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Who is telling the truth? Dutch ‘Love rat’ Jesse Mateman accused of ‘Pull a Pig’ prank denies whole story, before confirming holiday romance with Emily Stevenson, just hours later

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The love distance romance was a joke! ‘Love rat’ accused of ‘Pull a Pig’ punk breaks silence to deny whole story, then backtracks
‘She’s telling lies, we never had sex!’ – Mateman
Dutch ‘prankster’,  Jesse Mateman, says his ‘pull a pig victim’ invented their romance and they never intimate as her fuming mom threatens to ‘string him up’
Sophie Stevenson says she was victim of cruel prank played by Jesse Mateman, who in turn said his whole family were being subjected to a witchhunt based on Stevenson’s ‘love fantasy’ story
British bar worker Sophie, 24, said she enjoyed a holiday romance with Dutch student Mateman in Barcelona, Spain
She claimed 21-year-old Mateman  bombarded her with text messages and convinced her to pay $529 to meet him in Amsterdam
But when Sophie landed he allegedly texted her to tell her: ‘You’ve been pigged!’ 
Jesse today claimed Sophie had invested the whole story by insisting that although they met in Barcelona they never had sex
He claims they pair had no further contact after meeting in Spain and that Sophie had invented text messages allegedly sent by him
Mateman just recanted, confirming the pair had sex in Barcelona, through his attorney
Stevenson’s mother Julie, is furious with Mateman, ‘It is a good job this lad lives in Holland because if he was here I’d string him up’
Sophie Stevenson (back right) with Jesse Mateman (back left).jpgJesse Mateman [left], seen with friends at a Barcelona airport  has been accused by Sophie Stevenson [right], of tricking her  into flying to Amsterdam to meet him, only to tell her she had ‘been pigged’. Mateman has claimed he is the real victim, that the pair were never lovers.

The man accused of tricking a woman into flying to Amsterdam to meet him, only to tell her she had ‘been pigged’, has claimed he is the real victim.
Jesse Mateman, 21, went viral after holiday romance Sophie Stevenson claimed she had spent $462 [£350], on flights to reunite with him only to be left stranded at the airport.
He was the focus of hatred across social media today, with people calling him a ‘rancid human being’ who didn’t deserve Sophie.
However, he has broken his silence to say ‘the whole story is fully invented’.
‘I do not know that whole game and nobody in my area. I’m just being broken here,’ he said in an interview with Dutch media. After that piece my parents, my sister and I [have been] threatened. It’s a witch hunt.’

Sophie Stevenson 4.jpgSophie Stevenson says she was shattered when she discovered she was being ‘punked’, instead of the holiday romance she thought she had found
Jesse Mateman 1.jpgJesse Mateman from Doetinchem, Netherlands is accused of playing ‘Pull a Pig’, where men compete to attract the ugliest woman

He is accused of playing ‘Pull a Pig’, where men compete to attract the ugliest woman.
Sophie had told UK newspaper, The Sun: ‘I felt sick.’
‘We slept together in Barcelona and when I came back to the UK, we carried on talking every day.
‘We talked about having a long distance relationship.’
He denied he even knew she was at Schipol Airport.

Sophie Stevenson 1.jpgSophie Stevenson said she was devastated when her holiday crush stood her up, before claiming ‘I’ve been in the hotel room with her, but I never slept with her. We are or were not in love’

But Jesse claimed: ‘We actually met in Barcelona, ​​but I never had a romance with her,’ he said. ‘I’ve been in the hotel room with her, but I never slept with her. We are or were not in love, as suggested.’
He said he had not been on the phone with her every day as Sophie’s mum has claimed: ‘After Barcelona, ​​I did not have any telephone contact with her.
‘In fact, I wonder if Sophie has been at Schiphol [Airport] anyway. I have no idea.’
Sophie’s mother, Julie, said that her daughter ‘was in bits’ after returning home.
‘It is a good job this lad lives in Holland because if he was here I’d string him up.
‘He would call her everyday and Sophie was so excited and would go off and take the call.’
‘He said he wanted to come and visit her in Manchester and was planning a visit. He then said he could not wait and asked if Sophie would come over to Amsterdam.’
In the latest iteration of his version of events. after having previously denied having had any relationship with Stevenson, An attorney representing Mateman has now admitted the pair did have sex while they were in Spain.

Jesse Mateman 2.jpgJesse Mateman denied he even knew she was at Schipol Airport. He had earlier denied having sex with Sophie Stevenson, which his lawyers have confirmed, claiming it was only a one night stand
Jesse Mateman's message to Sophie Stevenson 1.jpgJesse Mateman message to Sophie Stevenson as she waited for him at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport. it clearly lacks the “do not come from him,” from him claimed by his lawyer

His attorney Yehudi Moszkowicz, in a statement said: “Mateman was in Barcelona with a number of friends and met Mrs Stevenson there.
“Indeed, they have a so-called ‘one night stand’ which has taken place in her hotel room, but Mateman did not spend the night.
“The contact was very short-lived and not of amorous nature.
“It has been a volatile sexual contact, as it happens more often between young people of this age on vacation.”
He added that the text messages published “do not come from him”.
“If Mateman used the word pig in text message to Stevenson – which he cannot remember – it could only have been sent during his stay in Spain and can only relate to the way in which they had sex.”
Stevenson on the other hand has remained consistent in  her version of events . Questioned on what she would gain from making the story up during her appearance on television she said: “It’s embarrassing, it’s humiliating. The only reason I’ve spoken out about this is because I don’t want this to happen to other girls.”

Sophie Stevenson  and her mom 5.jpgSophie’s mother, Julie [right], backs up her daughter’s story. Sophie ‘was in bits’ after returning home from the botched trip, she said, confirming that the pair spoke on the phone daily


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