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Venus Williams demands autopsy report from auto crash – claims victim Jerome Barson was not wearing his seat belt, demand driving records and medical history

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Venus Williams has finally responded to the wrongful death lawsuit stemming from a car accident she was involved in just before the Wimbledon tournament, last month
Williams camp said Jerome and Linda Barson, the couple in other automobile involved in fatal car crash are negligent, demand autopsy report, maintain the Jerome was not wearing his seat belt, wife’s was not injuries not relevant to the case
The tennis star, 37,  is denying all allegations that she was responsible for Jerome Barson’s death, will not to hand over her phone records as requested by Barson family
Security footage shows the athlete’s hands were close to her face and the victim’s family believe she could have been on the phone  
Same video which emerged in June, shows Venus Williams entering the junction legally before being T-boned by the other driver, Linda Barson , 67,  whose 78-year-old husband died after smash 
The tennis star has been embroiled in a wrongful death lawsuit after she collision in the middle of an intersection in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida,  on June 9
The victim’s family are suing Venus Williams claiming she is liable for his death after Linda Barson slammed her Hyundai Accent subcompact into Venus Williams’ Toyota Sequoia SUV
On July 5, Williams was granted an emergency court order preventing the family from taking evidence from the two vehicles, without both sides bein present after the Barson’s lawyers gave Williams’ legal team less than a 24-hour notice that they were going to download data from both vehicles 
Police reversed preliminary reports that found Williams was to blame for crash in which her 2010 Toyota Sequoia SUV was t-boned by 2016 Hyundai Accent driven by Barson’s wife, Linda to say the athlete was not at fault
Jerome Barson died two weeks later of his injuries and his family shortly after filed legal papers on a wrongful death lawsuit seeking an unspecified amount

Venus Williams has finally responded to the wrongful death lawsuit stemming from the fatal car accident she was involved in just before playing for the Wimbledon tennis final, last month.
A 78-year-old man who was a passenger in the other car died from injuries he sustained when the subcompact driven by his 67-year-old wife, T-Boned the tennis player’s SUV at a multi-lane intersection.
In freshly filed court papers, the tennis star is contesting allegations that she contributed to the death of Jerome Barson in a collision that occurred in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida on June 9.
Instead, Williams said the other party’s’ injuries resulted from on their own negligence, by not wearing their seat belts, court papers state.
The Wimbledon finalist is also claiming Jerome and Linda Barson failed to adequately maintain and repair their vehicle. The filing also prays the court to regard claims that the plaintiff sustained a permanent injury, scarring or disfigurement as not being  ‘pertinent’ to the case.

Muguruzer and Venus Williams  pose for photos at the end of 2017 Wimbledon final match.jpegGarbine Muguruza and Venus Williams pose after the final match of the just concluded Wimbledon final won by the Spaniard. The match was played within weeks of the accident.

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Cops blame Venus Williams in Florida car crash that killed senior citizen as family sues for damages against Williams

Barson, Linda Barson and Venus Williams.pngLinda Barson seen [center] center with husband  Jerome Barson, was driving at the time of the crash. Venus Williams [right],and her legal team are challenging claims that the other driver suffered a cracked sternum,  shattered right arm, broken right wrist, hand, and fingers in the crash, want her driving records and medical history

Williams attorneys are demanding the Jerome Barson’s estate hand over all autopsy reports, death certificate, copies of marriage certificates, tax returns for past five years, life insurance policies, health insurance policies.
They are also requesting the claimants provide all copies of photos taken pertaining to the crash, the victim’s medical records for the past five years, all degrees and diplomas, and a list of available tissue, blood or fluid samples from the autopsy.
Williams also requests a list of all the doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists seen by the victim in the past 10 years, information on any hospital or institution treatment, and for records pertaining to all illnesses or disorders he had prior to the crash.
The athlete’s response comes a day after it was revealed she had opposed the Barson’s notice that defense hand over their client’s phone records.
In a discovery bid, the Barson family attorneys are trying to confirm a claim that security camera footage shows Williams moving her hand towards her face before the collision, and they want to know if she was texting or talking on the phone while driving.
Williams has opposed the notice served on T-Mobile last Thursday, to produce her phone records.
In response Barson’s family attorney’s said:’If Venus isn’t guilty and she was driving with all due care and attention then why wouldn’t she hand over those records?’  said a source with knowledge of the suit.

Damage in Venus Williams involved accident2.pngCrash scene photos show the wreck of the Barsons’ 2016 Hyundai Accent which was completely crumpled, as first responders examine the Hyundai accident at the June 9 crash site in Palm Beach, Fla
After the video of the incident was released three weeks ago,which appeared to clear the tennis pro of fault, because she had a green light when she drove into the intersection before being slowed down by traffic ahead of her, the Barson family lawyers are floating the idea that Williams could’ve been distracted while driving – they also requested copies of her medical prescriptions last week to determine if side effects from drugs could have played a factor .
‘If she was distracted by her phone at the time of the accident then negligence becomes an issue – and suddenly things could get a whole lot worse for her.’

Barson’s grieving widow Linda was driving their Hyundai Accent when it T-boned Williams at an intersection in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
Her husband was taken to the hospital but died two weeks later.
A police report said Williams was to blame for the crash because she turned left into the Barson’s path and they had the legal right of way when they slammed into her.
Williams insists her signal was green when she turned and that she couldn’t get clear of the intersection because of traffic.
Last week how Barson family lawyers requested her phone bill for June along with a list of any medications she had taken in the 72 hours prior to the collision.

Diagram prepared by police shows how the car driven by Jerome Barson's widow, Linda, hit Venus Williams' car in the junction.jpgDiagram prepared by Pam Beach police shows how the car driven by Jerome Barson’s widow, Linda, hit Venus Williams’ car in the junction
Photo representation of the crash event shows how the car driven by Jerome Barson’s widow, Linda, hit Venus Williams’ SUV.jpg
Photo simulation of the crash event shows how the car driven by Jerome Barson’s widow, Linda, hit Venus Williams’ car in the junction. Courtesy of Pam Beach police

Venus Williams told police she was trying to get across the junction but traffic was backed up and she had to slow down to a crawl, leaving her stranded in the middle of the junction

They also want to see the title and registration for her Toyota Sequoia, any personal videos or photos she took of the crash site, and her driving record for the past 7 years, including all traffic and crash reports.
After the two camps sparred over the crucial ‘black box’ data stored on Williams’ crumpled SUV, which is currently being stored at a West Palm Beach tow yard,
An agreement was eventually thrashed out giving tech experts from both camps a time frame to obtain and share the information from both vehicles which should reveal if Williams sped up to beat a red light, as well a,s the actions of Mrs Barson, leading to the crash.
The wrongful death suit filed June 30, does not specify a monetary figure but demands damages for loss of companionship, loss of earnings, pain and suffering and medical and funeral expenses.
The accident remains under police investigation and Williams has not been charged.
Police previously said there was no evidence she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, neither was she distracted by a phone or other device.
However, a preliminary Palm Beach on-site police report stated that Williams was at fault  for blocking the right of way of the other vehicle. That report was subsequently revised based on the CCTV video showing that the tennis player entered the intersection when the light was green to exculpate her of fault.
The outcome of the multi-million dollar lawsuit seems set for a drawn out court battle as the families and insurance companies play the avoidance game.

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