The suit says Wynn, 76,  ‘paid $7.5M to employee he forced into sex,
Steve Wynn is being accused of sexual misconduct by a number of female employees at his Las Vegas casino, though he denies the allegations
Victimized employees insist he requested they masturbate him or provide oral pleasure and exposed his genitals during trips to casino salon’
A masseuse said that Wynn groomed her over time and got her to eventually rub his privates for ‘happy endings’ at the end of their sessions, she balked and withdrew her services when  demanded oral sex
Quite a few workers said that Wynn could sit with his genitals hanging out of his shorts while getting services at the salon, leading some women to hide from him 
His first marriage to  Elaine, whom he divorced and wed twice, lasted from 1963 to 2010  – He’s now on a second marriage now with Andrea Hisson, 54, who he wed in 2011

Steve Wynn 5.pngCasino billionaire Steve Wynn [left] is being accused of sexual misconduct by a number of female employees at his Las Vegas hotel and casino.
The Wall Street Journal spoke with 150 past and present employees, as well as, a number of the women who no longer work at one of the his properties, who were incredibly forthcoming in describing the lengths they would allegedly go to in order to avoid being alone with their boss.
Some scheduled fake appointments to make sure they would not be chosen to give Wynn spa treatments, while others went so far as to hide in bathrooms when he came into the salon.
One worker said that she was coerced into performing a sex act on Wynn, 76, with her hand at the end of his massages, adding that Wynn asked at one point if she could use her mouth rather than rubbing his penis to climax when they were done with the session.
The Wall Street Journal report cites dozens of people familiar with wealthy casino mogul and Republican National Committee finance chair. The unanimous verdict is that Steve Wynn is a massive creep who has pressured low-level employees at his gaming palaces and hotels into sex and deliberately exposes his privates by wearing tiny shorts at work.