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Young girl fleeing arranged marriage fatally poisons husband, 14 relatives – 14 more hospitalized

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 Asiya Bibi 1Asiya Bibi, was seeking to break out from a forced marriage

A young Pakistani woman forced into an into an arranged marriage in Southwest city of Muzaffargarh desperately sought to end her plight to no avail, last week she resorted to the wholesale murder of her new family.
BBC reports that After fleeing the September marriage only to be returned by her parents, Asiya Bibi killed her husband and 14 of his relatives using poisoned milk, authorities said.
Police claim Bibi laced her husband’s milk last week, and that after he didn’t drink it, the spiked liquid was used to make lassi, a yogurt drink, which she served to him and his extended family.
Initially the death toll was 8 with 14 hospitalized. The number of fatalities has been increasing steadily since, authorities said.
Muzaffargarh police confirmed 15 people had died, while a further eight were in hospital in the nearby city of Multan, with the death toll has been rising since last Thursday, when the tainted drinks were first served.

Police say the poisoned milk was turned into lassi, a yogurt drink.jpgThe poisoned milk was turned into lassi, a yogurt drink popular in South Asia, according to investigators

Bibi, who lives in central Muzaffargarh, was forced to marry in September and tried to flee her home and go back to her parents, only to be shipped back to her husband.
The District Police Officer for Muzaffargarh, Awais Ahmad Malik ,said the kind of poison used would only be clear after chemical tests on the victims.
Arranged marriages are reportedly, common in poorer, rural areas of Pakistan and pushed through by family members.
Newlywed Asiya Bibi has been charged with murder and her aunt and a man who is allegedly her lover have also been arrested.  Authorities said that all those arrested had been charged under anti-terror law.
“We include this clause primarily to deter the local people from committing such crimes,” DPO Malik said.
“Such clauses are usually struck out by the courts later on.”


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