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Tyler Tessier, Maryland man accused of murdering his pregnant teacher girlfriend was engaged to another woman

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Maryland man accused of murdering his pregnant teacher girlfriend was engaged to someone else
Tyler Tessier, 32, ia accused of killing Laura Wallen, 31, in Damascus, Maryland, on Sept 2 
He then dumped her body in a shallow grave 
Tyler Tessier made a tear jerking TV appearance with Wallen’s parents on Monday, pleading for her return
Two days later he was charged with her murder, he was flagged as a suspect, and questioned between Sept 5 and 11.
Wallen’s parents said they ‘knew’ he was guilty when they filmed the staged press conference together but had no way to prove it
The family have since revealed that he asked her father for her hand in marriage despite being already engaged to Kristina Wagoner  
Wallen wanted sent a text requesting to meet with Wagoner to ‘clear things up’
A week later she was murdered after he took her to a rural property near Damascus, Maryland
Tessier has been charged with first degree murder, obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence and making false statements 
Held without bond
Tyler Tessier killed Laura Wallen 2.pngTyler Tessier, [left], killed his pregnant girlfriend Laura Wallen, [right], in Damascus, Maryland, then dumped her body in a shallow grave on September 2. 

The supposedly grieving fiancé of a murdered pregnant woman was engaged to yet another woman who his slain partner texted to meet-up with before she died, Maryland authorities said.
Police say Tyler Tessier, 32, killed Laura Wallen, 31, in Damascus which is at the outskirts of Montgomery County, Maryland on September 2. He then dumped her body in a shallow grave.
The body of the Howard county high school teacher was found on Wednesday in a field from which she earlier sent a photograph to her sister, with the message: ‘Tyler has me on an adventure in the country. Not sure why but it’s for something. Waiting in a field.’
Wallen, who was reported missing after she did not show up for the first day of class, was four months pregnant with Tessier’s baby.
The Wallen family have just revealed that their daughter’s boyfriend asked her father for her hand in marriage despite being already engaged to another woman,  Kristina Wagoner.

Tyler Tessier 3Tyler Tessier has been charged with murdering his pregnant girlfriend Laura Wallen and dumping her body in a shallow grave, early Sept in Maryland

Police confirmed that Tyler Tessier was engaged to another woman when he killed Wallen on September 2.

On Thursday, her family they said they suspected him all along but that they were forced to take part in an emotional press conference with him because they had no proof.
Detailing the chronology of events before Laura Wallen vanished Montgomery police said that Laura texted the other woman Kristine Wagoner on August 28, asking to meet up for a ‘ clear-the air’ session, she wanted ‘an explanation’ and that both women knew of each other but neither thought Tessier was seeing them both at the same time.
‘It’s important that some things are cleared up and I would imagine that if you were in my position, you’d want some answers as well.
‘By no means is this an attempt at confrontation, just looking for an explanation, woman to woman’ the text message read. Authorities have not revealed if the pair ever did meet up.
However, he family last saw her on September 1Surveillance cameras showed Wallen and Tessier a day later buying food at Safeway grocery store.
She later sent text messages to her family saying she is ‘on adventure’ with her boyfriend and that he has her ‘waiting in a field’.
Two days later her family had sot seen her but her sister received text messages from her phone on September 4, saying Tessier is not the baby’s father. At that point her sister filed a missing person’s report.

Laura Wallen 4Laura pregnant with Tessier’s child wanted ‘an explanation’ at a meeting she requested with her boyfriend;s fiancee. Both women knew of each other but neither thought Tessier was seeing them both at the same time.

The strange messages from her phone which claimed Tessier was not the baby’s father, said another man, called ‘Antwan’, was.
‘I am like 95 per cent sure Tyler is not the father,’ one read. Another said: ‘I’m probably going to lose my job over this.
‘If he tries to call you, please tell him he’s a great guy because I know I really hurt his feelings,’ they read.
Another said she would ‘try to get a hold of Antwane’.
Police have determined that Tessier wrote those messages to try to shift suspicion from himself onto one of Wallen’s ex-boyfriends, Antoine Broadnax, who she hadn’t seen for years.
Police invited Tessier for questioning on September 5 when Wallen failed to show up for class at Wilde Lake High School in Howard County.

Fears about the welfare of the pregnant woman grew when employees at an apartment complex call police to say they have found her driver’s license in dumpster, a couple of days later. Her cell phone was tossed in alongside it.

Police also found Wallen’s abandoned car in the parking lot of the apartment complex in Columbia, MD. The front registration tags had been removed and it was backed in to a space.
On Wednesday, two days after Tyler Tessier a Monday appearance at a press conference alongside Wallen’s family to plead for her safe return, he was charged with her murder. Police had found Wallen’s body in the same field to from which she sent her sister the text stating that he had invited her out there for ‘adventure’.
Police now say that his participation at Monday’s press conference was staged, with the family’s approval and cooperation, so that investigators can gather clues about the missing woman.

He held hands with her mother and took pats on the back from her father. They now say they suspected him all along but that they were forced to go along with his pretense because they had no proof their daughter was dead

Police say Tessier has given them conflicting statements about the last time he saw her alive.

Laura Wallen and boyfriend Tyler TessierTyler Tessier asked for Laura’s hand in marriage while engaged to another woman

First, he claimed they had an argument at her home on September 4 which ended in her ‘hysterically crying’.
He later claimed to have arranged to meet up with her at a mall near the apartment complex where her car was found but says she never showed up.
He told police she had asked him to give her a ‘day’ to ‘sort things out’ and tell Antoine that he was the father.
A friend later told police he’d asked them to help him retrieve a car from Baltimore but that it had to be done late at night.
When they questioned him about it, he said: ‘Just trying to clean up a mess,’ according to charging documents.

Laura Wallen's father, Mark Wallen, speaks to the media, accompanied by mother GwenMike Wallen’s [left], seen with his wife and other children described Tessier as a ‘monster’ and a ‘liar’

At a press conference on Thursday, Wallen’s father described him as a ‘monster’ and a ‘liar’ and said the family had their suspicions about him but were forced to take part in a joint press conference with him because her body had not yet been found.
‘He is a monster and he is a liar and it was absolutely the hardest thing that my wife could do, would be to sit there next to him and hold his hand and she had to hold his hand with two hands because she was shaking so badly.
‘We were pretty sure it was Tyler but we didn’t know where she was and you can’t put somebody away on a missing person.
‘Someone doesn’t go to prison for life on a missing person and it defies description the awfulness and the horror that we have been put through during this,’ Mark Wallen said.
Tessier has been charged with first degree murder and is being held without bond.
He is also charged with obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence and making false statements.


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