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Jealous San Francisco airport security worker murders colleague’s fiancé in driveby – Kevin Prasad killed Mark Mangaccat, after trying unsuccessfully to woo his bride-to-be, for years’

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Unrequited loves drives airport security worker, 31, to ‘murder female colleague’s fiancé’
Kevin Prasad, is accused of murdering Mark Mangaccat, 31, on April 25 ‘after trying unsuccessfully to woo his fiancée for years’
Prasad, 31, was jealous that Mangaccat also 31, and his fiancée Thandel Seinn were together
The trio were friends and had worked together at San Francisco Airport for three years
On April 25, Prasad trailed the couple home and shot ‘five or six rounds’ at  Mark Mangaccat, with another friend, Donovan Rivera, acting as the ‘getaway driver’
The victim died in the driver’s seat but Seinn was unharmed
Prasad, who wore his hood up as disguise during the driveby, planned to swoop in and comfort Seinn afterwards – cops
Prasad and Rivera were arrested  Monday, both face charges of murder, assault with a firearm and firing into an occupied vehicle, with an enhancement of lying in wait
Both are eligible for the death penalty 

Kevin Prasad 1

San Francisco airport security worker, Kevin Prasad, is accused of murdering his co-worker’s fiancé in a fit of jealous rage on April 25, as a workplace crush could take such a deadly turn.
He has been arrested in the shooting death of  the fiancé of a female colleague who he had been trying to convince to date him for years.

Prasad, 31, is accused of murdering Mark Mangaccat last month at his home in San Francisco.
The victim was preparing to relocate from California to Las Vegas, Nevada with his long-term girlfriend Thandel Seinn, and their three-year-old daughter.
The couple and Prasad, all worked together at San Francisco Airport. Prasad worked for the company Covenant Aviation Security but it is not clear what the couple’s jobs were.
After her last day at work, Prasad followed them home and shot Mangaccat as he backed their car into the garage.

Mark Mangaccat [left] and his fiancee Thandel Seinn 1
Lady in the middle: Thandel Seinn [left], seen with her fiancé Mark Mangaccat, and  their three-year-old daughter. The family were on the verge of relocating out of state to Las Vegas

On April 25, after Seinn’s last shift, her fiancé picked her up and drove her home. Prasad trailed them in a car that was driven by his friend Donovan Rivera.
As the couple backed into their garage, Prasad allegedly jumped out of the car he was in and ran towards the couple’s vehicle with his hood up.
He fired several shots before retreating back into his friend’s car and fled, according to police.

 Thandel Seinn 1.pngSeinn: ‘I never suspected [Prasad]would turn violent.  I thought he was always joking when he said I should not to move away with her [Mark], but  stay with him, [instead]’

Seinn was sitting in the passenger seat but was unharmed. It is not known if the couple’s child was also in the car at the time.
Mangaccat died of five or six gunshot wounds while sitting in the driver’s seat.
Donovan Rivera 1Prasad’s friend Donovan Rivera [left] was his getaway driver, according to police
Authorities say Prasad believed he would have a chance at winning her over if he was able to get her fiance ‘out of the way’.
‘It’s this bizarre thought process of, “if I get rid of the boyfriend, I can be there to comfort the grieving girlfriend,”‘ San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe told The Sacramento Bee.
Seinn did not recognize Prasad at the time of the shooting and at first had no clue who had carried it out.
When police began questioning her on who it may have been, she told them about how he had asked her not to leave California but said she thought it was a joke.
Seinn said she never suspected Prasad would turn violent and that she thought he was always joking when he told her not to move away with her fiance and child and to stay with him.

Mark Mangaccat 3Prasad’s [left], plan was to kill Mangaccat, [right, holding his three-year-old daughter], then comfort Seinn once Mark was ‘out the way’, hopefully win her over
San Francisco Airport 1.jpgKevin Prasad faces charges that he murdered the boyfriend of an airport co-worker in an attempt to pursue a romantic relationship with the woman himself. Prasad, his victim Mangaccat and his fiancée all worked for the same security company at San Francisco airport

Mangaccat was described by friends as a loving father and son. He is pictured with his three-year-old daughter. Police say Prasad’s plan was to comfort his fiancée once he was ‘out the way’ and hopefully win her over

‘We were friends. At the airport we work in same job; [my] boyfriend, me and him, we were friends.
‘He just tell me, “Don’t go” and “I want to be with you.” He would just say something like a friendly joke,’ she told CBS San Francisco.
The trio worked together at San Francisco Airport. Prasad worked for a security company at the airport, and while Prasad may have met Mangaccat casually, they had no previous interaction or conflicts, Wagstaffe said.
Authorities believe Prasad just wanted Mangaccat out of the way so he could pursue a relationship with the woman. Seinn did not recognize Prasad during the shooting, but in discussing the case with detectives she mentioned he had been harassing her at work about a relationship, leading to an investigation and his arrest.
Prasad and Rivera both face charges of murder, assault with a firearm and firing into an occupied vehicle, with an enhancement of lying in wait. Both are eligible for the death penalty, the DA said.
Prasad and Rivera made their first appearances in court on Monday but neither entered a plea. They will return before a judge on May 8. Prasad has no criminal history.

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