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British model, Chloe Ayling, wanted her wealthy pals to pay ransom to ‘kidnapper’ for her release

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Model wanted her wealthy pals to pay ransom to ‘kidnapper’
Three wealthy friends of kidnapped glamour model Chloe Ayling were each asked to contribute $65,000 each, to ransom
The men – a porn baron, celebrity agent and former lover,were mentioned in an email sent following her alleged abduction
Ayling, 20, said she provided the names of her wealthy contacts to her captors in hopes they’d pay to prevent her from being peddled on the dark web
Chloe Ayling 21.pngAyling’s kidnap story is being examined for holes in the seams

Glamor model Ayling claims she was drugged and abducted after she was booked for a fake photo shoot in Milan last month but was returned to the city’s British consulate six days later with suspected kidnapper Lukasz Herba.

Chloe Ayling 30.jpg
Chloe Ayling was being auctioned on the dark web allegedly, for $350,000

She spoke to authorities in Italy how she was injected with a drug and hidden in a bag in the boot of a car before later on, during her captivity, becoming aware she was being auctioned for sale on the Dark Web for 300,000 Euros about $352,000.
The model claimed her kidnappers, the mysterious Black Death gang, auctioned her online as a sex slave but let her go after discovering she was a mother.
Her lawyer, Francesco Pesce, told the media that his client was going to be sold to somebody in the Middle East for sex.
‘She was told that people were there watching her and ready to kill her if she tried anything,’ he added.

Chloe Ayling 27.jpgAyling was set up for the internet auction and her statistics was listed 

Chloe Ayling advert.jpg

On Friday, Italian authorities named the trio tapped for funds. They included one man believed to be a porn baron, another a celebrity agent,  and a former lover – were mentioned in an email sent to Chloe’s modelling agency after the 20-year-old was allegedly snatched at a fake photoshoot in Milan.
Celebrity agent David Read, 50, former Loaded magazine publisher Paul Baxendale-Walker, 53, and banker Rory McCarthy, 57, all received the email, UK paper, the Daily Mirror reported.

Lukasz Herba  4.pngLukasz Herba, the alleged kidnapper voluntarily walked into the British consulate in Milan with his victim. He has been arrested
Black Gang logo 2.jpgLukasz Herba allegedly, is a member of the Black Death gang who wanted to auction Ayling as a sex slave. They released her after finding out she is a mother of one

Ayling had told police in Milan that her alleged kidnapper, 30-year-old Lukasz Herba, ordered her to find three people who would be willing to fork over ransom money, the news outlet reported.
The three wealthy friends of glamour model Chloe Ayling were asked for $65,000 [£50,000] each, towards her ransom.
David Read,  who runs Neon Management, which represents reality TV stars said: “I met Chloe in the past on modelling shoots and through one of my clients who is a friend of hers. He added: “Three weeks ago I was contacted by the Met Police who explained an email had been sent from her kidnapper to her model agency, in which I was named as someone who might help”.
“I told the police everything I knew, which was not much. I understood Chloe was still in danger so I kept the meeting with the police secret, as the officers asked me to,” he said. “Next thing I heard about it was news she had been found.”
Ayling told investigators she provided the names of her wealthy contacts to her captors in hopes they’d pony up the cash to prevent her from being peddled on the dark web by the “Black Death” gang.

Paul Baxendale-Walker 4.pngThe Black Death kidnappers demanded ransom from porn star and publisher Paul Baxendale-Walker [right], who made news last year in his dispute with model Natasha Eustace [left],  over ownership of a flat and Range Rover which he gave her in exchange for sex

David Read 4.pngCelebrity agent David Read was one of three men contacted to pony up $65,000 for Chloe Ayling’s ransom
Chloe Ayling 33.jpg‘Kidnap victim’ Chloe Ayling said she shared a bed with one of her kidnappers but nothing sexual happened
Chloe Ayling 35.jpgChloe Ayling spoke to the media about her ordeal outside her home in Surrey, UK, a day after her return from Italy

The kidnapped model was eventually released after six days when Polish-born Lukasz Herba, 30, from Oldbury in the West Midlands, took her to the British consulate in Milan and was promptly arrested himself.
She has said she befriended him to survive, but questions are mounting over the kidnapping, villagers in the Italian Alps where Chloe Ayling was held hostage wondered why she didn’t ask for help.
Residents of quiet Borgial where just a handful of homes lie, say they thought the alleged victim and her kidnapper Lukasz Herba were a couple when she arrived with him in July.
They have also claimed they saw Herba walk around on his own, getting pizza from a local takeaway, and questioned ‘what kind of kidnap’ it was when the victim was walking through the village.
Cesare Prati who rented the white house to Mr Herba for $390 for 20 days, said: ‘The whole affair seems strange – I heard from friends she was going round the village. What kind of kidnap is that?
‘In Viu there’s police and carabinieri, it’s full of people. Why didn’t she ask for help, I don’t understand.’
Investigators in Milan said that the model thought Herba was the one who would free her, so she continued to trust him, but admitted there were holes in her story.
Herba, who released Ayling at the British consulate in Milan on July 17, has been charged with kidnapping to extort money. He claims he only got involved in the wild plot to raise money for leukemia treatment.



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