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‘Bronx Womb Raider’ Ashleigh Wade, who ripped unborn child from her pregnant friend’s womb, jailed 40 years

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NY woman, Ashleigh Wade, who ripped unborn child from her pregnant friend’s womb jailed 40 years at sentencing Wednesday 
Wade, 24  is accused of the stabbing death of 22-year-old Angelikque Sutton in the Bronx on Nov. 21, 2015 and also of removing her baby from her uterus
Sutton, was eight months pregnant, when she stopped by Wade’s Bronx home on the way to her civil marriage ceremony.
She intended to pass girl off as her own  and faked a pregnancy for months in advance of the crime 
Her victim was hours away from her wedding that Nov 2015, morning when she was killed
She was convicted in Oct of the second-degree murder of  Sutton
 Ashleigh Wade 1NY jury found Ashleigh Wade [in regulation uniform] guilty of the 2015 murder of her pregnant friend Angelikque Sutton.  She will spend 40 years of her life behind bars
Ashleigh Wade, 24, received her sentence with tears and mumbled words as she dropped her head in her hands.
“I just want to say I’m so, so sorry and no words can express how sorry I am. I can’t say it enough. I’m sorry,” Wade said.
“I wish I knew why, and I don’t, and I try so hard, and I’m so sorry.”
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Ashleigh Wade [left], killed her pregnant childhood friend Angelikque Sutton 1Ashleigh Wade, [left], brutally murdered her and the baby from the womb of pregnant childhood friend Angelique Sutton [right]. Sutton was on her way to wed fiancé, Patrick Bradley, the morning of the murder

She was convicted in October of the second-degree murder of her friend Angelikque Sutton on Nov. 20, 2015, which was to have been Sutton’s wedding day.
Sutton, 22 and eight months pregnant, stopped by Wade’s Bronx home on the way to her civil marriage ceremony, ostensibly to pick up a wedding present from her childhood friend, only to end up dead while her fiance waited in vain at the registry, a mile away.
Wade, 24, who suffers from undiagnosed mental health issues, according to her defense lawyer, stabbed Sutton multiple times before slitting her throat and then carving the unborn baby girl from her uterus in a crude Caesarean section.
Wade had faked a pregnancy so well, for months in advance of the crime, that she fooled family and friends, including her own boyfriend.
She intended to pass girl off as her own, authorities said.
The jury had rejected her insanity defense which she played up that she lost touch with reality, stating at some even seeking a therapist, during the trial.
“Before I spoke to detectives, I thought the baby was mine. But I knew something was wrong because I didn’t remember her coming out of me. I didn’t remember taking off my pants.”
Asked her if she killed her friend to steal her baby.
“No,” Wade replied.
Under cross-examination, Wade said that after ripping the child from Sutton’s womb, she thought the baby like her friend, had been killed in the gruesome attack.
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Ashleigh Wade 6.jpgAshleigh Wade [photo], was convicted for the stabbing death of Angelikque Sutton in the Bronx on Nov. 21, 2015 and kidnapping her baby whom she had cut from the dead woman’s uterus

Sutton’s baby girl, named Genesis, survived.
Assistant District Attorney Meredith Holtzman told the court the defendant had no remorse and “should never see the light of day again.”
Bronx Judge Margaret Clancy, pronouncing the 40-year prison sentence for Wade, noted the trial testimony of experts who said Sutton’s killing “had to have been carefully planned and researched.”
It was not a crime of passion or impulse, as evidenced by the methodical way Wade carried it out, the experts said.
Sutton’s family didn’t issue a response to the sentencing. Wade’s relatives, who came all dressed in black and filled several pews, also remained silent.

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