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Model, Ivana Smit, l plunges to her death, naked, after partying with ‘swingers’ at drug-fueled binge – her family asks questions, reveal identity of couple

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Luna and Alexander Amado Johnson 1.pngIvana Smit had been partying with fellow model Luna Johnson [left], and her husband Alexander Amado Johnson

Ivana Smit was at the Kuala Lumpur condo of American Alexander Amado Johnson, 45, and his Indonesian wife, Luna, just hours before her naked and bruised body was found on a sixth-floor balcony there last Thursday.
Alexander is a cryptocurrency trader and co-founder of the company Everus World, according to his LinkedIn profile. Luna, believed to be in her 30s, is a model who befriended Smit.

Ivana Smit 6The police told him that she fell around 10:00 a.m. “Very strange that the American couple did nothing from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Ivana’s belongings were still in their apartment. The police tell me that the statements of the Americans are the same. Yes, of course: they had seven hours to coordinate them. My daughter can no longer contradict them,” her father said.
Smit added that the neighbors heard shouting and arguments in the American couple’s room. “The police are doing nothing with this information and only want to close the case quickly”, he said to the newspaper. He believes his daughter was pushed. “We want justice”, he said.

persiaran-capsquare 1Persiaran Capsquare, the condo complex where Ivana fell 14 floors to her death

Her hosts told officials the husband slept through the ordeal and that his wife was out taking their son to school.
According to Ivana’s family, alcohol and ecstasy have allegedly been found in the blood of his daughter and the American couple, who have not been named.
The family say the investigation is going nowhere and they have contacted Interpol.
“Her clothes have been found, but her shoes and underwear haven’t. The police haven’t looked at her mobile phones,” said her uncle Fred Agenjo.

Ivana smit and her grandfather Fredrik.jpgIvana[left], was raised in Malaysia by her grandfather Hendrik Smit [right]

Agenjo insists: “Those are not drugs that you’re going to sleep on.
“There are so many questions. Her clothes have been found, but her shoes and underwear are not.
“The police do not look at her mobile phone. The police do not want to say whether the drugs were taken when they were alive. The police also do not want to say whether traces of sexual intercourse have been found. We want a full investigation.”
“We want a thorough investigation. If it turns out it was an accident or a reckless act by Ivana, we can live with that,” Agenjo said.
Ivana Smit 18.pngIvana had first moved to Malaysia 13 years ago and lived with her grandfather Hendrik Smit. The young model was the second runner-up in Malaysia Supermodel Search 2014 and a leading model in the country.
She had recently walked in fashion shows for brands Chanel and Triumph.
The Dutch embassy in Malaysia has requested that the European police service Interpol look into the death of 19-year-old Ivana Smit in Kuala Lumpur last week.


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