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Jeremy Webster, 23, has confesses to ‘Road rage shooting’ of family at dentist’s office, killing boy, 13, in front of his mother who was also critically injured along with another eight-year-old son

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Mother-of three Meghan Bigelow, 41, was driving her boys to the dentist when they were targeted in a road rage shooting spree in Denver, Colorado on June 14
They were followed by Jeremy Webster, 23, after an argument at a street corner
When the stopped at their destination Webster got out and shot Meghan Bigelow multiple times before firing at Vaughn and Asa as well 
He also shot John Gale, who was sitting in his pickup truck with his daughter, 9, but made eye contact with the shooter, hitting both his arms
13-year-old Vaughn Biglow was killed, his brother Asa, 8, was critically injured, Meghan was also critically injured
12-year-old Cooper Biglow, survived by fleeing the scene – he reported to police, telling them his mom took a picture of Webster’s license plate
Webster, admitted to the shooting, faces 20 charges including first-degree murder

What started as an ordinary trip to the dentist’s office turned into tragedy when a 13-year-old boy was killed in front of his mother during a road rage shooting spree.
Meghan Bigelow, 41, had just made it to the Denver office with her three sons Vaughn, 13, Cooper, 12, and Asa, eight, when a man shot them multiple times.
On their way to the dentist’s Meghan Bigelow and Jeremy Webster got into an argument on a busy street corner around 3pm last Thursday. Webster, 23, followed the mother and her three boys to their destination and unleashed mayhem on them.
By the time Jeremy Webster was done with his deranged shooting spree ,Vaughn was killed, while Meghan and the youngest boy Asa were critical injured.
Cooper was able to run away during the incident without injury. He contacted cops and told them his mother took a picture of the killer’s licence plates.
Webster, 23, has confessed to the killings, according to police. He faces 20 charges, including first-degree murder.

Jeremy Webster 1
Jeremy Webster [photo] has confessed to the killing 13-year-old Vaughn Biglow and critically injuring his mother and younger brother on June 14 in Denver, Colo.

Authorities said Webster followed Meghan Bigelow for a mile and parked behind her car in the lot for Children’s Dentistry. Webster and Bigelow began to argue before he allegedly pulled out a handgun and shot her multiple times, according to the Denver Post.
After she fell to the ground he fired several shots at Vaughn and Asa.
Witnesses said Webster walked away and then turned around to shoot Vaughn again as the teen laid on the ground.
Before he fled the scene, Webster made eye contact with John Gale, who was in a pickup truck with his nine-year-old daughter.
Webster allegedly fired into the truck and Gale was hit in both of his arms. The father then threw his truck in reserve and fled with his daughter, who was not harmed.

Jeremy Webster is led away in handcuffs 2.pngDenver ‘road rage killer’ Jeremy Webster is led away in handcuffs after his shooting spree that devastated the Bigelow family 
Jeremy Webster in court 3.pngThe killer was arraigned on first-degree murder and held without bond

 Bigelow ‘s second son Cooper, 12, managed to escape without injury

Gale has since been treated for his injuries and was released from the hospital.  Mother and son remain hospitalized fighting for their lives.
Cooper was able to inform police that his mother had taken a picture of Webster’s license plate before the shooting.

Asa Biglow and Mom Meghan Biglow 1Meghan Biglow [right], and her youngest son Asa, were both critically injured in the shooting and remain hospitalized

Webster was arrested three hours after the incident on Interstate 25 on the way to his home in Colorado Springs.
He told police that he had mental health issues and had started taking a new prescription medication that day, according to an affidavit.
Police said Webster ‘eventually admitted that he was the one who shot Meghan, both of her children, and John Gale’. he also told police that his Glock handgun was in the trunk of his car and his prescription drugs were at home.
Webster’s charges include first degree murder with extreme indifference, three counts of attempted first-degree murder, three counts of first-degree assault with a deadly weapon, and five counts of violent crime causing serious bodily injury.

Police seal off and investigate the crime scene on June 14.pngPolice sealed off the crime scene as they began investigation on June 14

He was denied bail and is being held at the Adams County Detention Facility without bond for investigation of first-degree murder after deliberation with intent, first-degree murder extreme indifference, first-degree assault and criminal attempt to commit a Class 1 felony.
He will remain behind bars until his preliminary hearing on July 17.
Bigelow had to go through multiple surgeries after the shooting and both she and Asa spent multiple days in the ICU.

Biglow family memorial at shooting site 1.pngFlowers line the top of a shrub on Friday in the parking lot that was the scene of a shooting outside a dental clinic in Westminster, Colorado. Three members of the Biglow family and a passing driver were shot outside the complex

Both have now been moved to speciality care units and are preparing for rehabilitation.
A GoFundMe campaign has since been created for the family and has raised more than $175,000 in the last week.
The community has rallied for the devastated family, raising more than $176,000 of a $200,000 target, They are also holding blood drives and memorials  for the family.



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