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New York high school, Asst Principal sued after he allegedly slept with at least four teachers and one student, tormented subordinates who resisted advances

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John Binet was named assistant principal of English at  Hillcrest High School Jamaica, New York allegedly tormented staff or student who resisted his advances
Binet, 40, allegedly slept with  four or more teachers
He also accused sleeping with ‘at least one and possibly four students of the School’ at the school
He showed favoritism towards his playmates and harassed those who wouldn’t succumb
His targets filed a $2 million lawsuit against Binet and Hillcrest High
Caroline Shin, 37, and Eleni Giannousis, 34, both faculty members allege in this lawsuit that Binet created a “sexually charged atmosphere for the female teachers and students”
John Binet 1.jpgAssistant Principal John Binet is facing a $2million lawsuit for allegedly creating a ‘“sexually charged atmosphere for the female teachers and students”’ at Hillcrest High School.

The unbridled lechery exhibited by a high school senior faculty member has resulted in a $2million dollar by female colleagues, past and present who bore the brunt of his amorous forays.
The lecherous educator, a 40-year-old school assistant principal in accused of bedding four or more teachers and at least one student at a Queens high school tormented female subordinates who complained about him, while school authorities looked the other way.

AP John Binet was named assistant principal of English at Hillcrest High School in February 2014 after his friend, David Morrison, was promoted to principal, according to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit filed late Sunday.

Two teachers who worked under him, Caroline Shin, 37, and Eleni Giannousis, 34, allege in this lawsuit that Binet created a “sexually charged atmosphere for the female teachers and students”.
The plaintiffs allege that AP Binet punished them when they complained to school principal Morrison and teacher’s union representatives.

“Beginning shortly after Binet’s promotion, the female faculty members who have slept with Binet, the names of several of whom are known to the plaintiffs, began receiving benefits and preferential treatment over the ‘resistant’ females, as Binet and Morrison refer to them, who do not,” the suit maintains.

“Even before he became the AP, while he was director of the English department, Binet engaged in public displays of affection at the School included kissing and sexual touching with a female teacher, in the school’s classrooms, hallways and stairwells during school hours,” the court docs allege.

“Binet’s relationship with this teacher only marked the start of his sexually inappropriate conduct with at least four female faculty, whose names are known to the plaintiffs, and at least one and possibly four students of the School.”

“This student has expressed her emotional pain to members of the School and has suffered shock and emotional harms as Binet never contacted the student again after having sex with her,” the suit says.

Hillcrest High School - Jamaica, New York 1.jpgBinet is an Assistant principal at Hillcrest High School in Jamaica, New York

Neither Shin nor Giannousis claim Binet overtly hit on them, but maintain his bad behavior included stalking and spreading lies – as well as outright cruelty.

in one instance, after Shin told Binet and Morrison she would be out for approximately one week because of a miscarriage in September 2014, Binet repeatedly texted her for three days demanding lesson plans, she claims in the suit.

About one month later, Binet called Shin into a meeting and said‘you are difficult to work with’, adding “’no one in the school likes you’.
In that same meeting he allegedly told Shin that she had a ‘bad reputation at school…’” according to the court papers.
“When Ms. Shin began crying, in response, Binet told her, ‘look I know what happened to you, but I am not going to walk on egg shells for you’ and Binet then referred to her as a ‘fragile butterfly.’”

Recounting her own experience with Minet, the second complainant, Giannousis stated that Assistant Principal Binet once texted her “in the late evening,” asking “what does a night in Eleni’s life look like?”

The lawsuit states that “Starting in the spring semester of 2014, on approximately fifty-four different occasions, Binet ‘checked in’ with Ms. Giannousis during her lunch hour,” the suit says.
“For no particular reason Binet would peer over Ms. Giannousis’s shoulder and stand approximately six inches from her person, making her exceedingly uncomfortable.”

The lawsuit goes further to claim that “Binet has used his authority to manipulate, abuse and demean Ms. Giannousis once it was made clear that Ms. Giannousis would never entertain a non-professional relationship with Binet,” the suit alleges.

One of the women Caroline Shin, still works at the school under Binet.

The suit however notes that at least six people subjected to similar harassment by Binet have fled, including Eleni Giannousis, ‘because of Binet’s bad behavior’, the suit says. Among the indiscretions exposed by the lawsuit is the fact that in 2016, school principal, “Morrison was caught creating fake online classes and passing 172 students in the fake classes in order to boost the graduation rates of the school.” – The Education Department found the accusations were substantiated, and he received counseling, the department said.

Meanwhile the New York city Department of Education and Law Department says the matter is under investigation.

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