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Terrance Payne, 21, dies days after being shot trying to ambush rival in Queens, NY while wearing dress, wig

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Would be assassin disguised himself as a woman to shoot a rival in Jamaica, Queens, New York on Aug 18
 6-foot Terrance Payne, 21, wore a dress and a wig going for a hit, but was shot during the attack and died days later
He had a purse in one hand and a gun in the other, witnesses said – the wig fell off as he tried to escape gunfire
Payne was shot in the leg and the bullet nicked his femoral artery, which caused him to lose a lot of blood
Hospitalized, he was taken off life support, Monday
A gunman who tried to sneak up on his prey by disguising himself as a woman was mortally wounded late Friday in Queens, New York.
Terrence Payne, 21, approached a group of people on a street in Jamaica, Queens. He had a purse in one hand and a gun in the other, police said.
Witnesses heard gunshots around 9:30 p.m. and saw Payne run away. The wig fell off his head as he tried to escape the gunfire.
Investigators believe two of Payne’s friends picked him up in a black car and dropped him off, dressed only in sneakers and boxer shorts, in front of Jamaica Hospital.
The 6-foot Payne had been shot in the leg and the bullet nicked his femoral artery, which caused him to lose a lot of blood, police said.
Police found five shell casings at the scene, all from the same caliber gun. They also found the wig and the purse Payne was carrying hanging on a fence nearby.
No arrests have been made.

Torrance Payne 2.jpgThe stealth attack on a victim did not work for Terrence Payne [photo]. He wore a wig and dress as he tried to ambush a rival in Queens with a gun. He was shot instead and died from his wound

On Monday morning, Payne’s mother made the gut-wrenching decision to take her son off life support.
“I was shocked. Of course I was devastated,” the mom, Lashawn Steven, said Tuesday.
“His organs were shutting down so I made the decision that they couldn’t do nothing else for him. I made the decision to take him off the machine.”
Payne was the oldest of her three sons, she said.
“He loved life and he was very popular. He loves his family. He loved to have fun,” she said.
Steven said her son was interested in construction and wanted to start his own business. She knew nothing about the disguise sources say Payne was wearing.
It wasn’t clear whether Payne fired any of the shots during the Friday clash.
Terrence Payne had a troubled past. He was arrested nine times since 2011 for marijuana possession, robbery and weapons possession.
He was released from prison on June 15 after spending four months in prison on a gun possession conviction. He was supposed to be on parole until 2022.
Police, are investigating whether past infractions had anything to do with the shooting

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