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Russian cannibal couple ‘killed female pal in vodka fueled jealous rage – Natalia and Dmitry Baksheev tried supplying cafes with ‘Meat Pies’ made of body parts

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Russian cannibal couple ‘killed female pal, Elena Vashrusheva, in vodka fueled jealous rage and likely sold her body parts in a meat pie’
Final victim of Russia’s ‘cannibal couple who butchered 30 people to make meat pies’ was murdered in their ‘killing crypt’ in a row over an affair
Military base worker and Dmitry Baksheev and his nurse wife ,Natalia Baksheeva, from Krasnodar in Russia confessed to slaughtering and eating at least 30 people
Dmitry Baksheev, 35, said to have told interrogators cannibalism began in 1999
Natalia Baksheeva, 42, allegedly tried to supply the human remains to cafes, she allegedly told one local that she fills the pies with ‘whatever is around’  
One of their friends, a retired airforce officer revealed the couple made an attempt on his life and he could have been ‘eaten’ if they had succeeded in their attempt to overpower him at his home
Natalia Baksheeva and Dmitry Baksheev 3.pngFlesh eating nurse Natalia Baksheeva, 42, [left], and her 35-year-old husband Dmitry Baksheev [right], have admitted to killing and eating at least 30 people in 20 years

Police in Krasnodar, Russian are investigating allegations that cannibal nurse Natalia Baksheeva and her husband murdered Elena Vashursheva a young woman who had just relocated  to their city because Natalia feared the victim was seducing her husband  Dmitry Baksheev
35-year-old waitress Vashursheva, believed to be the final victim of Russia’s gruesome cannibal couple was murdered and dismembered after a vodka-fuelled row over “jealousy”, according to  investigators.

Natalia Baksheeva, 42, accused the younger women of seducing her 35-year-old husband before Dmitry Baksheev plunged a knife into the victim while that partied in a disused building they killers used as their ‘killing crypt’.
Police in Krasnodar are probing Natalia’s confession that the husband and wife human flesh loving couple murdered and ate at least 30 people in just under two decades after Elena’s body parts were found in their fridge, freezer and cellar.
The murder investigations has revealed a number of shocking details about the couple including the fact that Natalia made and sold ‘pies’ from suspected human meat and even supplied local restaurants, it is alleged.
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Dmitry Baksheev and Natalia Baksheeva, cannibal couple in Krasnodar, admit killing, eating more than 30 people 


Natalia Baksheeva 7.pngNatalia Baksheeva who has confessed to the horrific crimes, roped her much younger husband into the human eating crime, some of his relatived have claimed
Dmitry Baksheev 8.pngDmitry Bakshaev, [photo], and his wife Natalia allegedly, have butchered and eaten at least 30 people. Authorities said Baksheev used dating websites to lure the victims
Photo of one recent victim's eaten by the BaksheevsElena Vashrusheva, a 35-year-old waitress, is believed to be the  final victim of the cannibal couple who allegedly killed her in a jealous Vodka fueled rage
man's head with a hand stuffed in its mouthThe photo that ended the cannibalism spree: The image construction workers discovered on a cell phone they picked off the street near a work site shows a man’s head with a hand stuffed in its mouth
Pickled human remains in a saline jar.jpgA saline jar with pickled human hands and 19 slices of skin was discovered in Baksheev’s apartment

Police in Krasnodar are probing Natalia’s confession that the husband and wife cannibals murdered and ate at least 30 people over a number of years after Elena’s body parts were found in their fridge, freezer and cellar.
Natalia made and sold “pies” from suspected human meat and even supplied local restaurants, it is alleged.
Investigators say Elena had been drinking with the pair in the disused block of flats when the cannibal wife suddenly “got jealous” alleging she had seduced her husband “and it led to a conflict”.
Vadim Bugayenko, of the Russian Investigative Committee, which probes serious crimes, said: “They were drinking alcohol together and it ended with a conflict based on jealousy.
“The wife complained and as a result her husband stabbed the woman.  It led to the death of citizen (Vashrusheva).
“She was later identified.”

Photos of cannibal couple's activities.pngInvestigators found a pile of photographs detailing the cannibal family legacy of the Baksheev’s filthy apartment. Photo [left] shows a severed human head, [right], a box full of wigs
Severed human head being served as 1998 Christmas dinner.jpgPhoto Severed human head being served as Christmas dinner, circa 1999
The derelict building where Dmtri Baksheev and his wife Natalia lured and killed their victims with offers of Vodka 2The couple reportedly lured victims to this derelict building with the offer of vodka. The couple allegedly made and sold human pies to local restaurants with the human body parts

Natalia was “nearby and she incited” her husband to kill.
“She was also actively involved in the murder,” he alleged.
Baksheev then took the body parts back to their home in the military academy where they worked, carrying them  in his backpack, it is claimed.
It was not the only time the couple staged an attack apparently motivated by jealousy.

Woman's body parts found in Krasnodar 2Cops released images showing a severed head on the grounds of the military aviation base where the couple lived
Cannibal couple's filthy home 5.pngPhotos reveal the filthy apt at the Krasnodar military base where the couple lived
Natalia Baksheeva made pies out of people she and her husband murderedCops fear long term cannibal Natalia may have also fed human meat to student pilots of the Krasnodar military academy where she worked as a nurse
Sergey Labintsev has revealed he fears now he could have been 'eaten' after Dmtri ans Natalia Baksheeva turned against him.jpgRetired airforce officer Sergey Labintsev has revealed the couple made an attempt on his life and he could have been ‘eaten’ if they had succeeded in the attempt to overpower him at his home

A friend, retired air force communications officer Sergey Labintsev, said the couple suddenly attacked him on the false allegation that he had slept with Natalia.
Cannibal Baksheev said he was consumed by jealousy at the time of attack six weeks ago.
“I could have been eaten too,” said the pensioner.
“I could have been dead.”

Dmitry Baksheev in handcuffs after admitting to allegations of cannibalismDmitry Baksheev in handcuffs after admitting to the family practice of cannibalism
Natalia-Baksheev 2Natalia is seven years older than her husband got into a fit of jealousy and goaded her husband into killing Elena Vashrusheva, whom she’s suspected of baking in her ‘human meat pie’ recipe and sold to the public

A local shopkeeper revealed that the pair used an abandoned block of apartments to lure victims with the offer of vodka.
“It is an abandoned block right opposite our shop,” she said.
“This block was built for military people but building was never finished so it remained abandoned and not guarded.
“It is a multi-level block, scary looking, all the window broken, doors stolen.
“I heard that somewhere in the block police found lots of blood and some body parts. There are three soldiers guarding it now.”
Earlier, in spring, a severed human hand was found in the building – dubbed a “killing crypt” by the local media, she said
“I know Baksheev family well, they often came to buy  in our shop,” she said.
Dmitry always looked untidy…. He always smelled badly.”
Police are probing whether the confession that they started a cannibal spree as long ago as 1999 is accurate.
So far the remains of eight people have been found.

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