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Michigan cemetery robber could get up to 5 years in jail – Lisa Corcoran arrested for stealing more than 100 items from cemeteries to decorate her home 

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Michigan woman arrested for stealing mover 100 items from cemeteries to decorate her home  
Lisa Corcoran allegedly, stole the items from two cemeteries in Michigan to decorate her home
 44-year-old Corcoran was arrested after someone saw a car full of flowers stealing flowers from a condo porch
Investigators searching her home seized 188 allegedly stolen items
Faces  up to 5 years in jail
Lisa Corcoran1
Lisa Corcoran is accused of ro
bbing cemeteries in Vienna Michigan

A Michigan woman was hauled off to jail after she was accused of robbing the dead to decorate her home.
MLive reported that Lisa Corcoran stole hundreds of items from two different cemeteries in Genesee County earlier this year.
Authorities were able to track down the alleged grave robber after receiving a tip from a citizen who witnessed 44-year-old Corcoran driving off with flowers she had taken from the porch of a condo development.

The loot stolen from 2 local cemetaries by Lisa Corcoran.pngDeputies recovered this loot [photo], stolen from 2 local cemeteries in Vienna Township, Michigan by Lisa Corcoran

Officers found Corcoran’s car loaded with flowers, and made another shocking discovery when they searched her residence.
Police said the 44-year-old woman’s home was filled with flowers, a decorative memorial bench, metals and ceramics she had allegedly lifted from six grave sites at Woodlawn Cemetery and West Vienna Cemetery.
MLive reported that investigators seized 188 items from her home.
“To steal from the dead is an unimaginable act that defies description,” Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell told the outlet. “This is a new low.”
Officials are still going through the stolen goods and plan to return them to family members soon.
Sheriff Pickell says the items were stolen from six different gravesites, at two cemeteries in Vienna Township on six different occasions.
Corcoran could face five years in jail because the items she stole are worth over $1,000. She’s currently being held in the Genesee County Jail. Bond is set at $5,000.


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