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Quantasia Sharpton says ‘I wont have slept with Usher’ if she knew he would expose her to herpes infection at New York press conference

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‘Question, is this lawsuit authentic? Feels more like Ms Bloom is reaching and depending on the “facts” served by Online reports, trying to smoke the crooner out.
More to the point, Quantasia Sharpton and Usher Redmonds engaged in extreme, reckless promiscuity. Now one party is are seeking the resources of the courts to assuage the feeling of remorse or cash in on the notoriety, depending on which way this fishing expedition breaks’

Quantasia Sharpton, says Usher exposed her to herpes at New York press conference, Monday
Sharpton, 21, is one of three more persons – one male and two females, claiming Usher exposed them to the risk of infection, after sexual encounters without disclosing his herpes-positive status
Last week an Atlanta woman  amended her lawsuit against Usher to $20M after test confirmed, she said, that she’d contracted herpes from their two-time sexual liaison
A report surface last month that the singer settled a lawsuit with a celebrity stylist to the tune of $1.1 million in 2012, after he infected her
That report by RadarOnline prompted the lawsuit by the second woman
The current spate of three civil lawsuits against Usher is organized by Attorney Lisa Bloom
Bloom announced on Twitter on Friday that she planned to file a lawsuit in California, Monday on behalf of the trio who say they each had sexual contact with the R&B singer after 2012
Usher allegedly, was diagnosed with the herpes virus in 2009 or 2010

Three fans sued Usher Monday, alleging that sexual encounters with the R&B star had exposed them to herpes.
One of the accusers, Quantasia Sharpton, spoke about her hotel room rendezvous two years ago with Usher while celebrating her 19th birthday. She said she’s negative for herpes.
The other two fans were identified only as Jane Doe and John Doe in court papers. Their attorney, Lisa Bloom, said one of them does have herpes.
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Second woman suing singer ups her lawsuit to $20M after confirming she contracted herpes sleeping with him

Quantasia Sharpton (r.) and her lawyer Lisa Bloom 1.jpgQuantasia Sharpton [right] and her lawyer Lisa Bloom held a press conference at the Hilton Hotel on Monday. Sharpton claims Usher exposed her to infection from herpes 

Sharpton said she was sporting a crown at an Usher concert when she and her friends received word they were invited backstage.
She gave her number to security and back at the hotel she received a call from the performer. Bloom did not allow her client to share where or when the concert took place.

Quantasia Sharpton 3.png
Quantasia Sharpton said she was invited backstage after a concert and engaged in sexual contact with the artiste: “We spoke for a while and then we engaged in sexual contact. He never warned me about any STDs”

“We spoke for a while and then we engaged in sexual contact. He never warned me about any STDs, it was just after my 19th birthday,” Sharpton, 21, said during a press conference at the New York Hilton Midtown.
“When I first heard he had herpes I couldn’t believe it…I would have never consented if I had known.”
She added that she gave birth last year and is certain she is negative for herpes. Others, though, weren’t so lucky.
“Usher, if you are negative, please say so. If you are positive, you need to warn your sex partners,” Sharpton said.
The suit will be filed in California, where Bloom says the law requires a person disclose he or she has herpes to a sex partner.

Usher 3The body count for people R&B singer Usher exposed to herpes is rising

RadarOnline reported last month that in 2012 Usher settled a lawsuit with a celebrity stylist to the tune of $1.1 million.
The lawsuit said the eight-time Grammy winner was diagnosed with the virus in 2009 or 2010 — around the time he divorced his first wife.
All the encounters in the new lawsuit occurred after the settlement, Bloom said.
The celebrity attorney said she’d been contacted by other people claiming to have had sex with Usher who are concerned they’d been exposed to herpes.
Usher has not responded to the charges.

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