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Police rule Florida man, 71, staged his suicide to look like murder – Alan Jay Abrahamson copying CSI plot, tied weather balloon to gun so it would float over the Atlantic and disappear after he shot himself

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Authorities closed the case for Alan Jay Abrahamson, who was found dead near his BallenIsles Country Club, Florida, home on January 25 
Police had ruled the death of the 71-year-old a murder, but found no leads, explored suicide as a possibility
Discovering a 2003 CSI episode where someone committed suicide but staged it as murder, proved decisive
He’d researched suicide methods, had taken out several insurance policies prior to his death, and researched their validity in the event of suicide 
Abrahamson police said, tied a gun to a helium balloon in hopes that it would ascend over the Atlantic Ocean and disappear
He’d bought a pair weather balloons – officers also found string and rubber bands near his body and found the same ones at his home
Also found were a pair of scissors near his body and police were able to track down purchases for balloons and helium tanks
Alan Jay Abrahamson 2.jpgFlorida authorities said 71-year-old Alan Jay Abrahamson, who was found dead near his BallenIsles Country Club home on Jan 25 ,staged his own death to look like murder 
Authorities believe the solved the riddle surrounding the death of Alan Jay Abrahamson, who was found dead near his BallenIsles Country Club home on January 25.

Baffled detectives in Florida learned that a CSI episode may have possibly inspired the 71-year-old man to kill himself but stage the scene to appear like he had been murdered.
When police found the life body of Abrahamson a little after 7am on January 25,  his  sweatshirt had a circle of blood marking the entry wound where the bullet had pierced his heart.
Strangely,  there was a thin line of blood running to his shoulder, investigators said according to the Palm Beach Post reports.
Police reports from the day stated that surveillance-camera video showed him walking with an object in his left hand around 5.53am. At approximately 6.30am, ‘the sound of an apparent single gunshot can clearly be heard’.
Tagging the incident murder,  investigators offered a $3,000 reward, but found that they weren’t getting any tips. By mid-March, officials ruled the death a suicide but stated that they would not elaborate, at the time.

But as early as February 1, one detective ‘theorized that it possibly was not a homicide, but possibly a suicide,’ citing the shirt as an indication.
‘The linear blood transfer pattern on Abrahamson’s sweatshirt from the entry wound toward the upper left shoulder [was an] indication that something with the approximate width of a string passed through the blood on the outside of the shirt,’ the supplement explained.
They admitted that a balloon-gun theory ‘seemed far-fetched, it was plausible
Scouring the internet, they soon stumbled upon an episode of the television crime series,  Crime Scene Investigation, ‘CSI’ from 2003 where a person tied a gun to a weather balloon in an effort to make a suicide look like murder.

A few days later on February 5, law enforcement returned to the shooting scene and found ‘pieces of white string/twine with knots tied and some colored rubber bands’ that were 120ft away from where Abrahamson’s body was found.
Those same string and rubber bands were found in a drawer at Abrahamson’s home.
Investigators also found a small pair of silver scissors close to where the body was found.
The detectives had identified his wife, Linda, who had been visiting her daughter in Massachusetts at the time of the suicide.

Linda Abrahamson told police that her husband owned several guns, prompting their son to show detectives a bag filled with three handguns and ammunition in the family’s garage.
Furthermore, leading up to his suicide, Abrahamason took out several life insurance policies.
He had researched whether they would still hold in the event of a suicide.
In an apparent cover up of his trail, he had also deleted all his Dropbox files from his server.
providing further proof of the likelyhood of a staged suicide, investigators showed that dating as far back as 2009, Abrahamson researched how to commit suicide by gun, hanging, drugs and poison, and how quickly victims die from the methods, along with searches for helium balloons before purchasing one October and another in December.

Between September 27 and January 21, the balloon vendor stated that Abrahamson had sent four different emails asking questions about the logistics of the balloons.
‘No family or friends (of Abrahamson) knew of any interest in weather balloons, aerial photography or weather,’ the supplement read.
Abrahamson continued making purchases, including a January 23 purchase of $189.86 for a 40-cubic-foot tank of helium at Air Gas outfit in Riviera Beach.
He was said to have purchased an additional tank for $132.21 on the next day. That purchase was from NexAir, located in West Palm Beach. Both purchases were paid for with cash.

Dropbox image 1.jpg
Detectives found that leading up to his suicide, Abrahamason took out several life insurance policies, researched whether they would remain valid in the event of a suicide. He had also deleted all his Dropbox files from his server


Weather conditions for the day of Abraham’s death suggest that the balloon would have ascended approximately 19 miles before exploding somewhere over the north of the Bahamas. It would have landed in open water.
The open field ‘was optimal for a weather balloon launch,’ according to the report.
However, the balloon, gun, nor the tanks were ever recovered.
Why Did He Do It?
Abrahamson was described as being ‘a fun guy that everybody wanted to be around.’ A friend shared with police that he had dined with the man on January 23 and had lunch with him the following day.
Linda, his wife, was distraught from the news of his death. The two had both been previously married, but Linda asserted that her husband ‘took care of everything and told her she would always be taken care of.’
‘Linda stated that Alan was the love of her life,’ the report detailed.
The couple had traveled to Boston together but after a week on January 21, Abrahamson claimed to be tired of the cold and rushed back to West Palm Beach. He told her that he would come back on January 28.
He had allegedly shared with his wife that he wanted to lose some weight. But he also had planned a cruise for later in the year and had been taking walks with friends.


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