Caren Brooks 16.pngNew York socialite Caren Brooks [photo]has been sued for giving Herpes and HPV to her anonymous ex-lover, then making light of it after she allegedly encouraged him to have unprotected sex

A New York  socialite gave her ex-lover herpes and genital warts and then tried to convince him he was misdiagnosed, the complainant claims in a lawsuit filed on Thursday.
Filing as John Doe to protect his anonymity on this ‘deeply personal and sensitive subject matter,’ the man claims that Caren Brooks, who runs a family foundation devoted to helping underprivileged youth supported by many celebrities, was ‘aware she was infected and did not disclose her conditions’ and instead encouraged him to engage unprotected sex.
The suit was filed on May 24 at New York Supreme Court by prominent New York criminal attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman.
Brooks’ ex is suing the 29-year-old Instagram star in Manhattan Supreme Court, insisting she’s the only one who could have given him the viruses  and that she knew she was sick when they had sex during a six-week fling beginning last August.
The couple began a ‘romantic relationship’, according to the filing, around August 6, 2017. Around six weeks later, began to ‘experience painful red bumps and blisters’ on his penis, the suit reads.
In a text message exchange filed as evidence, Doe reaches out to Brooks to let her know about his problem.
‘Don’t worry babe,’ she responds. ‘Most likely masterbating [sic] I heard that happens all the time and ur really strong I’ve hurt myself from it too lol.’
‘LOL,’ he replies.
‘I’d still f*** u,’ she continues. ‘Just lemme know when.’
‘Ok maybe tomorrow,’ he replies.

Caren Brooks 2.pngThe Instagram model Brooks [photo L-R], John Doe claims, failed to disclose her STDs to him and developed painful blisters on his genitals about a month after they had unprotected sex, at her instance

Doe claims that between August 6 and December 28, 2017 he did not have any sexual partners other than Brooks.
‘Prior to the commencement of this relationship, the Plaintiff had never tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease, nor had he ever experience any symptoms indicating that he might be infected,’ court documents read.
‘On or about August 6, 2017, prior to the commencement of any sexual contact, the Plaintiff and the Defendant had a conversation in which the Defendant made explicit representation that she had no sexually transmitted diseases.’
A few days later, after Doe told Brooks that he had tested positive for Herpes, she tried to convince him via text message that his diagnosis was incorrect because ‘Doctors in Nyc [sic] are hugely untrustworthy as well.’
‘They want the money and to get you out the office fast… They’re the worst. That’s doctors everywhere but here so especially,’ text messages show.
Results of a blood test revealed he was infected with HSV 1 and HSV 2 – two strains of the Herpes virus. A blood test ten days later gave the same results. He was given prescriptions to treat ‘oral or genital herpes’, the filing states.

Caren Brooks texts with accuser Doe 2.pngA text message exchange submitted as evidence shows the man, who is anonymous in the lawsuit, reached out to Brooks to tell her he had a problem.
She allegedly dismisses the STD symptoms as a result of ‘masterbating’ [sic] and says ‘I’d still f*** u’

 Caren Brooks  12.jpgAfter the unnamed her lover griped of his painful private parts, Brooks allegedly repeatedly dismissed the notion he had contracted a serious STD and trolled for ‘further trysts’
Caren Brooks texts with accuser Doe 1.jpgIs this real. Brooks claims she has no intimacy with the plaintiff, yet these texts exist. Or do they?

Brooks allegedly told Doe to ‘try to ignore’ his symptoms and called them a ‘battle wound’

‘They won’t lose their license here like in a smaller city.. For making an incorrect diagnosis,’ Brooks allegedly said in the exchange.
‘Google fake positive it seems like a huge thing Bc [sic] chickenpox and many things are in the exact same family’
‘Honestly a lot of ppl [sic] behind these operations are who knows what people. Did u get results on paper printed out or they just told u
‘Bc [sic] they also make money per prescription which is why they fake diagnose’
John Doe responds: ‘I saw the results online in the patient portal for mount Sinai’.
Brooks goes on: ‘What’s that mean though.. that’s not good enough cuz [sic] if they’re making it up u don’t have it printed from their office.’
He replied: ‘I saw the actual test results.’
She writes: ‘It isn’t Herpes. That’s my opinion.’
He responds: ‘Hopefully your [sic] right.’
Doe filed the lawsuit on May 24 at New York Supreme Court and is being represented by prominent New York attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman.

Caren Brooks and Alec Baldwin 11She poses here with Alec Baldwin at a Brooks Family Foundation’s event, one of many celebrities who participate in the cause

The University of Miami graduate, is president and CEO of the Brooks Family Foundation, a registered charitable organization ‘that helps underprivileged youth through education and medical funding.’
Her Social media postings are replete with pictures taken with A-List celebrities, including events hosted by her charity foundation’s, which often attracts the of many celebrities who helped the cause.

Caren Brooks [left], with Colin Farrell and [right], with Katy Perry.pngCaren Brooks often attends fundraisers with celebrities, according to her social media profiles. Brooks is pictured above [left], with Colin Farrell and [right], with Katy Perry at various red carpet events

The civil lawsuit alleges that Brooks’ assertions that she was STD-free was used to ‘pressure the Plaintiff into having unprotected intercourse’.
Doe’s lawyer argues that Brooks ‘never indicated any intention to get tested herself, or expressed any concern that a recent sexual partner had tested positive for genital herpes’.
Doe also claimed that months later, on December 28, 2017, he developed ‘painful’ warts on his penis. A doctor’s appointment revealed that he had genital warts caused by contracting Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Caren Brooks seen [left], with Leonardo Dicaprio and John Mayer [right].png‘Total socialite’ Caren Brooks is seen [left], with Leonardo Dicaprio and John Mayer [right]. She has denied the allegations and said she has ‘zero diseases’ and is in ‘outstanding health’

The suit claims that socialite did not disclose during their romantic relationship that she had genital herpes or genital warts.
‘Throughout their relationship, the Plaintiff relied on the Defendant’s representations that she did not have any diseases that could be transferred through sexual contact and, as a result, consented to engage in unprotected sex with the defendant, despite the defendant’s knowledge that she was infected with contagious incurable viruses.’
Lichtman also filed a motion to retain his client’s anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the case.
The action is being brought against Brooks for fraud, negligence, emotional distress, battery and future medical expenses.
Brooks is a 29-year-old University of Miami graduate and president and CEO of the Brooks Family Foundation, a registered charitable organization ‘that helps underprivileged youth through education and medical funding’, according to their Twitter account.

Caren Brooks texts with accuser Doe 4.pngAfter receiving his positive STD test results, Brooks attempted to convince her lover that his diagnosis was incorrect because ‘Doctors in NYC [sic] are hugely untrustworthy as well
Caren Brooks rexrs with accuser Doe 5.pngMessages show Brooks persistently strived to convince Doe that he did not have Herpes
Caren Brooks texts with accuser Doe 6.pngBrooks told her ex-lover that his results had been fabricated for doctors to ‘make money’ 
 Caren Brooks texts with accuser Doe 7.png‘I never ever, ever, ever, ever get sick’ –  The messaging escalates into a heated exchange, Brooks accuses Doe of contracting the disease from other people since he is ‘a lot older’ and ‘had more partners and contact probably’ 

‘I also filed a police report about him so this is some pretty serious stuff he’s falsely accusing. I appreciate if you leave me alone as this is fraud and unimportant. Thanks.’
Brooks also claimed that she could not reveal her accuser’s identity because it was ‘evidence of defamation’, adding: ‘It’s no one important.
‘He also sued other people of the same thing.
‘He’s trying to sue multiple people he is trying to get money and it’s fraud.’
Doe is a resident of New York county and according to Brooks’s text messages, is older than she is.
Attorney Lichtman his client would need medical treatment for the rest of his life: ‘He is going to be suffering from this affliction for the rest of his life.
‘The lawsuit speaks for itself as do the text messages she sent to him. They are not a normal reaction.’
Brooks is yet to respond but she reportedly has 20 days to respond to the complaint.