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Demented dad Robert Hodges, arrested for killing his eight-month-old baby, two older kids – in the family’s Sacramento apartment following a violent row with his wife

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Robert Hodges was arrested shortly after midnight Thursday morning on Interstate 80 in Sacramento, California 
Hodges, 33, is accused of ‘murdering his three children – including his eight-month-old baby – in the family apartment following a violent altercation with his wife’
Hours earlier, police say committed the triple homicide at the West Sacramento apt he shares with his wife and fled the scene
The couple had allegedly been involved in a violent domestic incident
By the time police arrived  all three children, 11-year-old Kelvin , 9-year-old Julie  and Lucas, who was born in January, were pronounced dead at the scene. 
The children’s mother, Mai Sheng Hodges a victim of domestic violence,  was  injured and near by when the killings occurred but didn’t witness the heinous acts
Robert and Mai Hodges  had been  married for more than a dozen years, relatives said they were unaware of any previous marital disputes
Hodges is charged with three counts murder, one count attempted murder 
Booked into the Yolo County jail, on suicide watch 
Robert Hodges 1.pngRobert Hodges slaughtered his three young children after a fight with his wife, in Sacramento,Calif., on Wednesday

A Sacramento man was arrested on Thursday for murdering his three young children, following a domestic violence incident involving his wife.
Robert Hodges was taken into custody early Thursday morning, shortly after midnight, by California Highway Patrol officers who pulled him over on Interstate 80 near West El Camino Avenue in Sacramento, California.
Hours earlier, police were called to a West Sacramento apartment complex for a domestic violence incident.  On the way to the apartment, they got a second call, saying that the children in the apartment were possibly dead.
Police and first responders tried life-saving measures on the children but all three, 11-year-old Kelvin Hodges, 9-year-old Julie Hodges and Lucas Hodges, who was born in January and was nearly eight months old, were pronounced dead at the scene.
By that time, Hodges had already fled.
Police have released no further details on the children, including how they died.  

However, they corrected previous reports that the children’s mother witnessed their murder.

West Sacramento Police Sgt. Roger Kinney says the children’s mother, Mai Hodges, did not witness the killings but ‘was in close proximity’.  He said she was a victim of domestic violence, but he didn’t know the extent of her injuries.
‘It’s horrific and it’s very difficult to deal with,’ Kinney said. ‘This [investigation] is going to take not hours, not days, it’s going to take a long time a long time to come to grips with what happened there.’
Robert Hodges worked at fast food chains and retail stores to support his family, and has been married to Mai Hodges, who works as a cashier at Thunder Valley Casino northeast of Sacramento, for over a dozen years.

other_s Day notes from the Hodges daughter to her mother.Mother’s Day notes from 9-year-old Julie Hodges to her mother
Mai and Robert Hodges 5.jpgRobert Hodges and his wife, Mai Sheng Hodges

Irene Aiello, the great-grandmother of three children says relatives were unaware of any previous marital disputes. Aiello of West Sacramento says the couple had been married more than a dozen years and had an 11-year-old boy, a 9-year-old girl and another boy, born in January. She says that the three were beautiful children.

She says the grandparents have yet to speak to either their grandson, Hodges or his wife.
Hodges was booked into the Yolo County jail on three counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.  He is on suicide watch.
Hodges is being held without bail.


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