from his medically coma.


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