Mother-of-two Cassie Smith has told police she stood nearby and did nothing as her boyfriend beat her three-year-old son and poured hot water on his body.
Smith, 20, told homicide detectives she watched her boyfriend, 41-year-old Joshua Oxford, pour water over Daniel Theriot after he smacked the boy “over and over again” Sept. 1 inside their studio apartment in Las Vegas. But when Daniel “still wouldn’t listen,” Oxford heated water on a stove and poured it on the boy, Smith told police. By morning Daniel was dead, Oxford and Smith told police.
The pair put Daniel in a corner because he was “acting disrespectful” toward them, they told police.
The pair face murder charges in his death. The boy’s grandmother, Kathy Evans, was at the apartment and told her daughter’s boyfriend to quit hitting her grandson, she told police.

Cassie Smith 1Cassie Smith appears in court during an initial hearing on Friday in Las Vegas. Smith and her boyfriend Joshua Oxford are charged in the death of her 3-year-old son, Daniel Theriot,
Cassie Smith, had reported her son missing days before she charged with his murder along with her boyfriend Joshua Oxford in the death of Daniel Theriot.
In their defense, both claimed the three-year-old had been disrespectful in the days leading up to the fatal attack.
Smith told police her son had a bad attitude, causing Oxford to lash out and begin to hit the young boy on September 1, The Review Journal reported.
The 41-year-ld man, reportedly beat the child over and over, but still did not receive the respect he believed he was owed, and decided to pour water over Daniel. He escalated to heated water after cold water did not have the desired effect.
that is when he allegedly decided to heat it up on the stove before pouring the now-hot water over the boy again.
The report claims as her son cried out in pain and asked for her help, she stood nearby watching, declining to get involved.

Cassie Smith, 20, called 911 around 9am, telling police she’d taken her son to feed the ducks at Sunset Park in Las Vegas, but when she’d looked away for a second to use her phone, he’d disappeared.
Police immediately mounted a huge search effort, closing the park and checking each car as they left.
Police allege Oxford and Smith killed Daniel, and covered it up before reporting the toddler missing. Investigators say they also began to have their suspicions about the Smith’s version of events and launched a simultaneous criminal investigation.

He also said no one at the park remembered seeing Daniel with his mom, or noticed the woman frantically searching.
‘We started doubting if the three-year-old was ever at the park,’ he said. ‘We suspected some foul play was involved.’
Just before 5am on Monday, Daniel’s body was discovered in a plastic tub near Lake Mead National Recreation Area.
It appears he was killed and dumped there up to 12 hours before his mother called to report him missing from the park.
Spencer also made clear there was ‘nothing accidental about the death of the child’