Joseph Capone 1.jpgKidnap victim: Joseph Capone [above], gave his first interview since he was kidnapped in May 2017 by two men who allegedly ‘put out his eye’ and dismembered him

The Hollywood actor who was kidnapped alongside his actress friend in Los Angeles last year sat down with Good Morning America for his first interview since the terrifying ordeal.
On May 3,  2017, actor Joseph Capone and his girlfriend, actress Daisy McCrackin  were kidnapped, tortured and held ransom by three violent criminals in Los Angeles.
The suspects then placed black hoods over the victims’ heads and drove them to a house in Compton where they stripped Capone naked and held him without food in a bathtub for 30 hours.

Now, the Hollywood actors have been rescued and Capone is speaking out.
In an explosive interview with Good Morning America, the actor admitted that the incident occurred when he was at McCrackin’s L.A. mansion.
He said two armed suspects barged into the home and trapped the actress in the backseat of her own car. They then pistol-whipped Capone, before abducting the pair and droving them to a home in Compton, several miles away., where the real horror began.
Joseph Capone spent 30 hours in agony as he was beaten, stomped, pistol-whipped and ‘maliciously deprived of a member of the body’ according to court papers.
He also had his eye ‘put out’ and his ‘nose, ear and lip slit’ before being discovered by authorities, who were alerted to his whereabouts by the other victim of the kidnapping – Daisy McCrackin.
The actress, whose had a supporting role in the film Halloween Resurrection, was hailed a hero for finding a way to escape the kidnappers and save Capone.
However, the actor Monday revealed that the entire ordeal left him uneasy when he started to sense that McCrackin and one of the kidnappers had previously had a relationship.

Daisy McCrackin 4Capone was pistol whipped and dragged from the home of his actress friend Daisy McCrackin [photo], who was also kidnapped that day and told to get $10,000 ransom, now the actor says McCrackin previously been in a relationship with one of the thugs, Johntae Jones
 Capone detailed how he was at the home of McCrackin on May 3, 2017 when he was pistol-whipped by a man and then dragged off to a car, leaving behind a trail of blood.
‘He grabbed me by the collar and dragged me outside and dragged me down the driveway and threw me in the back of a car where Daisy was already in the backseat,’ said Capone.
‘And they put bags over our heads and then proceeded to drive.’
He would spend the next 30 hours being tortured by two men, but before that happened Capone said that he began to notice that McCrackin and one of the men charged in the kidnapping, Johntae Jones, seemed to know one another.
‘Daisy had known him in some capacity. I’m not sure, but my spidey sense was kind of tingling,’ explained Capone.
‘It felt weird. It felt like something was off.’
That claim is also being made by the lawyer representing one of the three individuals charged in the incident.
The attorney for Keith Andre Stewart, who is accused of subjecting to Capone to the 30 hours of beatings, stated over the weekend that McCrackin and Jones had previously been in a relationship while declaring that his client was innocent.
Capone said on Monday that he endured another brutal beating when he tried to escape at one point as his kidnappers drove him to a second location.
‘I was seen immediately and given another solid beating and thrown back into the bathroom where one gun was put into my mouth,’ said Capone.
After that was over, he was locked away in a dark and confined space for two days.
‘They stripped me naked and they threw me in this filthy bathroom with no lights on,’ said Capone.
He also revealed that the men told him they were not sure what they might have to do to him if McCrackin did not return with ransom. Eventually, she did hand over a check for $10,000, at which point she was taken home by Jones and Amber Neal according to court papers.
Amber Neal arrest 1.pngVideo of the third suspect, Amber Neal’s arrest last week went viral, with some saying it was a clear example of excessive force
Jones and Stewart were arrested on May 5 soon after Capone was discovered in Jones’ Compton home.
It was over a year though until Capone’s third captor was arrested by law enforcement.
Video of officers from the Los Angeles Police Department swarming Neal last week put the case back in the headlines, going viral amidst accusations of excessive force.
The three have now been charged with 17 felony counts, including kidnapping, assault with a firearm, grand theft, mayhem and conspiracy.
Neal is also accused of forging a document to claim that she was the owner of the 2011 Lexus belonging to McCrackin that the group had used to transport their victim around the city.
The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office said Stewart and Jones face a maximum possible sentence of life in state prison without the possibility of parole if convicted as charged, while Neal faces up to life in prison.
Bail was set at $1 million for Jones and Neal, and $2.08 million for Stewart. They are due in court for a pretrial hearing July 23 at the Foltz Criminal Justice Center county courthouse.
Authorities are not revealing if the other kidnap victim, Daisy McCrackin, is currently under investigation.