Taheera Ahmad 8.pngTaheera Ahmad smiles after she was taken into custody on Tuesday. The 39-year-old mom was arrested a day after she allegedly, tied up her children, and her 11-year-old daughter 70 times with a pickaxe and started a fire before fleeing home
The family of a Tulsa woman charged with stabbing her 11-year-old daughter 70 times, say she snapped after losing her job and being barred from attending her son’s graduation.
Taheerah Ahmad, 39, was arrested in downtown Tulsa on Tuesday after she was on the run from police.
Ahmad allegedly bound and gagged her three daughters by duct taping their hands and stuffing socks in their mouths.
She also stabbed her 11-year-old daughter 50 to 70 times with a pickaxe, hit her in the head with a pickaxe, and set the home on fire on Monday in her breakdown.
One of the children, a nine-year-old girl, escaped to a nearby home where she asked for help.
Tulsa mom, Taheerah Ahmad, who stabbed her eldest daughter, 11, and set their house on fire before going on the run with her other daughter, 8, arrested

Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma arrest fugitive mother-of-three who severely attacked and injured some of her children before fleeing, Tuesday morning Taheerah […]

Taheera Ahmad's family speaks out 1.pngHer family, above, spoke on Ahmad’s break down this past Mother’s Day weekend

Her family revealed that she suffered a break down this past weekend after recently losing her job and being barred from her son’s graduation, by her own mom.
The family’s explanation came after Ahmad he was arrested Tuesday:  ‘She was normal Friday, Saturday she snapped, Sunday she was evil,’ Ahmad’s aunt, Debrecka Fields, told KHRH-TV.
‘She thought herself into a nervous breakdown,’ she said.

Taheera Ahmad's family speaks out 2.pngDebrecka Fields [photo], the suspect’s aunt said Taheera seemed fine Friday and turned evil on Sunday. She attacked her children on Monday, Fields said.


Fields said the alarm was raised when her niece ran out of the house towards her.
‘My little niece came running up the driveway, barefoot in hysterics saying “auntie, auntie mommy killed Sadiya’,”  another aunt Barbara Alsharif said.
When she entered the home she found the fire and one of the girls on the ground.
‘Seeing that girl lay there like she had just been through a war-torn country was not something that we see at home,’ she said.

Taheera Ahmad 4Ahmad allegedly set her kitchen on fire after stabbing her eldest daughter. She then went on the run with her youngest child

Ahmad cracked after recently losing her job, her relatives said. Soon afterwards she shot her dog and chickens.
She was left further heartbroken after her mother, who cares for her two sons believed to be in their late teens to early 20s, prevented the suspect from seeing one of them graduate on Saturday.
That led her to a breaking point come Sunday, Mother’s day.
Officer Jeanne MacKenzie says the 11-year-old girl is in ‘very critical’ condition following the stabbing.
Ahmad remains booked in Tulsa County Jail on complaints of arson, child abuse and assault and battery with the intent to kill.

Taheera Ahmad and Hafsa Hayle 2Ahmad [left], had fled the scene with her seven-year-old daughter Hafsa Hayle [right], earlier on Tuesday morning, prompting police to issue an Amber Alert
She has also declined to say where the mother had worked.
A police report says one of the daughters told officers they were held hostage in their room without food or water a week before the attack took place.
Ahmad told officers the girls were reading and she became upset ‘because of the way they were reading and looking at her.’
It was not clear what the girls were reading, MacKenzie said: ‘([mother], said that they don’t normally read and the fact that they were reading told her that they were up to no good,’ MacKenzie said.

She has also declined to say where the mother had worked.When police arrived to the scene they found the 11-year-old girl inside with the kitchen on fire.
However Ahmad had already fled with her youngest daughter, seven-year-old Hafsa Hayle, before cops arrived.