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UPS employee goes postal, ‘opens fire during morning meeting’, at least four dead including shooter, several others wounded in San Francisco

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Shooting reported at a sprawling UPS warehouse and customer service center in Portero Hill section of San Francisco, Calif, at 9 am, Wednesday 
At least four dead and four injured after ‘driver opens fire during morning meeting’
Shooter killed three co-workers before turning the gun on himself
Source said a ‘disgruntled worker’ at the facility opened fire killing two and injuring several colleagues on the main sorting floor 
Multiple people were transported to San Francisco General Hospital  
UPS staffers outside the warehouse and customer service center in San Francisco on Wednesday after the shooting2.pngDazed staffers gather outside during the Wednesday morning shooting at the UPS warehouse and sorting center in San Francisco

At least four people were killed and several others wounded when a gunman opened fire on the main sorting floor of a major UPS facility in San Francisco. The fatalities included the gunman.
Shots rang out on Wednesday, near the sprawling warehouse and customer service center in the area of 17th Street and San Bruno in the Portero Hill section of the city at around 9am Pacific Time.
The incident had law enforcement swarming the area to contain the situation as multiple victims were transported to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment.
the gunman it is understood, turned the gun on himself to end the incident.

The gunman was identified as a current employee of the facility, identified as a driver.

UPS spokesman Steve Gaut confirmed four people were injured in the shooting at the hub facility which employs about 350 people.
Brent Andrew, spokesman for Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, said the hospital had received the wounded victims, but he did not know exactly how many people or their conditions.
San Francisco Police Department advised residents on Twitter to avoid the crime scene and shelter in place.
A woman who claimed to be a UPS employee at the facility told the station KTVU that the gunman is a colleague and that he opened fire on the main sorting floor.

Police divert traffic away from the UPS warehouse and customer service center in San Francisco on Wednesday during the shooting.pngPolice divert traffic from the UPS facilty during the shooting, June 14
Staffers outside.pngUPS staffers gather outside during the shooting at the company’s warehouse and sorting center in San Francisco

Another witness who purportedly was inside the UPS facility told ABC7 she believes the gunman was a driver who shot other drivers during a morning.
Auto shop owner Robert Kim said he heard about five to eight rapid gunshots. The next thing he knew, he said, ‘there’s a mob of UPS drivers’ running down the street screaming ‘shooter, shooter.’

Uniformed drivers file out.png
Uniformed UPS employees were led out in a line by officers next to a highway.

As law enforcement tried to contain the situation uniformed UPS employees were led out in a line by officers next to a highway. They walked away calmly with emergency vehicles nearby and gathered nearby outside a restaurant.
UPS released a statement Wednesday saying, “UPS confirms there was an incident involving employees within the company’s facility in San Francisco earlier this morning. Local law enforcement have control of the facility and are conducting an investigation. The company is cooperating with law enforcement. We cannot provide information as to the identity of persons involved at this time, pending the police investigation.”



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