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Lawyer in Brazil calmly hands his daughter to his wife before submitting to execution by gunman in Brazil street attack

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Surveillance camera captures doomed lawyer hands toddler daughter over to his ‘wife’ seconds before hitman kills him in cold-blooded execution
Video recording the dad  calmly handing off his daughter to his wife before moments being executed by gunman in Brazil street attack
46-year-old attorney, André Ribeiro, was shot and killed in full view of his family in the state of Permambuco in Brazil, last night
After forcing the victim to kneel down, the gunman, who was dressed in white t-shirt and baseball cap, shot him five times, and escapes
Ribeiro died instantly after the gunman forces him to kneel before shooting him five times 2.jpgRibeiro died instantly after the gunman fired five shots at him before escaping

Remarkable death scene in broad daylight murder caught on security camera in a Brazilian neighbourhood shows the victim behaving remarkably calm in the last seconds of his life as he makes sure his child is safe

The moment a middle-aged lawyer realized he was facing certain death at hands of an assassin last night he coolly handed over his little daughter to safety.
CCTV footage shows 46-year-old André Ribeiro pulling up in his car outside at an address in the Brazilian state of Permambuco where his killer had been waiting for him.

In chilling footage, a father hands his child to his wife after realising he is about to be assassinated

He makes his way around to the other side of the car to open the door and lift out his child, all this time his killer had been lying in wait.
Moments later the gunman – dressed in a white t-shirt and baseball cap – appears in shot and takes aim at Ribeiro.
The father looks at him before, incredibly, handing his wife their child. He appears to show no fear.

Ribeiro died instantly after the gunman forces him to kneel before shooting him five times.JPGThe assassin forces Andre Ribeiro  to kneel before shooting him at close range

He walks over to his car and kneels before the killer unloads five bullet into him at close range.
Ribeiro died instantly and his wife and child were unhurt. The man fled the scene.
Local media has also suggested the woman was the man’s maid. The motive for the execution remains unclear, but is not believed to be an execution rather than robbery, as nothing was taken.

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