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‘Suicidal’ Grace Ward charged with murder: Admits deliberately ‘driving wrong way up an interstate and smashing into oncoming car’, killing aspiring doctor and former BYU running back, Ryan Folsom

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‘Suicidal Grace Elizabeth Ward admitted in court Thursday she deliberately raced against oncoming traffic to ‘end it all’
28-year-old Ward of Anderson, Calif, plowed at great force into the vehicle medical student, Ryan Folsom
Former BYU running back, father-of two was killed after the crash on California’s Interstate 5,on Jan 7 
She allegedly drove through the central barrier to carry out the deadly maneuver  that killed the aspiring doctor, who was on his way to an interview 
Folsom shared two sons with wife Lauren who is pregnant with their third child 
Ward is charged with one count second-degree murder, three counts attempted murder, three counts assault with a deadly weapon, one count of vandalism 
She is being held in lieu of $1.5 million bail
Grace Elizabeth Ward 1.pngDeliberate murder: Grace Elizabeth Ward, [seen in a wheelchair],  appearing on court Thursday, told investigators that she deliberately carried out the maneuver because she wanted to kill herself
A woman who may have been attempting suicide, but also desirous of taking lives with her when she deliberately drove into oncoming traffic on a California interstate and crashed into a San Antonio medical student’s car, killing him.
The death-seeking driver was arraigned Thursday on eight felony charges, including second-degree murder, authorities said.
Ryan Folsom and his wife 6.jpgCrash victim Ryan Folsom [photo], seen with his wife and two sons aged four and two, expected to be holding the latest addition to his family in weeks as his pregnant wife was due by the end of January
Ryan Folsom, 29, a fourth-year student at UT Health San Antonio’s School of Medicine, died within hours of the crash on January, 7 when a Ward driving in the opposite direction to traffic plowed into his vehicle on a California interstate. He is survived his wife and two kids with a third child on the way in a matter of weeks.
Grace Elizabeth Ward, the wrong-way driver was arrested Jan. 30 on eight felony charges, including second-degree murder, California authorities said.
She reportedly told investigators that she deliberately carried out the maneuver because she wanted to kill herself, reported.
Ray Folsom and his family 7.pngRyan Folsom, seen with his wife [left], and his family [right], did not live to fulfill his wish of becoming a doctor, killed at the hands of a maniacal road user
Ryan Folsom's totaled Honda Accord 1.png ‘suicidal’ Grace Ward testified that she deliberately drove into oncoming traffic killing an aspiring doctor.. Ward crashed into Ryan Folsom’s Honda accord with such force, his car ended up in the ditch adjoining the freeway 

Former BYU running back Ryan Folsom was just starting a medical career and was preparing to welcome his third child when he was killed by Ward’s car near Redding on the night of January 7.
Grace Elizabeth Ward 3.jpgWard is alleged initially to have unsuccessfully tried to cross the center median where she collided with the cable barrier.
She was eventually able to get her vehicle through the cable by finding an opening meant for emergency vehicles. She then stopped her vehicle, facing in a south-westerly direction between the northbound and southbound lanes.
Officials say she waited in that area for about seven minutes before accelerating her vehicle into oncoming traffic by traveling northbound in the southbound lanes.
Three vehicles narrowly managed to avoid collisions with Ward before she struck Folsom’s car.
Ward’s car was also smashed into a pile of rubble and appears to have flipped after colliding with Folsom.
A witness at the scene told KDRV she tried to save Folsom’s life.
She said she felt for his pulse, which was there, but he was unable to speak.
‘It was really faint but it was there,’ she said of his pulse. ‘We were just talking to him telling him help was on the way, we’re here, you are not by yourself. we got no response it was just nothing.’

Ryan Folsom at Bingham Young University16.jpgFormer BYU running [No 36] back Ryan Folsom, seen in action here against New Mexico in 2010, was killed in California auto accident when a suicidal Ward deliberately drove head on into his car. Folsom, 29, was a fourth year medical student
Ryan Folsom's vehicle.pngA two car collision so severe that it is a wonder any one survived at all. The top appears to been shaven off Folsom’s Honda Accord when Ward crashed into him

Folsom, 29, from San Antonio, Texas, was rushed to hospital but died a short time later.
The father-of-two, whose wife Lauren was pregnant with their third child, was a former walk-on running back with the Cougars from 2010-11.
A GoFundMe was page set up for the Folsom family stated that he was traveling to an interview for a residency position as a doctor when Ward crashed into him. The interview was one of many that he’d set up.
‘He loved the Avengers and anything superhero related, perhaps because he loved the idea of filling that role in any capacity,’ stated the GoFundMe page, which raised more than $305,000.

 Grace Ward's car [dark sedan], at the crash site 1.pngWard’s car [dark sedan in photo] was also totaled damaged and appears to have flipped after colliding with Folsom
Ryan Folsom's Honda was smashed into bits.pngFirst responders had to gather the of Folsom’s Honda after the horrific crash

He was the offensive player of the year in the Southern Oregon Conference and earned second-team all-state accolades as running back and linebacker in the Les Schwab Bowl for senior all-stars.
Coach Rod Rumrey, of North Medford High’s Black Tornado, told the Mail Tribune that Folsom was the ‘heart and soul of the team.’
‘I cared about all my players,’ he said, ‘but Ryan was special.’
Ward is alleged to have hit Folsom’s car with such force that it ended up in the ditch adjoining the freeway.
Folsom died in hospital and Ward suffered a broken leg.
Describing Folsom’s leadership qualities, high school teammate Tim Endecott remembers ‘I don’t think it mattered what the situation was,’ Endecott said, ‘or who we were playing or how bad of a practice we had or how much Rumrey yelled at us, I don’t think he ever frowned or got down on anybody.’
Jason Slowey added: ‘He was one of those guys who was successful in everything he did. And he did it the right way. He was a really good role model.
‘I think it’s rare, especially in high school, when someone your age can be a true leader and someone everyone looks up to. He was that person.’

One driver told Krcrtv that she seemed determined to cause a collision and that it was only a question of time before she did so.
Investigators who arrived at the scene of the accident say they found a cell phone on the ground near Ward’s vehicle which she used to call her mother prior to the crash.
She is reported to have told her that she wanted to kill herself and ended the  conversation shortly before she accelerated towards oncoming traffic.
Folsom was a husband, father, and aspiring doctor who was on his way to attend interviews as part of his training.
He had two sons aged four and two with his wife expecting their third child in January.



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