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Brittany Simpson admits shooting dad Robert Simpson, producer of television drama, Stephen King, and leaving him naked and dying in pool of blood- He’d tried to evict her from family home in SC

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31-year-old unemployed daughter of murdered millionaire television drama series producer, admits guilt in father’s death
British born Robert Simpson, was left naked and dying in pool of blood from a single gunshot in his own bedroom, May 9, 2017
The producer was fatally shot as he tried to evict his older daughter Brittany from his home in a high brow section of Charleston, S.C.
His other daughter Brooke made the harrowing 911 call as Robert Simpson lay dying after her sister Brittany, shot their dad
Simpson, 66, a British-born movie producer, was working on a TV adaptation of Stephen King novel Mr. Mercedes before his death
Unemployed Brittany Simpson has admitted shooting her dad to police but denies murder
Police had been called to house more than 50 times in last decade over family disputes, mostly between Brittany and her mother Susan
Her priors include an arrest after a traffic stop when cops found her and her boyfriend naked, with drugs and distribution paraphernalia in the car, both were charged with Possession With Intent to Distribute 
Erratic Brittany was briefly committed two years ago, showed signs of being manic-depressive, cops say she was  ‘a danger to the community’ 
She was denied bond when she appeared in court, charged with her murder and possession of a deadly weapon, May 12

Robert Simpson1

TV producer Robert Simpson [photo], was naked, alone and lying in a pool of his own blood when Charleston police found him on the morning of May, 9, 2017.
The final moments of millionaire movie producer Robert Simpson have been revealed in the harrowing 911 call made on the morning he was shot dead – allegedly by his daughter, Brittany, 31.
His second daughter Brooke, 28, placed a wrenching call at approximately 6.03 am on that May day. In the audio, the distraught woman can be heard pleading with Susan, her mother, to go into her father’s room.
The household had been woken moments earlier by the sounds of Simpson yelling and the crack of a solitary gunshot.
‘Mom, please!’ she can be heard screaming. ‘You might have to administer CPR.’ Later she begs, ‘Mom go in there!’

Brittany Simpson1
Brittany Simpson confessed to shooting her father but denies a murder charge

But with gunshot powder still hanging in the air, Robert Simpson’s wife of 36 years, Susan, 65, was too afraid to enter the room in which her husband lay dying.
Simpson, 66, was still breathing and attempted to respond to cops who forced their way into the room.
They found the British-born movie producer ‘laid completely naked,’ on the floor, pooling blood obscured the entrance wound of the single bullet that exited through his chest and left arm. The round lay, clearly visible, nearby.

Robert Simpson lived in the wealthy Charleston enclave of I’On, Mount Pleasant, with his wife of 36 years, Susan, 65. They had children, Brittany, 31 and Brooke, 28 who raised the alarm with police over his shooting – as well as daughter Chelsea and son Toby.
Brittany Simpson, who told her sister an intruder shot their father, accused by cops of killing dad
When responding police officer J Ballentine arrived at the scene he could see Simpson’s stomach moving as he attempted to breathe, Ballentine wrote in his report.

 ‘I called out to him. Mr Simpson looked straight forward and attempted to move his lips, however was unable to respond.’
Simpson was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after.
In the panic and confusion of her sister’s desperate emergency call Brittany can be heard in the background offering her version of events that morning.
She initially claimed that an intruder ran into the house, shot Simpson and fled. But her story rapidly fell apart.
An empty Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm box was found in her room, the same weapon used to shoot Simpson dead.

A witness quickly came forward to report seeing Brittany running down the dock immediately behind the family home after the shooting.

Officers recovered the gun and clothing matching the description of what Brittany had been wearing earlier that morning, weighted down with a pink dumbbell and submerged in water 10ft beyond the dock.
Brittany has now confessed to shooting her father and a sworn affidavit taken the following day concludes: ‘Brittany Simpson did kill her father…with malice of aforethought.’
Susan and Robert with their three daughters, Brooke, Brittany and Chelsea and son Taylor lived in idyllic settings in the high brow Chi Chi enclave in Charleston, but records how officers had been called to the  home repeatedly over allegations of violence, years of disputes centering on their daughter Brittany.

Brittany Simpsonl ived at home
The Simpsons lived in the Chi Chi enclave, a the highbrow section of Charleston, S.C. 
Police reports stretching back more than a decade document 51 separate incidents including domestic disturbances, vandalism, theft, physical and verbal altercations, threats of violence, harassment, shoplifting, fraud and drug related offenses involving all family members.
Brittany is personally the subject of 32 of these incidents. Her sister, Brooke, made the first call out during an argument between Brittany and her parents which, Brooke feared, ‘had got out of control.’ That was ten years ago in in July 2007.
The following decade has been peppered with call outs and reports – frequently for seemingly petty arguments that had spiraled out of control.
On July 7, 2011 Brittany and her then-boyfriend were arrested following a traffic stop at 2.30am during which the officer detected ‘a strong odor of marijuana’ coming from their vehicle. Her boyfriend was dressed only in his underwear and Brittany was naked.
The officer found marijuana, a baggie of Xanax, scales and 48 Ziploc bags in the car. Both were hit with Possession With Intent to Distribute (PWID) charges.
Brittany’s run-ins with the law continued with depressing frequency down the years.

In August 2014 the police were called when she accused her father of hitting her ‘with an open hand 3 times in her face,’ during a physical altercation.
Robert Simpson told police that Brittany had been ‘yelling and cussing at him about family issues.’
He said that she began ‘kicking him, hitting him in the chest, and throwing things at him.’ And admitted to trying to ‘push her away from him,’ and that he ‘smacked her in the face’ in the process.
But as with all of the incidents across the years none of the family members involved wanted to press charges.
And across the past two years there is a clear and disturbing pattern of Brittany’s escalating erratic behavior and deteriorating mental health and family relations., accelerating by February 2015 when Susan Simpson obtained an eviction order against her daughter who had lived at home and hadn’t worked for more than a decade.
The eviction attempt sparked a fierce argument that resulted in cops being called once more to the home.

The police report dated February 15, 2015 details how Brittany was ‘standing on the stairwell in the residence yelling at her parents,’ when officers arrived at the scene.

The officer noted: ‘I am familiar with Brittany due to prior incidents. And [she] shows similar characteristics of Manic Depression.
‘While I was speaking with Brittany I had to calm her down more than a dozen times due to her talking loud, fast, and in a ranting manner.’
The following day the police were once again at the residence after Brittany accused her father of assaulting her and snatching away the phone when she tried to dial 911. Again no charges were pressed.
In April it was Brittany’s turn to call police claiming that her brother, Taylor, was threatening suicide. But when cops attended the address Taylor denied the claim and informed police that his sister, ‘has mental issues and that she is prescribed medication.’
Her father Robert told officers that ‘for the past ten years his wife and he have been taking Brittany to multiple doctors in hopes of finding help for her.’
He said that she was prescribed medication but often did not take it and that they were ‘unsure if she has bi-polar of another medical issue.’
Cops were back out at the house on June 1 and again on June 3 when Brittany was committed and taken to Palmetto Behavioral Health by Charleston County Sherriff’s office.

Chelsea Simpson [left], and Brittany Simpson1
The Simpson girls Brittany {left], and Brooke

The family seems to have had a brief respite following this intervention. But eight months later, in February last year, the calls outs began once more with Brittany reporting random possessions as stolen that were subsequently found and neighbors now reporting her erratic and often harassing behavior.

She demanded that one buy her a truck, bombarding him with calls, texts and visits at all hours of the day and night. She wanted another to buy her shoes – claiming that both were ‘jokes’ when police were called.
More troubling, in March 2016, one reported how she had emailed her at 5.14am with the request that she buy Brittany a gun. When confronted Brittany initially denied sending the email. Later she said that she had only wanted the gun for ‘protection.’
Two months later, on June 28, 2016 a ‘concerned citizen,’ informed cops that Brittany had once more begun asking neighbors to buy a gun for her – specifically a Glock.
Four weeks later her sister Chelsea called cops asking for a welfare check on Brittany. In the report the officer notes that Chelsea ‘believed there was a firearm at the residence belonging to Brittany.’
Chillingly her mother said she had no knowledge of any gun or whether or not it was locked up
Brittany was denied bond when she appeared in court charged with her father’s murder and possession of a deadly weapon on 12 May 2017.
Cops called her a ‘danger to the community’.
Brittany had graduated from the local Wando High School and attended the University of Miami and the College of Charleston, her attorney said, describing her as a once popular girl.
Recently, she was unemployed, and hampered by a disability that her lawyer declined to discuss.
According to family, Susan Simpson and Robert Simpson were again trying to have Brittany evicted when she shot her father on the morning of 9 May, 2017.

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