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For Kentucky Baptist preacher Ernie Spence, the morals of America is shaped by seven-year-old cheerleaders! Declares peewee cheerleaders ‘Prostitutes’ who are ‘going to hell’ in online rant

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Baptist preacher, Ernie Spence, posted rant online saying children will be ‘going to hell’ and that seven-year-old cheerleaders are ‘prostitutes’
He questioned the judgement and parenting skills of parents who would allow their 7-year-old daughters prance around in shorts and tee shirts
Pastor Spence of Fellowship Baptist Church in Trimble County, Kentucky, got self-righteous after observing the children as he was passing by a peewee game
Spence subsequently recorded a rant against the boys and girls who were playing
Spence declared the laughing and playing children to be ‘going to hell’ and described the 7-year-old cheerleaders as ‘Prostitutes’
Angry parents of the children came for Pastor Spence on social media
The moral police pastor immediately removed the offending post, but another viewer made a copy and re-posted the rant

A Kentucky preacher has laid his true colors bare after recording a rant about kids at a youth football game in which he declared the children were ‘going to hell’ and that the cheerleaders were ‘dressed as prostitutes’.
Baptist preacher Ernie Spence of Fellowship Baptist Church in Kentucky had been passing by Trimble County High School in the Northwest corner of the Bluegrass State when he saw the youngsters laughing and playing with one another.But the devout Christian took offense as to what the children were doing, seeing it as an affront to his devout religious beliefs.
Ernie Spence of Fellowship Baptist Church in Kentucky was passing by a peewee game when he decided to record a rant against the young boys and girls who were out playing the game

He stated on camera that the children were an example as to why ‘drugs are so bad, leading to fornication and all sorts of ungodliness.’
‘I see what’s wrong with America today,’ he said. ‘Right here it is, time to get ready and go to church and the grandstands back here are full up of people. You got all these young’uns out here chasing balls, and it don’t amount to a hill of beans.’

The pastor has now begun to face a backlash after making the recording in which he declares children to be more concerned with ‘their football God’ than his God.
‘So whenever your children have got more emphasis on what’s going on in the football field than they do the house of God, and people jumpin’ and cheerin’ up and carryin’ on like a bunch of banshee Indians over a kid just running and catching a ball,’ he said. ‘That’s pure ignorance! Pure ignorance!’
The rambling preacher went on to suggest the children ‘would go to hell’ as a result of their enthusiasm for youth football.
The duplicitous preacher tried to remove the video, someone else had already managed to record a copy and preserve evidence of the rant

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