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55 years jail with no parole for Kyle Navin, Connecticut man who murdered his parents after they decided to write him out of their wills

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Kyle Navin was sentenced by a Connecticut court to serve 55 years jail with no parole for murdering his parents after they decided to cast him off as a wastrel
Prosecutors said 29-year-old Kyle Navin, in Aug 2015,  fatally shot both his parents, Jeanette and Jeffrey Navin at his home in Bridgeport, Connecticut and hid their bodies
Prosecutors argued he murdered his parents because he was being written out of their will 
The business owning couple bought a home for their son Navin, but upset by his irresponsibility and lack of purpose in life
His mother told a friend he would be cut off after they sold the family business 
She expressed concern about Navin’s drug use and inability to pay his bill
Kyle Navin 1.JPGKyle Navin [photo], was sentenced to 55 years jail after pleading guilty to murdering his parents

A 29-year-old Connecticut man who killed his parents when he discovered their plan to write him out of their wills has been sentenced to 55 years jail with no parole.

Kyle Navin pled guilty to the August 2015 murders of Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin in April – just one day before his case was set to go to trial.
The couple owned a local refuse company, and had bought Navin a home. But, upset by his drug use and inability to make mortgage payments on the home, they agreed to cut him off.
The couple were last seen on August 4, 2015, and were reported missing three days later.
After their remains were discovered behind a vacant home in October that year. Husband and wife, both suffered bullet wounds. Navin was charged in their deaths.

Jeanette (right) and Jeffrey (left) Navin 1.jpgThe bodies of Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin were found in a vacant yard in October 2015, three months after their estranged son Navin had fatally shot them

Jeanette Navin told a friend she and husband Jeffrey would be selling the business and writing their son Navin out of their wills. Prosecutors said the act of disinheritance motivated the younger Navin to kill her parents.

Prosecutors said Navin fatally shot his mother in the cab of a truck owned by the business, just after she had helped him on a collection route. He then shot his dad in the basement of the home his parents had bought for him in Bridgeport, Connecticut
The Chief Medical Examiner’s Office revealed Jeanette Navin was shot in her ‘torso and extremities’ and Jeffrey Navin was shot in his ‘trunk’.
Jeanette’s body was found first, by workers clearing the vacant land. Her bones fell out of a pile of sticks, while Jeffrey’s badly decomposed corpse was found soon after, wrapped up in garbage bags sealed with tape.
In sentencing on Friday, Judge Robert J Devlin Jr told Navin his was a ‘black hearted crime’.
‘This is a horrific crime, there’s no other way to describe it,’ he said.

Navin family home.JPGNavin’s parents had bought him a home in Bridgeport [photo] but were disappointed to hear he was failing to make his mortgage payments
Kyle Navin 2.JPGYours is a ‘black hearted crime’ – Judge Robert Devlin Jr upbraided Navin at sentencing

Judge Robert J Devlin Jr told Navin his was a ‘black hearted crime’ as he sentenced him to 55 years with no chance of parole. Judge Devlin pointed out since 1986 there had been only 113 cases in the United States of someone accused of killing their mother.

‘This idea of a killing by a child of his parents is exceedingly rare, it cuts against the fundamentals of our human condition, you don’t kill the people who gave life to you,’ the judge said.
‘One can only imagine the horror of Jeannette Navin when her son pulled a gun on her and shot her as she sat next to him.’
Devlin asked Navin if he had anything to say before being sentenced. The defendant replied, ‘Not publicly your honor.’
In the nearly three years Navin has had to think about his actions, he appeared to have become remorseful.
‘It’s disgraceful and disgusting, everything from the beginning, on my account,’ he told the judge.

Jennifer Valiante 1.JPGKyle’s girlfriend Jennifer Valiante [photo], was jailed for eight years after pleading guilty to hindering prosecution. She was initially charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Kyle Navin’s girlfriend, Jennifer Valiante, has been sentenced to eight years jail after pleading guilty to hindering the prosecution.
Had the case gone to trial, text messages between the two showing Navin explain his plan to ‘wipe out the virus [his parents] and get the money for life’, would have provided damning evidence.


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