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‘Let me in, let me in!’ – Witnesses contradict claim by White female cop who ‘MISTAKENLY’ climbed an extra floor and shot Black neighbor – Amber Guyger was heard knocking on door and shouting before she shot Botham Jean in his apartment, contrary to her story that his door was ajar when she arrived at his apartment thinking it was hers

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‘How does a tactical police officer lose track of directions to her own home, inspite of the physical dissimilarities between her front entrance and that of the man she shot?’ 

Witnesses undercut narrative by White Dallas cop who shot her black neighbor in his apt, that his door was ajar when she arrived at his apt and mistook it for hers
Seconds before officer Amber Renee Guyger shot her neighbor Botham Jean on Thursday, witnesses heard a woman in the hallway shouting: ‘Let me in, let me in’ 
The insistent demands was followed by gunshots, then a man yelling: ‘Oh my God, why did you do that?’  
The 30-year-old tactical police officer claims she thought it was her home and became suspicious someone was inside when she arrived to find the door ajar 
The cop said she only realized she was in the wrong apt after fatally shooting the home owner
Neighbors also pointed out that the victim not only lived on another floor from the shooter, but his front door had a distinct look that differed from the generic look of other apt entrance doors in the complex
She called 911 afterwards and was seen pacing in the hallway on her cellphone 
On Sunday, Guyger was arrested on a manslaughter charge and was released on a $300,000 attorney bond
It is now in the hands of a grand jury to increase her manslaughter charge to murder  

Another neighbor then heard gunshots and afterwards claimed to have heard a man shouting: ‘Oh my God. Why did you do that?’
The neighbors’ accounts significantly undermine her claim that Jean’s door was ajar when she arrived at it after returning home.
The witness told Jean’s family’s lawyer Lee Merritt they think those were his last words.
Jean, lived one floor above Guyger in the South Side Flats building in Dallas Texas.
The 26-year-old accountant’s mother, Allison Jean, said she believes there is more to her son’s death than has been revealed.
‘I’m not satisfied that we have all the answers,’ she said.

Entrance to Botham Jean's apt.JPGContrasting front doors: : The entrance to Jean’s apt his family say has a distinctive red doormat which distinguishes it from the generic door fronts in the complex. Distinct enough for the cop to know she was at the wrong apt when she arrived on Thursday night. 

Eyewitness video from the scene has also emerged which shows Guyger pacing up and down the hallway afterwards.  She appears to be shaking and crying and is holding a phone to one ear.
Minutes later, a team of EMTs arrived. They were filmed wheeling Jean away while one of them performed CPR.
Guyger told police that they had never met before Thursday night and that she thought he was an intruder in her home when she arrived mistakenly at the front door.  She said she gave verbal commands but that he ignored them and forced her to shoot.
She said she only realized that she had entered his apartment, and not her own, after she shot him dead in the dark, turned the lights on and called 911.
Officer Guyger was arrested on Sunday, three days after the incident, on a manslaughter charge and was released on a $300,000 attorney bond afterwards.
It is now in the hands of a grand jury to decide whether or not that is the appropriate offense or if she should be charged with murder.


On Monday, District Attorney Faith Johnson said she would do everything in her power to investigate the case to its fullest. Declining responsibulity for the perceived preferential treatment the suspect appeared to be receiving so far, she stressed that it was out of her power how and when Texas Rangers arrest the suspect.

She said her office had a ‘spirited debate’ with the police about how they had handled the case so far but would not go into further detail.
On Monday night, nearly 200 protesters descended on Dallas Police HQ demanding justice after Guyger was released.
Jean came to the US in 2011 to study business administration and accounting and management at Harding University in Arkansas. After graduating in 2016, PwC hired him out of college as a risk assurance associate.

South Side Flats, Dallas Texas 2.JPGGuyger and Bothatm, the man she shot and killed, lived a floor apart at South Side Flats, an amenity-packed building in Dallas. Guyger told police she’d never met the man she killed before

Dallas police on Saturday said Guyger had worked for Dallas Police Department for four years on the Southeast Patrol Division. Guyger who moved into the South Side Flats about a month ago, is the sole woman on an elite crime response team of 10 officers who make high-risk arrests.
She is on record as having shot another man in 2017 – that time a suspect who had taken her Taser.Uvaldo Perez, 47, was hit once in the abdomen, but survived and was sentenced to two years on drugs charges. Guyger was found justified in that shooting.
After the Botham shooting, a Dallas police officer close to Guyger told a local media house: ‘She is devastated,’the friend said. ‘She is so, so sorry for this family.’



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