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Body identified as Lara Prychodko, 48, falls down garbage chute in her luxury New York apartment building, found in trash compactor

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Mother, 48, whose body fell down garbage chute in her luxury New York apartment building and was found in trash compactor
Lara Prychodko , 48, had been living at 1 Irving Place for just six months
She was in the process of divorcing her construction executive husband David
David filed for divorce in 2016 after 13 years of marriage
In 2016, the woman’s divorce attorneys sued her for $65,000 over an unpaid bill
On Tuesday night, her body was found in a trash compactor in the building  
Police are waiting for the medical examiner to determine her cause of death
Disgraced former congressman Anthony Wiener owned an apartment in building
Lara Schlachet 2 - Copy
Lara Prychodko, also known by her married name Lara Schlachet, seen in 2010 photo, was found dead in the trash compactor at the luxury apartment building where she lived in New York City on Tuesday night.

The 48-year-old woman whose body fell down a garbage chute in her Manhattan apartment building and was found in the trash compactor by a service worker has been identified.
Lara Prychodko was discovered by a service worker at 1 Irving Place on Tuesday night. Her body had fallen down the trash chute from the 10th floor, where she has an apartment.
The NYPD has not commented on whether foul play is suspected in her death. They are waiting for the results of a post-mortem examination to reveal how she died.

Lara Schlachet's remauns was slid down this chuteThis is the garbage chute that Lara Prychodko’s body fell down before landing in a trash compactor at 1 Irving Place in Manhattan’s Union Square
Lara Schlachet's remauns was slid down this chute 4 - CopyThe chute is found inside the refuse closet in one of the floors of the luxury apartment building
David and Lara Schlachet 1.JPG David Schlachet, and his wife Lara Schlachet, were in the process of divorce before someone tried to dispose of her remains like trash

Lara Prychodko and her husband, construction executive David Schlachet, were in the process of divorcing. David, co-founder of Taocon Inc, a construction company in New York filed for divorce in 2016.
The couple whose wedding was announced by The New York Times in 2003 were regularly pictured on the Manhattan social circuit and in The Hamptons before they parted ways.. They share a son, Talin, together.
How Prychodko got into the chute remains unclear and neighbors inside the building are at a loss over what may have happened.

Lara Schlachet 3 - Copy
A doorman at the building said Prychodko had only been living there for six months
Police activity at the building where Lara Schlachet lived and died1.JPGAccording to police sources, Lara Prychodko’s purse was found near her body. [photo], The scene on Tuesday night

Lara Prychodko and David, were battling over homes in Southampton, an apartment in Chelsea and a residence in Williamsburg, among other assets, when she died. The former couple were in mediation that had been postponed for a month.
Prychodko had already lost custody of her son, sources familiar with the divorce said, and was required to undergo drug and alcohol testing as part of the settlement.
It has been revealed that the dead woman had a 2012 conviction for driving while intoxicated and had been battling a drinking issue brought on by a “growing brain tumor.”
“I know she was absolutely convinced the pain and dependency she was experiencing that had her drinking was directly related to the growing brain tumor,” her attorney Eric Seiff said in an interview.
Multiple sources at the residence the couple shared before their estrangement Union said they also believed Prychodko was suffering from health issues.
Although police believe she was intoxicated when she fell 27 floors to her death, Seiff said his client  had turned her life around and regularly passed “professionally monitored” drug and alcohol tests.
“I have not been aware of a single test that she failed the last year. For the last six months [the tests] have been professionally supervised,” Seiff  said.


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