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Nathan Carman’s aunts accuse him of murdering his millionaire grandfather, 87, and sinking the boat while out sailing with his mother to get his hands on $7M inheritance; They want his share of the estate

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‘Family feud on steroids!’

Heir, 23, is  accused by family of murdering his millionaire grandfather, 87 and sinking the boat his mother was sailing off Rhode Island in bid for $7million inheritance
Nathan Carmen could still collect his inheritance despite the family feud aimed at stopping him
Real estate developer John Chakalos’ estate is now said to be worth $29million
Chakalos’ will states his estate should be divided between his four daughters 
His daughter, Linda Carman, disappeared at sea, presumed dead,  Sept 18, 2017
She was out fishing with her son, Nathan Carman, 23, when their boat sank
Nathan was rescued eight days later and, as her sole heir, could inherit her portion of the estate
Linda’s three sisters who claim Nathan is behind string of fortuitous family mishaps have sued to prevent their nephew  from collecting any money
They claim that he killed his grandfather and sabotaged his mother’s boat in a money grab 
 The three living daughters, contend that if they win their lawsuit preventing Nathan from collecting on the inheritance, any money that Nathan would have received would go to them instead
Nathan Chakalos 5Nathan Carman stands to inherit more than $7million of his murdered real estate mogul grandfather’s estate. His three aunts have filed a lawsuit to stop him from collecting his inheritance. The suit claims he is a suspect in the murder of John Chakalos, as well as his own mother’s disappearance

 A 23-year-old New Hampshire man suspected of killing his 87-year-old multi-millionaire grandfather and then his mother to get his hands on her inheritance could still end up with $7 million, according to court documents.
John Chakalos’ three surviving daughters have filed a court order seeking to prevent their nephew, Nathan Carman, from inheriting any part of the late real estate mogul’s $29 million fortune after his mother perished in a boating accident in September.
They claim their sister’s son shot dead Chakalos at his Windsor, Connecticut home in 2013 and then staged his own mother’s death after their boat sank off Rhode Island.
To date, no one has been charged in either of their deaths and both cases remain open.

An accounting of millionaire octogenarian John Chakalos’ finances, filed in New Hampshire probate court this week by attorneys for the executor of his estate, indicates a balance of nearly $29million, reports The Hartford Courant.

According to the real estate developer’s will, Chakalos’ four daughters were to split and inherit his estate.
But, following the disappearance and presumed death of Chakalos’ 54-year-old daughter, Linda Carman, Nathan now stands to inherit the more than $7million that was earmarked for Linda.
The late real estate millionaire’s  three surviving daughters believe their nephew killed his own mother, their sister Linda Carmen,  and their father in 2013, to collect the inheritance money. Nathan Chakalos has denied any involvement. He has not been charged in any of the deaths, either.

Chakalos' three surviving daughters believe that Nathan killed his grandfather in 2013, to collect the inheritance money. The surviving children of John Chakalos have accused their deceased sister’s son, Nathan of being responsible for the unsolved murder of his grandfather in 2013, to collect the inheritance money. He has denied any involvement and has not been charged
Linda Carman [[photo, left with her son, Nathan] disappeared and is presumed dead,Did Nathan Chakalos murder his mom, Linda Carmen [left] who vanished at sea when they both went on a fishing trip on Sept 18, last year? His three aunts believe so, while he maintains he’s innocent

In July, Linda’s three sisters sued in New Hampshire’s Cheshire County,  where Chakalos owned another home,  asking a judge to block Nathan from collecting money from his grandfather’s estate when the probate case finally closes.
The sister have accused Nathan of killing his grandfather and possibly his mother in a bid to collect the inheritance.
Linda Carman  disappeared and is presumed dead, following the sinking of the boat she and Nathan were fishing on. Nathan is Linda’s sole heir. His aunts believe that he sabotaged the boat in a bid to collect his mother’s portion of the inheritance.

Nathan Chakalos seen with his grandmother in 2013Nathan has been accused of shooting his grandfather John Chakalos, three weeks after his grandmother [seen with him in a 2013 photo] died of cancer
Linda went missing during a fishing trip with Nathan, after their boat sank near Rhode Island on September 18, 2016.

A Chinese freighter rescued Nathan, who had been floating on a life raft for eight day, 115 miles away from where he claimed the boat sank, after Nathan fired a flare to get the ship’s attention, according to the Boston Globe at the time. The freighter was the only ship Nathan claimed to have seen the entire time he was adrift.
Nathan is Linda’s sole heir.
He has denied any involvement in his grandfather’s death and has said he didn’t sabotage the boat used for the mother-son fishing trip.
The attorney for Chakalos’ three living daughters has said that if his clients win their lawsuit preventing Nathan from collecting on the inheritance, any money that Nathan would have received would go to the sisters instead.
The sisters would then use that money ‘exclusively’ to pay for any expenses related to the investigation into the death of their father and sister’s disappearance.  Any left over money would be donated to charity.

Nathan Chakalos 6
Nathan [Photo] has denied any involvement in either his grandfather’s death or his mother’s disappearance.

Chakalos was shot three times in his home, just weeks after his wife died of cancer.

According to previous reports, the lawsuit filed against Nathan states that prior to Chakalos’ death, Nathan purchased a semi-automatic rifle that matched the caliber of the weapon used to kill Chakalos. Nathan is accused of having concealed from authorities the fact that he purchased the gun and claiming that the rifle has gone missing.
The lawsuit also revealed that Nathan claimed to have repaired holes in the boat he and his mother took out fishing in 2016, and that the boat was seaworthy. In court, insurance companies claimed that the repairs were ‘incomplete, improper, and faulty.’
The newly filed probate court accounting shows that Chakalos’ estate is now worth less than the nearly $40million it was originally valued at when Linda disappeared.
Federal and state taxes, attorney’s fees, burial costs and a loan payment appear to have been among costs responsible for the substantial decrease in the estate’s overall wealth.



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