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Facebook kidnap hoax lands Ohio woman in police net – Thelma Williams faked her own kidnapping and posted photos and video online

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Woman seen gagged and crying in Facebook ‘kidnapping’ video faked abduction 
Thelma Williams allegedly staged the kidnap hoax which cost Butler County, Ohio thousands of dollars in search operations
When Williams, 38, posted the fake photos and video on her Facebook page police sent up a chopper, shut down a highway, 
Responding officers found Williams in her basement loosely bound, clothes ripped 
She claimed a masked male intruder cut her clothes and tied her up in her basement
Based on inconsistencies in her story cops said “We find her story to be totally a fabrication” 
She has been charged with felony filing a false report
Thelma Williams mugshot 3.jpgThelma Williams is accused of faking her own kidnapping and posting the photos and video on her Facebook page

A woman from Butler County, Ohio may have taken her attention seeking antics too far.
Thelma Williams sparked a massive police rescue response and terrified her family and friends when she allegedly staged a her own kidnapping, and posted the disturbing images online.
The Butler County Sheriff’s department posted on Facebook that they received a call early Thursday morning about a woman seen in a Facebook video gagged with underwear and tied to a pole.
The 911 caller identified the woman in the video as 38-year-old Thelma Williams.
The caller, a friend of Williams, told the operator the kidnapper hacked one of victim’s old Facebook accounts and posted the  video threatening to kill Williams.
“It has video and picture of her saying they have her and they’re going to kill her today,” WLWT 5 reported.
The County sheriff’s department immediately launched a search and rescue operation, sending up a helicopter, shutting down a highway, all of which cost thousands of dollars.
“When Deputies arrived they found Williams in the basement, loosely bound with ripped clothes,” the police Facebook post read.

 Butler County Sherriff's office report on Thelma Williams' kidnap.pngButler County Sheriff’s office report on the Thelma Williams’ kidnap case

Williams told responding officers that a masked male intruder broke into her home, cut up her clothes and left her tied her up in her basement.
The alleged kidnapper took her cellphone to record a video and posted it on her Facebook page,Williams added.
Before leaving the house the masked man called a contact on her phone and left the cellphone next to her, Williams the deputies.
Investigators immediately found gaps in her story: “After interviewing Williams, there were several inconsistencies with her story. Williams later admitted she fabricated the attack,” the Sheriff’s office noted in their  Facebook post on the case.
Addressing the case, Sheriff Richard Jones said authorities believe Williams took the video after she bound and gagged herself, while the posts were made from a McDonald’s restaurant.

Thelma Williams 1This kidnap scene is a fake! A friend of Williams, told a 911 operator the kidnapper hacked one of Williams’ old Facebook accounts and posted the video threatening to kill her

“We can actually see her waiting for it to come on so she can get her serious face on. … We find her story to be totally a fabrication,” he said.
Williams’ daughter said she was terrified when she saw the video, and doesn’t think her mom did it for attention.
William needs intervention not punishment in the opinion of her daughter Lorin Karol: “If my mom made this up, it’s not for attention. It’s because she needs help, not because she needs to be behind bars,” Karol said.
Williams has been charged with a fifth-degree felony for filing a false report. She is being held in the Middletown City Jail awaiting a court hearing.

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