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Tennis superstar Serena Williams and fiancé Alix Ohanian welcome daughter

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Serena Williams welcomed her first child, a baby girl, with fiancé and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Friday 

Tennis champion Serena Williams welcomed her first child, a baby girl, with fiancé Alexis Ohanian on Friday. Williams reportedly gave birth in West Palm Beach, Florida.
E! News  was one of the first news outlets to announce the arrival of Serena’s baby as did Us Weekly.
TV journalist Chris Shepard tweeted, “Tennis star Serena Williams gives birth to a baby girl weighing 6 pounds, 13 ounces. Mom and baby doing well.”
Prior to their daughter’s arrival, the couple insisted they didn’t know the sex.
However, the baby’s aunt, Venus at this Wimbledon, referred to the unborn child as “she” and “her.”
Williams’ fiancé, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, revealed early August that he thinks they’re expecting a girl: “We have our hunches. She put it really well — she won the Australian Open while pregnant, and she remarked that she feels like it has to be a girl because everything that little baby went through and handled like a champ, only a woman could be strong enough to take on,” Ohanian said.
“If anything, it’s really just reinforced how amazing and strong and powerful and awesome women are.”

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Serena Williams rocks pregnancy

Williams, 35, previously said that despite “not being a baby person,” giving birth would make her feel like a “real woman.”
“I have so much respect for so many women,” Williams said. “I am about to be a real woman now, you know? It’s going to be something incredibly impressive to go through.”
Still, she planned to go through it with a little help:

Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams 1.jpgReddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and fiancée Serena Williams at the 2017 New York Met Gala
Williams said that she’d likely use an epidural to get through labor.
“I’m nervous about childbirth,” she told Vogue. “I’m not a spring chicken. The one thing I really want is an epidural, which I know a lot of people are against, but I’ve had surgeries galore, and I don’t need to experience any more pain if I can avoid it.”
Williams accidentally revealed her pregnancy to the world in April, when she posted a photo of her 20-week bump to Snapchat. Ever the professional, she didn’t slow down her workouts while she was expecting and she has promised to get back on the tennis courts by 2018.
“My baby is going to be in the stands,” she told Gayle King in April, “hopefully cheering for me and not crying too much.”

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