Anastasia Ovsiannikova, 28, died after being beaten so badly by Maxim Gribanov she fell into a coma 
Gribanov, 34, had egotistically published heart-tugging photo of Ovsiannikova photo covered in bruises
The mother-of two had internal injuries and fell into a coma, dying six days later
It has emerged the attack leading to the fatal beating began at cafe in front of witnesses who did nothing
Before succumbing to injuries inflicted by her common law husband, he’d dragged Ovsiannikova out of a cafe by her ankles, but no-one called cops
Gribanov reportedly, assaulted Ovisiannikova because she wanted to quit the relationship,  throwing the battered woman in the trunk of his car in front of witnesses, who failed to react
After the attack, the abuser filmed his handiwork to show friends she was ‘under control’ 
Osiannakova a widow had two children, a daughter, 8, from her first husband and a two-year-old son, she shared with her killer
Gribanov, whose domestic abuse record tracks back to his first wife, allegedly has confessed to intentionally causing grave injury, faces up to 15 years in prison
Maxim Gribanov and Anastasia Ovsiannikova 1.jpgMaxim Gribanov [left] killed his domestic partner Anastasia Ovsiannikova [right] in a case of domestic battery. His need to prove his macho image lead to his documenting the physical assault on the partner [Ovsiannikova – right]

A photo taken and circulated by the perpetrator of the domestic assault, second-hand car salesman Maxim Gribanov, shows the victim Anastasia Ovsiannikova, 28, black and blue from wounds he inflicted in a five-hour attack that left her with appalling head injuries and in a coma.
The horrific images and shocking details about the fatal beating by Gribanov, 34, on his common-law wife that has left Russians stunned.
He proudly live posted disturbing images and footage of the attack to friends to show he had the mother-of-two ‘under control’, yet none called the police.

Anastasia Ovsiannikova 1Anastasia Ovsiannikova [photo], died after being beaten so badly by her domestic partner ,Gribanov,  she fell into a coma and never woke up
Maxim Gribanov  1.jpgConfessed domestic abuser: Maxim Gribanov admitted wilfully beating his partner black and blue for hours, to cause severe trauma [bruising, internal bleeding and broken bones].
In hospital, it was reported that her injuries were so severe that doctors drilled into her head to drain three litres of blood trapped inside her skull caused by the grotesque attack.
Anastasia, a widow who had a child before she met Gribanov with whom she shared a two year-old son had told her domestic partner she wanted out of the relationship when he attacked her,. She died six days after the brutal assault.  Hundreds attended her funeral in the town of Lebedyan – but now the catastrophic missed chances to save her during the attack have been revealed.
The sustained vicious assault reportedly, began in a cafe in front of witnesses who failed to alert the police. Gribanov then dragged the victim by the legs along the ground dumping her his car the trunk of his car, in front of witnesses – none came to her aid or called authorities.
Anastasia Ovsiannikova 5Savage: Maxim Gribanov filmed the effects of his brutal attack [left], and sent the video to his friends, boasting that Anastasia [right, before the life ending attack] was ‘under control’

At their apartment, he continued the relentless beating despite her screams for help.
Eventually neighbors did call the police and alerted her father, Sergei Yashukin, 58.
The power-drunk abuser moved the injured and dying Ovsiannikova to two new locations, throwing the battered woman in the trunk of his car in front of witnesses.
One source said: ‘I know for sure that he was dragging her by her feet to throw her in a car at a local garage.
‘He beat her for 20 minutes inside the car, and no-one said a thing or attempted to help. Dear God, people, you are worse than animals.’
‘She was so full of hope and fun’: Anastasia managed to call emergency services after the sickening attack, but died in a coma six days later.

Anastasia Ovsiannikova and Maxim Gribanov 2.pngGribanov [foreground], had forced Anastasia to give up her job, and threatened her father and brother if they reported his abuse or tried to stop the beatings

Finally, it was her dad, not police who tracked her down when he heard her phone’s ringtone in an apartment where the abuser had left her.
At each new place the attacks continued and the police are accused of failing to trail the car salesman who is said to have contacts in the police who had previously protected him when he assaulted Anastasia and earlier his first wife.
It was left to her father to track down the woman.
‘He broke inside the flat and found his daughter, but it was too late. Her bones were broken, her head was severely damaged,’ said her friend Anastasia.
‘I opened the door, looked inside and nearly passed out,’ said her father.
‘She had a huge bruise on her eye, so big, it was all black. She was all black.’

Memorial for Anastasia Ovsiannikova 1.pngMemorial for tragic domestic abuse victim,Anastasia Ovsiannikova in her hometown 

Anastasia Ovsiannikova had two children, a daughter aged eight, from a previous husband who died in a crash and a son aged two

Held in custody, Gribanov has confessed to intentionally causing grave injury. He faces up to 15 years in prison.
Even after the attack, police were ready to downplay the crime, according to local MP Andrey Trofimenkov.
‘I decided to post this image online after certain suspicions appeared that he had connections in law-enforcement and so could hush up the incident,’ he said.
‘I wanted to help this case become as public as possible to prevent this.’
A friend of the attacker admitted: ‘I was one of those who received these pictures.
‘She was like a bloody mess from head to toe. It must have been not dozens but hundreds of blows.