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Juror in Bronx ‘womb raider’ Ashleigh Wade’s murder trial faints at sight of grisly crime scene photos – Wade refused to look at her butchery work

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25-year-old Bronx ‘womb raider’  Ashleigh Wade is on trial for first-degree murder of a pregnant bride-to-be on the morning of her wedding 
Wade is accused of gutting her friend Angelikque Sutton to steal her baby,on Nov 20, 2015
A female juror fainted Thursday, at the sight of grisly evidence – the panel was shown crime scene photos of Angelique Sutton’s hacked and blood-soaked remains
Prosecutors presented closeups of lacerations on the pregnant woman’s face, neck, hands and disembodied internal organs 
Ashleigh Wade, did not look at the photos presented to jurors, but dabbed frantically at her eyes as the horrified panel viewed  crime scene photos
After Justice Margaret Clancy  was forced to call for a break, the affected juror was hospitalized for evaluation
Wade faces life in prison if convicted
A Bronx juror was so distressed at the sight of grisly photos depicting the butchered remains of a pregnant woman whose baby was carved from her womb that she fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital Thursday.

Appearing at the Bronx Supreme Court on Tuesday, Ashleigh Wade, hid her face Tuesday as prosecutors presented chilling photos of the bloodbath  and jurors looked on in sheer horror and disbelief.
The case is centered around the grisly tableau of Wade methodically disabling and then gutting her pregnant childhood friend on the morning of the pregnant woman’s wedding day in order to steal her unborn child.

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Ashleigh Wade [left], killed her pregnant childhood friend Angelikque Sutton 1Mom-to-be Angelique Sutton [right], was on her way to wed fiancé, Patrick Bradley, the morning an envious and deranged childhood friend Ashleigh Wade, [left], brutally murdered her and harvested the baby.  Sutton was 81/2 months pregnant, Wade had fooled family and friends with the hoax of a fake pregnancy

Before the photographs were introduced into evidence on Thursday, the bereaved family left the courtroom. The previously stoic Wade, on trial for allegedly slaughtering, then gutting Sutton to steal her baby, did not look at the photos or members of the panel. Instead she looked down while jurors’ faces were contorted in horror as they looked at the exhibits during the medical examiner’s testimony.
The reaction in court was palpable as photographs of Sutton’s disembodied uterus, placenta, and umbilical cord were also shown. One juror covered his mouth in shock and another set her hand on her chin as they were forced to view the gory images of the victim’s bloodied features and body parts.
A member of the jury, an older woman sat rooted in her seat when Justice Margaret Clancy was forced to call for a break after the jurors viewed shots of knife wounds and slashes to Angelikque Sutton’s neck, and torso.
The defendant wiped frantically at her eyes as the aghast panel was shown crime scene photos of Angelique Sutton’s hacked and blood-soaked remains. The snapshots included closeups of lacerations on the mom-to-be’s face, neck, and hands.
In comparison for the set-up of the pre-planned attack, Another set of photographs depicted Wade’s tranquil bedroom — complete with a crib, changing table and baby clothes, and the bloodied knife, laying on the floor.
The unconscious ​juror was discovered after the judge called for a break, and she did not get up to follow her fellow jurors out of the courtroom. A court officer walked over and shook her, but she had apparently passed out.


Angelikque Sutton and her fiance Patrick Bradley 1.jpg25-year-old Patrick Bradley [right], wept in court as he described waiting in vain at the courthouse for ffiancée Angelikque Sutton [left], on their Nov. 2015 wedding day, only to find out she had been butchered by a friend, Ashleigh Wade and their daughter cut out from her womb
Jenasis Bradley 1
Survivor: Jenasis Bradley survived the brutal Cesarean delivery, albeit with scars to show for it

The court gallery was cleared as EMTs were called in and they eventually revived her. She was transported to the hospital for evaluation. Justice Clancy ordered the other jurors to go home for the day with instructions to return Friday.
Prosecutors had previously described the gory murder to the court.
An ostensibly pregnant Wade, then 23, invited her equally pregnant childhood friend, 22-year-old Sutton, over to her apartment on the morning of on Nov. 20, 2015.
They pair who had known each other during childhood, had reconnected on social media over their allegedly mutual pregnancies.
That morning lured Sutton who was en route to marry her fiance Patrick Bradley at the courthouse with a message that she had a gift for the bride.
Wade’s pregnancy was a hoax and when her friend arrived, she attacked Sutton who was 81/2 months pregnant with a paring knife, slicing her larynx so she could not scream and then cutting out her uterus, taking the baby and discarding the organ on the bathroom floor, prosecutors have said.
The now 22-month-old girl Jenasis miraculously survived, and lives with her father, but one photo revealed the newborn received two gashes on her right thigh as Wade cut her from Sutton’s body.
Wade faces life in prison if convicted.

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