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Former Georgia police lieutenant ‘shoots dead his estranged wife and her boyfriend before killing himself’ in SWAT standoff – Robert ‘Corey’ Sasser, was out on bond while facing charges of battery and trespass before the murder-suicide

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Ex-cop  Robert ‘Corey’ Sasser, allegedly killed his estranged wife, her boyfriend and himself on Thursday night in McIntosh county, Georgia
The former Glynn County police lieutenant was out on bond while facing charges of battery and criminal trespass when he gunned down his estranged wife and her boyfriend
Sasser, 41, shot ex-wife, Katie Lovett Sasser, 34, and her friend, Johnny Hall, 39, before killing himself’ in SWAT standoff
Sasser allegedly threatened his wife’s life and tried to kick down her door in May
Authorities said that after shooting his wife and her boyfriend, Sasser led police on a slow-speed car chase, which ended with a SWAT standoff 
SWAT fired tear gas into Sasser’s car and discovered him dead inside his truck hours later allegedly, from self-inflicted gunshot injuries
Sasser reportedly saw the victims on Tuesday night at a local restaurant, made a threatening gesture – He held his hand up in the shape of a gun and pointed it at them, two days later he shot them
Robert 'Corey' Sasser 1Robert ‘Corey’ Sasser, a former Georgia police lieutenant, allegedly fatally his ex-wife and her boyfriend and then himself after leading authorities on a slow-speed car chase that ended in a stand off

Friday afternoon, McIntosh County sheriff said Robert “Corey” Sasser allegedly shot to death his ex-wife, Katie Lovett Sasser, 34, and her friend, Johnny Hall, 39.
the alleged shooter Robert ‘Corey’ Sasser, 41, of Brunswick, Georgia, was found dead in his pickup truck on Thursday night after leading police on a slow-speed chase and then engaging in a stand off with SWAT in front of his home.
Sasser, a former lieutenant in the Glynn County police department, was out on bond and facing charges of misdemeanor simple battery and criminal trespass following an alleged fight with his estranged wife, Katie Kettles Sasser, in May.

Katie Lovett Sasser, [left] and Johnny Hall 1.JPGThe former cop on Thursday shot ex-wife, Katie Lovett Sasser,[photo], and her friend, Johnny Hall [right]

Authorities said the Thursday night car chase that led to the standoff began after Sasser allegedly fatally shot a man and a woman at a home in Tolomato Island, Georgia, at about 9pm, according to News4Jax.
A Georgia Department of Natural Resources official was said to have stopped Sasser as he drove off from the home where the shooting happened, but let Sasser go after Sasser gave him a phony response.
Authorities then caught up to Sasser on the highway, engaging in a slow-speed chase that ended at Sasser’s home.
When Sasser refused to exit his car, SWAT was called. They then began a lengthy standoff. Eventually, SWAT threw tear gas into Sasser’s truck

Robert 'Corey' Sasser's truck 1.jpgSasser’s truck [photo] was breached when the SWAT team fired gas canisters into the vehicle after the slow-speed car chase ended at Sasser’s home, and turned into a stand off with authorities 
Robert 'Corey' Sasser's truck 2.JPGSasser was found dead in his truck from gun shot injuries. Police said they did not fire at him

The SWAT team fired tear gas into Sasser’s truck and later discovered him dead inside the vehicle. .

After several hours, SWAT approached Sasser’s truck and found him dead inside, WBRC reported.
SWAT did not fire any actual bullets at Sasser’s truck. However, authorities said Sasser’s male shooting victim had exchanged fire with him in the Tolomato Island home, but authorities believe Sasser’s gunshot wound was self-inflicted.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Robert C. Sasser, gained notoriority as one of two officers involved in the brutal 2010 police shooting of Caroline Small.
He had been banned from Glynn County after a SWAT standoff in May, stemming from a domestic violence arrest a few days earlier.
Sasser had a scheduled hearing related to his divorce in Brunswick on Tuesday, but chose instead Thursday night  to go shoot his estranged wife and her friend in neighboring McIntosh County where he shot his wife and her male friend at house outside Darien, the sources said.

Robert 'Corey' Sasser's home 1.JPGRobert Sasser allegedly killed himself outside his home [photo], in Darien, Ga.,on Thursday night. He was out on bond, facing charges of battery and trespass following a previous incident involving his estrange wife 
At the time of his death, Sasser was out on bond after allegedly going to Katie’s home in May and trying to kick down her door while threatening to kill her.

Later that month, Sasser engaged in a standoff with SWAT in the woods in western Glynn County after police tried to arrest him for reportedly having a gun in contradiction to the terms of his bond release.
A suicide note was said to have been found inside his truck when he was taken into custody on that occasion.
Sasser reportedly, was being treated for PTSD. He was living with his sister in Alabama, and by the terms of his bond, he could not live within the boundaries of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit.
Sasser was allowed to return to the area on Tuesday for a court hearing, though.
Sasser was fired from the Glynn County police department on May 24 and was said to be in the midst of acrimonious divorce proceedings.
The former police officer previously made headlines in 2010 for his part in the controversial shooting of Caroline Small, 35, a mother of two.
Sasser and his then partner, Michael T. Simpson, had been in a slow-speed car chase with Small, who had been driving recklessly, when they trapped her in her disabled car.
A dashboard camera caught the two men firing eight shots through her windshield and talking about their marksmanship and seeing her head explode when she was hit by a bullet.
Small died a week after the incident.
During a trial, the court cleared Sasser and Simpson, calling it a justified shooting.


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