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Scorned, Hasna Begum, donned a blonde wig disguise went to his apt and fatally stabs ex-boyfriend 36 times after he dated someone else on Tinder

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Scorned lover disguised in blonde wig stabbed ex-boyfriend 36 times at his home after he dumped her for a new flame
Shop sales assistant  Hasna Begum, 25, flipped when she found out 23-year-old part-time DJ Pietro Sanna was seeing a new woman 
A disguised Begum from Millwall, London went over to her estranged boyfriends at 6 am on June 23, stabbed Sanna 36 times, stole his phone and fled
She used his phone over the next few days to delete his Instagram posts and set up a false trail by calling the phone six times
Begum denied murder in court, claiming she was acting in self-defense, that she’d thought she had only stabbed him three times instead of 36 
After a year of dating the pair split in Jan
She went to Sanna’s home to discuss reconciliation, decided to look good for him wearing a blonde wig and accessorize with gloves, Begum said
Grabbed his phone to “prove to him that he was lying”, they got into a fight leading to the fatal stabbing
Jury didn’t believe her story, convicted of murder and sentenced her to life in prison, she will serve a minimum of 20 years.
Hasna Begum 1.jpgDeli assistant who stabbed her ex-boyfriend to death 36 times after finding out he had met someone else on Tinder was jailed for life today.

Shop assistant Hasna Begum, 25, flipped when she found out her boyfriend was seeing a new woman. An enraged Begum, of east London, flipped out on 23-year-old DJ Pietro Sanna, went to his home, stabbed him multiple times. She fled disguised,  leaving him for dead. She was jailed for life with a minimum of 20 years
The suspect told Inner London Crown Court she had a year-long relationship with the victim, splitting in January 2017 because she suspected he was cheating on her.
In the days before the murder, she sent threatening messages to Sanna’s new flame,  Giulia Consonni, using fake Instagram profiles.
On June 23 this year the 4ft 11ins Begum climbed out of her window at 6 am and took a cab to Sanna’s home in Canning Town, east London wearing a blonde wig and gloves to confront him.
While there, she brutally attacked the Italian before fleeing with his phone.
Wearing his hooded top and trousers to hide her blood-stained clothes, she jumped in a taxi and went to a medical center to get a cut to her thumb checked out.
Begum used Sanna’s phone over the next few days to delete his Instagram posts and called it six times in an attempt to cover her tracks, – his body was not found until three days later when she anonymously tipped off his brother.

DJ Pietro Sanna 1.jpgHow dare you leave me?  DJ Pietro Sanna was fatally stabbed, 36 times in his apt by a raging ex

Begum denied murder, claiming she was acting in self-defence and thought she had only stabbed him three times instead of 36, but Prosecutors argued she wanted to “rub out” his online presence like she had done by stabbing him,
Jurors rejected her claims and Begum, of Millwall, east London, was convicted of murder  was jailed for life with a minimum time served of 20 years.
Begum said she came from a traditional Muslim background, and her parents, who had moved from Bangladesh to Britain, expected her to honour her religion and cultural norms at home.

DJ Pietro Sanna 3.jpgMusic was said to be Pietro’s passion and he was starting to become known as a DJ

She said her chef father disapproved of her drinking and having boyfriends, so she would sneak out of the house.
Begum told jurors she met Mr Sanna who worked in a Canary Wharf sandwich shop while she worked at the Clinton’s card shop in January 2016.
She claimed they started a year-long relationship but they eventually split in January this year as she suspected him of cheating on her. he went to his home on the day of the murder to discuss getting back together, Begum said. She also testified that she decided to wear the wig as she wanted to look her best for Sanna and not like a “tramp”, and had gloves on as it was “how I accessorize”.
While there, she said, she grabbed his phone to “prove to him that he was lying”, and they got into a fight which led to the fatal stabbing.
Det. Gary Holmes, who led the investigation, said: “This was a callous, brutal and merciless attack on a young man who had his whole life ahead of him.
“Begum, who stands at 4ft 11ins tall and worked as a store assistant, had never previously been arrested by police; the frenzied brutal nature of the attack must have been entirely unexpected by the victim,”Holmes,  Holmes said.


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