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Mob connected grandkid, Robert Sasso, arrested for the July 2016 gangland style murder in NY

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Robert Sasso, arrested for a July 27, 2016 murder in Flushing, NY
Sasso, 35,  allegedly pulled up on motorcycle before gunning down debtor
50-year-old Richard Brown was shot in the head when he wouldn’t pay money Sasso was owed from an earlier drug deal
The suspect has been charged with charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon
The heavily tattooed grandson of  former Gambino family associate, in 2014 was charged with shooting his best friend 
Robert Sasso1Robert Sasso was arrested for the July 2016 gangland style murder of a man over a drug dispute in Flushing, NY
Detectives charged Robert Sasso, 35, with murder and criminal possession of a weapon for shooting victim Richard Brown during a clash on 35th Ave. and Farrington St. in Flushing on July 27.
Police sources said Sasso rode up to Brown on a motorcycle about 11:55 p.m. and shot the him in the head when the victim wouldn’t pay money Sasso was owed from an earlier drug transaction.
EMTs rushed Brown to New York Presbyterian Hospital in Queens, where doctors were unable to save him.

Robert Sassoo Sr.1
Familiel mob links from grandfather to grandson. In 1992, Labor leader, Robert Sasso, agreed to resign as president of Local 282 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters without specifically admitting his mob ties

Police learned about the debt owed Sasso and began searching for the third generation mobster, who is easily recognizable by the tattoos on his neck and the letters “SMM” inked under his right eye.
Arrested Tuesday, his arraignment is pending.
Sasso grandson of a former Gambino family associate was arrested for the 2014 shooting of his childhood friend on a Queens jetty in Whitestone, NY.
The then 33-year-old Sasso was charged with attempted murder in the shooting of Dean Oku, 39, after the two met up to smoke pot on a jetty in Whitestone on Aug. 29, 2014, authorities said.
That arrest has since been sealed, the manner of the adjudication undisclosed.
The attempted  murder incident occurred just two days after he had been charged with punching his 33-year-old live-in girlfriend and pushing her out of a car in moving traffic.
A year earlier, Sasso was suspected of ordering a botched Hell’s Kitchen hit on a construction supervisor who had fired him. Sasso, who has more than 45 priors, was questioned but never charged in that case.
In 2001, Sasso was sentenced to three years in prison after being convicted of drug charges, according to court records.
Sasso comes from a long line of mob convicts.
His father, Robert Sasso Jr., was convicted in 1994 on gun trafficking charges and his grandfather, also named Robert Sasso, was forced to resigned from the Teamsters Local 282 in 1992, because of his alleged mob ties.
Robert Sasso Jr. ultimately served three years for the gun trafficking conviction and his grandfather was convicted in 1992 for aiding John Gotti in getting payoffs from contractors, officials said.

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