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Teacher murdered on her driveway was in ‘serious relationship’ with the older brother of boy, 17, she had been caught with – and went for ice cream with their third brother before being gunned down

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Teacher Rachael DelTondo, 33, murdered on her driveway was in ‘serious relationship’ with the older brother of boy, 17, she had been caught with 
On the day she died and went for ice cream with their third brother before being gunned down
Sha was also six months into  a relationship with the teenager’s older brother, Rashawn Bolton
Bolton, 31, told cops that three months ago he was present when Sheldon Jeter threatened DelTondo and said: ‘If my brother wasn’t here I’d f*** you up’
Sheldon Jeter Jr’s attorney said he was co-operating with cops and innocent
DelTondo’s ex-fiance Frank Catroppa is also protesting his innocence
Rachael DelTondo 7Gunned-down teacher Rachael DelTondo may have been caught up in a love triangle within the same family. Police say she has been was in a ‘serious relationship’ with the brother of the teenage boy previously found in a ‘steamed up’ car with her late at night.

Investigators in Aliquippa allege that  DelTondo, 33, had been dating Rashawn Bolton for the past und six months.
DelTondo was gunned down on her driveway on Sunday night after returning home from a trip to buy ice cream with a third brother – Tyrie Jeter – and a female friend, who turned out to be the daughter of one of the police officers under investigation for leaked reports from her past
The revelation last year that she was caught in a steamed-up car in woodland near Aliquippa, PA, in February 2016 with Bolton’s brother Sheldon Jeter Jr, then 17, and begged cops not to tell her then fiancé, millionaire businessman Frank Catrappo, subsequently cost her job and wedding plans.
That leak is still under investigation by state investigators, and DelTondo was cooperating with the investigators
No suspects have been identified and no arrests have been made in Sunday’s drive-by killing of the teacher, but Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier believes DelTondo knew her killer. Police claim it was a ‘crime of passion’.
Authorities are seeking access to a 9mm firearm, any additional weapons and ammunition, written correspondence about or to Rachael DelTondo, notebooks, cellphones, laptops, tablets, any electronic devices capable of data storage and clothing – including a PlayStation.

Rashawn Bolton 2Rachael DelTondo reportedly, had been in a relationship with Rashawn Bolton, [photo], since December,  older brother to her teen friend, for the past six months

Rachael DelTondo had been in a relationship since December with Rashawn Bolton, 31
Bolton, 31, is the older brother of Sheldon Jeter Jr, the juvenile in the car when cops found them early Feb 6, 2016.
The victim’s current lover says his kid brother Sheldon had threatened, three months ago that he was going to  to ‘f*** up’ the teacher, according to police sources.
According to the affidavit, on May 16, Beaver County detectives interviewed met with Rashawn Bolton and told them that he was in a ‘serious relationship’ with DelTondo dating back to December 2017.
He also told police that his girlfriend was feeling scared and believed she was being followed.

Bolton said that in summer 2017, he called his brother Sheldon and asked him if he was in a sexual relationship with DelTondo. Sheldon apparently responded, ‘why you calling me bro you never call, you weird as f***’.
Bolton then told police that he was in front of his home with DelTondo three months ago when Sheldon pulled up in his car and then took off. Bolton said he called Sheldon and said if he had a problem he was to talk to him about it.
Sheldon Jeter then returned and pulled his silver Nissan in behind DelTondo’s car, got out and approached them, saying: ‘that b***h told me she was with Amy.’
Sheldon Jeter then turned to DelTondo and said: ‘If my brother wasn’t here I’d f*** you up.’

Sheldon Jeter Jr 1Sheldon Jeter Jr was caught in a car with Rachael DelTondo in February 2016. He is Rashawn’s brother and Rashawn told cops that three months ago he threatened to ‘f*** up’ the teacher

The police want to impound Sheldon Jeter’s silver Nissan car and search it for a 9mm firearm, a gray or light-colored sweatshirt, cellphones or any electronic devices, and any forensic evidence including blood-stained items and ballistics.
The affidavit also provided further details of investigators’ interview with Sheldon Jeter Jr on May 14. Sheldon told investigators that he had been working on music all night long and demonstrated by showing the detectives his composition books with lyrics and playing them a song.
Later that day, Sheldon gave investigators clothing, khaki pants, a windbreaks, a hat and shoes that he said he was wearing on May 14.
On viewing surveillance footage from a local Wendys and Walmart, investigators discovered Sheldon wearing a gray or light-colored hooded sweatshirt that was different to the clothes provided.
Cops had removed bags of evidence after getting a search warrant which also covered Sheldon Jeter Jr’s phone records.

Detectives collect evidence from Sheldon Jeters home.pngDetectives were seen leaving with bags of possible evidence after executing a search warrant against the home of Sheldon Jeter Jr. They also had a warrant for his phone records

The hunt for the murderer is being led by Aliquippa Police Department

DelTondo’s murder came six months after she was suspended from her job when a February 2016 police report was leaked, revealing she had been found in a ‘steamed-up’ parked car with a 17-year-old boy.
According to social media, Jeter Jr is a former football player at Aliquippa High School, who graduated in June 2016. DelTondo taught elsewhere.
His mother was featured, but not identified by name, in a video report in November 2017 on WPXI.
Flannigan told the reporter that she was shocked to discover her son was the subject of a police report after being found in a ‘steamed-up’ car in a wooded area with DelTondo at 2am in February 2016.
Both Jeter and DelTondo, who was not his teacher, told responding officers that they were ‘talking’ and were ‘just friends’.
Flannigan said: ‘I really don’t want to believe this is real. I really don’t. I’m clueless right now. I’m at a loss for words, actually. I had been hearing rumors going around.’
Following the leak of the report from their department, Aliquippa Police said that incident involving DelTondo and teen was investigated twice and was ‘unfounded’.

Delsha Crumb Flannigan 1.pngSheldon Jeter Jr’s mom, Delsha Crumb Flannigan [photo], wantsto know the truth about what happened between police, her son and Rachael DelTondo.

Police are attempting to establish suspects in the case which investigators have described as a ‘crime of passion’. Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier said evidence appeared to show the perpetrator was known to the victim.
No suspects have been identified by police and no arrests have been made.
However, Aliquippa police dept have obtained a search warrant seeking access to Jeter’s iPhone, call records and geolocation data.
According to the affidavit, DelTondo had been picked up by female friend, daughter of Aliquippa police Sgt. Kenneth Watkins, around 8pm om Sunday night.

Frank Catroppa 4.pngRachael DelTondo’s ex-fiance Frank Catroppa defense attorney says – : ‘We wanted to be very, very clear publicly that Frank Catroppa has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with what happened.’

Sgt Watkins has been placed on paid administrative leave by Chief of Police Donald Couch because his daughter, who is a minor is involved as witness in the case.
Also pleading innocence of the murder is Frank Catroppa who told KDKA-TV: ‘When you’re with somebody for eight years, that’s quite some time, you just hope to see that they at least get justice. It’s a sad, sad case.’
His attorney, Stephen Colafella added: ‘We wanted to be very, very clear publicly that Frank Catroppa has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with what happened.’



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