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‘They are still my girls’: American mom who sold her twins to British couple lays claim to them as their adoptive mother reveals how she ‘hijacked’ their graduation

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‘They are still my girls’
Florida woman who sold her twins on twice on the internet 17 years ago lays claim to them as their adoptive mother reveals how she ‘hijacked’ their graduation
Twin sisters Kiara and Keyara hit headlines in 2001 when a Welsh couple were forced to relinquish custody of the sisters they bought for $10,000 online 
They’d already been sold for $5,200 t a California couple, by their birth mother Tranda Wecker 
FBI intervention saw the girls returned to the US and given to a third set of adoptive parents in Missouri who have raised them 
Wrecker tried to force her way back into their lives this year, driving 600 miles from Florida to get photo with girls in ceremonial gowns 
‘Wanted to make it look like she’d played part in their upbringing,’ a friend said
The college bound twins want nothing to do with Tranda Wecker, their birth mother, after the hurt she caused them

Tranda Wrecker actually sold her identical twin daughters for her share of $10,000 in 2001 when they were just six months old.
The girls, Kiara and Keyara, now 18, wanted nothing to do with their birth mother after the hurt she caused them throughout their lives. The wily birth mother, however contrived this year to drive 600 miles from Florida to crash their high school graduation in Missouri. She was intent on masquerading like she’d played a role in their upbringing.

‘Tranda recently came up to attend the girls’ high school graduation in May but they knew what she was doing,’ their adoptive mothersaid in an interview.
‘She wanted that picture with them to share in their success. The success was down to the girl’s hard work, nothing less.
‘The girls saw through it. They have met only a handful of times. Sometimes they have refused to see her they’ve been hurt so much.’

When confronted about it, Wecker claimed ‘they were still her girls’ before being appearing in the photoshoot with sisters for the first time in since she parted with them as infants.
Alan and Judith Kilshaw from Buckley, North Wales, bought the Missouri-born twins for $10,000 over the internet 17 years ago in a deal that shocked the world.
The babies – named Belinda and Kimberley by the Kilshaws – were brought into Britain on holiday visas and their new parents were made wards of the court by their council in North Wales.
The deal was already completed and the twins taken back to Wales when the Kilshaws realized a California couple had already paid to take custody of the kids through an adoption agency – all thanks to a scam perpetrated by their birth mother. It was revealed that Tranda Wecker had previously sold her twin babies to another set of parents in California. The six-month-old girls were first purchased by California couple Richard and Vickie Allen for $5,200 through an adoption broker.
However, following the involvement of the FBI, a trans-Atlantic legal battle was launched and the girls were eventually returned to the US where they were handed over to a new foster family in Missouri. That was not the bottom for Wrecker. In 2006 Wecker who had vowed to regain full custody of the children, won access to see them that year.

She’s now locked in a bitter custody battle with her third husband, Toney Miller, over their little boy Conrad.
Under the terms of the agreement between them, Conrad is supposed to sleep at the homes of each parent when in their care but Wecker has reportedly been taking the youngster to her new lover’s home.
Mother and son reportedly stayed over at new boyfriend Chris Fultz’s third-floor apartment for several nights. Miller on his part said he is not relenting fighting to get Conrad away from his mother and into a ‘stable and loving environment’.


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