Tiffany Eichler 3Tiffany Eichler will spend a scant 30 days in jail after shee was sentenced on Tuesday in Canton, Ohio. She pled guilty to having sex with three male students.

A female teacher who admitted to having sex with three male students wil have to spend time in jail – all of 30 days.  Tiffany Eichler was sentenced on Tuesday in Canton, Ohio after pleading guilty to three counts of sexual battery last month.
36-year-old Eichler, who worked as a PE teacher at McKinley High School, came forward and confessed to having sex with the students after they started blackmailing her.

The former teacher apologized in court to the victims and the school district ‘for putting everyone in this position’, according to the Canton Repository.
The mother of one of the victims called Eichler a ‘professional predator’ as she slammed the former teacher for manipulating her son.
Eichler pled guilty last month to three counts of sexual battery, each carrying a potential prison term of one to five years
The encounters occurred between Feb. 20 and Feb. 24, the four days Canton City Schools were open that week, according to court records filed in the case.
Prosecutors have said in court records that Eichler engaged in sexual conduct with two 18-year-old students and one 17-year-old student. Although all are older than the age of sexual consent, Ohio law bars teachers and coaches from engaging in sexual conduct with any student.
The judge sentenced Eichler to 30 days in prison and 30 half-days in a non-jail reporting program.
Her sentence also includes three years of probation, 300 hours of community service, a $1,000 fine and she has to pay for counseling for the victims.
Eichler will also have to relinquish her teaching license and register as a lifetime sex offender as part of her sentence.
Authorities were alerted back in March after Eichler informed school administrators about the sexual relationships.

McKinley High School, 1.jpgEichler, who worked as a PE teacher at McKinley High School will have to register as a sex offender for life

Eichler, who worked as a PE teacher at McKinley High School, came forward and confessed to having sex with the students after they started blackmailing her.

She said one of the victim’s parents had started blackmailing her for money to keep quiet.
She admitted to having sex with one student twice in one evening, including once in the back of her car and again in his basement.
Eichler also said she had sex with one student in her office after school before sports practice.
On another occasion, she said she picked up a student near his home and then took him to a park to have sex during parent-teacher conferences.
Police interviewed some of the alleged victims who said their relationship with Eichler started on messaging apps like Snapchat. The abuse took place between January and March.
Addressing the court prior to sentencing, Stark County Assistant Prosecutor Christy Donnelly’s turn. She asked for prison time, citing concern the defendant “has not fully held herself accountable for her actions.” In a court-filing, she specified a term of four years Donnelly spoke of the sweeping negative impact of Eichler’s actions and how the defendant portrayed herself as a victim.
Following the hearing, Donnelly referred to the sentencing document she filed in which she wrote that Eichler told a counselor “the students at her school always approached her for sex and that she never initiated sexual activity with them.”
Eichler told the counselor, “I’d tell (students) no and they’d keep asking; it wasn’t like I was looking for it. … I felt pressured into it.’”

Tiffany Eichler 4.JPGEschler apologized for her behaviour, but prosecutors are not convinced she has shown sufficient remorse

Countering that point, Donnelly wrote that Eichler drove to one of the victim’s home to pick him up in order to engage in sexual conduct. And “she drove from New Franklin to Canton at 2:30 a.m in order to engage in sexual conduct with him a second time.”
With a separate male student, Eichler called him to her classroom during non-school hours “and she herself locked (the) door in order to engage in sexual conduct,” the assistant prosecutor wrote.
Donnelly said that she knew of no other victims beyond the three cited in court records. But she questioned whether Eichler is truly remorseful.
“The focus of her plea to this court is to spare her family the impact of prison.”
Additionally, Donnelly wrote, ”(The prosecutor’s office) has always been concerned that the sentencing in this case would be considered differently because the defendant is a female teacher with male student victims, and that there would be a level of sympathy given to this defendant which would not have been given if the genders of the parties were reversed.
“It has become evident … that the letters of support, submitted by the defendant and her supporters, are attempting to do just that … to gain the sympathy of this court for her position as a wife and mother (while not expressing sympathy for the victims, their families or the school system).”