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Teen arrested in Panama for the murder of Columbia grad, Catherine Johannet, who was strangled with her own swimsuit on the Island earlier this year

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A 17-year-old suspect has been arrested in the murder of Catherine Johannet, 23 

The teen suspect, who was taken into custody on Cayo de Agua Island was tracked through DNA testing

The young woman, from Scarsdale, New York was found strangled in February

Her decomposing body was found on a hiking trail on a Panamanian island, Feb 5

She had been strangled with her own swimsuit 

Catherine Johannet 5.pngCatherine Johannet’s decomposing body was discovered by police on a hiking trail three days after she had left on a trip to the beach, in Panama

Authorities in Panama Tuesday arrested a teenager for allegedly killing a Columbia University graduate earlier this year. Catherine Johannet, 23, was strangled with her own swimsuit on Bastimentos Island on February 5.

A 17-year-old suspect has now been caught in connection with the death of the Scarsdale, New York native. The teenager who was taken into custody on Cayo de Agua Island was tracked through DNA testing according to Telemetro.
Local media report that 30 members of the National Border Service, National Police and investigation using boats and helicopters, starting Friday, combed the island searching for the alleged murderer.
Authorities reportedly, narrowed down the list of suspects after DNA testing of  211 blood samples.

Catherine Johannet's killer arrested 2
National Border Service, National Police and investigation gear up for the search which lasted over the weekend

Catherine Johannet's killer arrested 1
Over 100 total search attempts were made aimed at locating the suspect, and tracking the victim’s belongings, as well.
The college grad, who graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in comparative literature, had visited six continents and had gone on a recent 18-month trip to Vietnam where she taught English Literature to local students.

A Columbia University grad was found dead over a February weekend  along a wooded trail on Bastimentos Island, in a popular tourist spot in Panama, three days after she went missing.
Catherine Johannet it is believed, was strangled on an island off the coast of Panama, just days after posting on Instagram this selfie and gushing that she ‘found paradise’ on the island.
Local police said Johannet was supposed to go to Colon Island for a day trip, but failed to return. Her hostel reported her missing at around 10 a.m. Feb 2.

Johannet graduated from Columbia University in 2015 after getting her diploma from Edgemont High School in 2011. She then worked as a teacher in Vietnam from July 2015 until October 2016, and also interned around the US and Portugal, as well.
She is survived by her parents, sister Laura and brother Paul.

Catherine Johannet 2.png
US tourist Catherine Johannet’s swimsuit was torn off before she was choked with it.  A 17-year-old male has been arrested in Panama in connection with her death
Map of Panama Island 1.jpgMap showing locations in Panama Catherine Johannet had been visiting – the island of Colon. Her body was found on another island, Bastimentos, last February
Authorities in Panama said they could not release details about the suspect, except that they  ” have a minor of 17 years old, native of Isla Bastimentos,” said Marquez.

The investigation will be forwarded to the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Adolescents to determine how and why this crime occurred.
Johannet was found dead on February 5, on Isla Bastimentos, but was last seen on Isla Colón.


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