A young couple were found murdered inside their home in Churchville, Bucks County, and their killer is still on the loose. The who have been identified as Tyler and Christina Roy, were found murdered in their home on Tuesday morning.
Police revealed their identities at a news conference on Wednesday afternoon, and announced an arrest warrant had been issued for neighbor Daniel Kenneth Mooney, 26.
The warrant is related to a car that went missing from the home on Monday night, but Mooney is also wanted for questioning regarding the double murder.
Police searching for Daniel Mooney for car theft and homicide.
The bodies of the Pennsylvania couple, who are aged in their late 20s to early 30s, were found on the second floor of their home in Churchville, after a tradesman working on the home went inside to use the bathroom.
Police said they received a call around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday from a painter who was working at the home. He told investigators that he went inside to use the bathroom and discovered the body of the husband lying on the second floor.
According to police, when officers arrived they also found the body of the wife upstairs.
Police found a rifle and shell casings on the ground but the told 6ABC the weapon did not appear to have been used in the killing.

Daniel Kenneth Mooney 2.png26 year-old Daniel Kenneth Mooney has been identified as the  suspect in the deaths of Tyler and Christina Roy in Churchville, Pa., police said

There was no forced entry to the home on Kitty Knight Drive, but a car is missing from the property, and thought to have been used as an escape vehicle.  The stolen vehicle was recovered in Northeast Philadelphia on Wednesday morning.
Mooney who lives just down the road from the victims, walks with a distinct limp, police said.
The Roys both 28, had only been married a year and recently moved into the neighbourhood before they were killed, The couple were both found unresponsive, lying on the second floor of the house in quiet Churchville home on Tuesday, by an artisan working on their home.

CHURCHVILLE, Pa. couple killed in their home 1.pngBucks County officers cordon off the crime scene on Tuesday morning
Churchville, Pa., couple killed in their home 3.pngKiller was targeting the house, not the couple, in their attack, police said

The pair were murdered, and their killer remains on the run after allegedly also stealing their car

Northampton Township Police Chief Michael Clark said it appeared the home, not the couple, had been targeted in the attack.
‘At this point, we have no idea who this was,’ he said.
‘At this point, it’s just unfortunate these people were in this house that was targeted by this guy for some reason.’
Mr Clark said while police would be active in the area for the next few days as the investigation continued, he could not ease worried minds.
‘I can’t say don’t be alarmed – you should be alarmed,’ he said.

Tyler and Christina Roy 2Newlyweds Tyler and Christina recently moved into the neighbourhood

Churchville, Pa., couple killed in their home 5The late couple’s family and friends were seen comforting each other, Wednesday

Police believe the killer was targeting the house, not the couple, in their attack

Neighbours of the couple, who have only lived in the home for a year, said the attack was ‘heartbreaking’.
Crowds of family and friends were seen gathering out the front of the home as police swarmed the street.
Video shows devastated mourners comforting each other through tears of their own as police walk in and out of the home.
The identity of the couple is yet to be released, and police are working to get an accurate description of the missing car.