Viktoria Kuznetsova was jailed for six-and-a-half years for allowing her baby to starve to death
The mother-of-one reportedly waited for her husband to be called for military service before implementing a long held plan to be rid of her 9-month-old son, Egor
Kuznetsova, 17, from Rostov, Russia, said her toddler kept her up at night
Once alone with him, she locked the baby in a room and went partying on a college campus, for a week, as her son slowly died
She stopped by to give her dog water, she didn’t check on Egor – rumbled she showed no remorse – merely concerned with what would happen to her
Kuznetsova, 17, from Rostov, Russia, sat emotionless as her sentence was read out in court, but there has been outrage after she was given only six and a half years in jail

She was accused of waiting for her husband to be called up for military service before executing a cold-hearted plan to kill their child.  The teenage mother from Rostov, Russia let her baby starve to death so she could party with friends for a whole week.
Viktoria Kuznetsova, 17, from Rostov, Russia, was convicted for negligent homicide sat emotionless as her sentence of six and half years in prison was read out in court.
Prosecutors said Kuznetsova had been planning to kill nine-month-old Egor when she started college., because the toddler kept her up at nights and didn’t let her go out with friends, she claimed.
After her husband was called up for military service, Viktoria put baby Egor in a pram, locked the door and left home to see her friends.
She then spent the whole week partying and staying in college dorms while her baby slowly starved. the reluctant mother reportedly returned once to give some water to her dog, but did not look in at her son.

Viktoria Kuznetsova's babay 2.jpgBaby Egor had wasted away to ‘skin and bones’ while his uncaring mom, Kuznetsova partied with friends for a week. Authorities said he died of ‘dehydration and starvation’

The judge said: ‘The cause of nine-month-old Egor’s death was dehydration and starvation.
‘When the baby was found Inside Viktoria’s house he was already dead, though his eyes were still wide open from terror.
‘According to investigators the baby was literally skin and bones.
‘An autopsy showed the baby’s internal organs shut down one after another because of lack of food and water.’
When police arrived at the teen’s room the baby was already dead and rotting.
According to police, Kuznetsova did not show any guilt and only cared about what would happen to her.
Now there has been a public outcry on social media over the leniency of her punishment.

It was previously reported that when the baby was just one month old, Kuznetsova had passed him to an orphanage.

The outraged messages have been pouring in online. Nanar Hachatryan posted: ‘She fed her dog, but not her baby, I am at loss of words. She has to be sterilised.’
Someone calling himself Yegor wrote: ‘I would allow beheading of such w*****.’
While Mihail commented: ‘Six and half years for killing her baby? Are they crazy?’
It was previously reported that when the baby was just one month old, Kuznetsova had passed him to an orphanage – only for the organization to return the baby to her when he was seven months old.
Her devastated husband was said to be seeking a divorce.

Viktoria Kuznetsova's baby 1