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More reveals on Jackson, Olympios hookup – ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ contestant was limp and unconscious during pool incident; Crew member

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‘Is this incident scripting gone awry or was Corrinne the innocent victim of unscrupulous circumstances?’

“Bachelor in Paradise” Production crew member said victim in alleged contestant was limp and unconscious during the incident
Corrinne Olympios he said was limp and struggling to stay afloat in a pool while cast member DeMario Jackson “appeared to have intercourse with her” 
Jackson, 30, allegedly engaged in sexual activity with Olympios, 24, in a swimming pool at a Mexican resort, where they’re filming season  four
Olympios is now claiming she was too drunk to consent to the pool tryst at the resort in Sayulita, Mexico
She has hired lawyers to go after the producers because they ‘didn’t protect her’  
Jackson allegedly, remembers every bit of the poolside tryst, Olympios says she remembers nothing
Sources familiar with the tape think otherwise  claim she was ‘lucid and fully engaged’
“Bachelor in Paradise” contestant Corinne Olympios was limp and struggling to stay afloat in a pool while cast member DeMario Jackson “appeared to have intercourse with her,” a crew member from the show said.

The alleged assault during production of the ABC reality series occurred at a Mexican resort after Olympios spent the day drinking, and prompted Warner Bros. to suspend further production on the series. indefinitely, and launch an investigation.
Jackson, 30, allegedly engaged in sexual activity with Olympios, 24, in a swimming pool at theat a resort in Sayulita, Mexico, where filming for the fourth season of the ABC reality series was being shot. Olympios is now claiming she was too drunk to consent.
The Daily Mail. quotes a source as saying: “There was hugging and kissing and touching, but before long, she seemed to go limp and was sliding under water. DeMario kept trying to hold her up and at the same time he appeared to be having intercourse with her.”

 ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ temporarily shut down over ‘allegations of misconduct’

Corrine Olympios12Corrinne Olympios at the Ellen DeGeneres show after her villainous role in Season 21 of ‘The Bachelor’. 

Further quoting the anonymous source, the paper reported that: “After he finished, which only lasted a few seconds he lifted her out of the water and laid her on the cement, where he proceeded to have oral sex with her,” the source said.
Crew members later carried the “unconscious” contestant back to her room, as she was unable to walk on her own, the source explained.
The crew member says colleagues were “deeply disturbed” about the way the matter was handled.
“One of the things that really disturbed people was that no one called a doctor or paramedic, which some felt they should have. Instead, someone made the decision to just let her sleep it off,” said the crew member.

DeMario Jackson1.jpgDeMario Jackson accused of having non-consensual contact with fellow contestant Olympios in the pool, during the first week of production in Mexico, insists he is innocent

DeMario insists, the situation is crazy, that footage of the encounter will prove his innocence, according to text messages he sent to concerned friends
Corrinne, who claims to have no recollection of the event, reportedly hired an attorney and blames the show’s producers for letting the incident escalate, TMZ reported.

message from DeMario Jackson
I’m innocent – DJ

Contestant Corinne Olympios has reportedly hired an attorney, blaming the producers of the “Bachelor” spinoff for letting a sexual encounter with fellow cast member DeMario Jackson go too far following a day of drinking, sources close to the reality star tell TMZ.
Olympios and Jackson allegedly engaged in sexual conduct while on the premises of a Mexican resort during the filming of “Bachelor in Paradise” over the weekend.
Corinne Olympios claims she was in a blackout state when she got sexual with fellow contestant DeMario Jackson, and she blames producers for not pulling the plug and protecting her.
Corrinne said she only became aware the next day when fellow cast members began telling her stories of what went down with DeMario.
She says several cast members told her they had voiced concern to people on the production crew that she was in no position to consent to sexual activity, but the crew did not heed their warnings.
Sources close to Olympios said she was drunk the entire day of filming when she ended up naked in the swimming pool with DeMario.
However, sources who seen the tape think otherwise according to TMZ. They  claim she was lucid and fully engaged.
Jackson on the other hand is said to remember every bit of the poolside tryst, from “rubbing, touching and fingering” to having oral sex.
His co-contestant says she remembers nothing
While Corrinne alleges her fellow contestants expressed their concerns for her safety to the crew, production insiders insist other cast members did not complain to anyone that Corinne was too drunk to form an intent to have sexual contact with DeMario.
As much as sources familiar with the footage say she appeared “fully engaged,”Corrinne has told her friends she has a boyfriend and would not have done what she did, to jeopardize that relationship, especially with cameras rolling.
The alleged victim said she is not fully blame Jackson because he too was drunk, rather she blames producers and has hired lawyers.
For now, production of the ABC reality series has since been suspended, with Warner Bros. on Sunday launching an investigation regarding “allegations of misconduct.”



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