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Killer White Dallas cop, Amber Guyger, is fired two weeks after claiming she ‘MISTAKENLY’ climbed one floor up, and shot dead her black neighbor in his apartment

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Civil protests ‘prompt’ Dallas police to fire White cop two weeks after shooting dead her black neighbor in his apartment
Amber Guyger, 31, was fired by Dallas Police Dept Monday morning, due to ‘adverse conduct’ which was her killing neighbor Botham Jean on Sept 6
The four-year veteran was arrested three days after the shooting at the apt block where she ‘MISTAKENLY’ went upstairs and shot her neighbour in his apt
She alleges it was an accident and that she thought his apt was her own, but witnesses dispute her claim that she found his door ajar and the victim inside
Neighbors allegedly heard her knocking on the door, shouting ‘let me in’ and ‘exchanging words’ with Jean before he was shot
She was charged with manslaughter Sept 9, and  awaits her next court appearance
Amber Guyger and Botham Jean 5Dallas police officer Amber Renee Guyger [right], has been fired from her job with Dallas PD while under investigation or randomly shooting her upstairs neighbour, Botham Jean [right]

The white Dallas cop who shot dead her neighbor on September 6 after arriving at his apartment, allegedly thinking it was hers, has been fired for the killing.
Dallas Police Department announced on Monday morning that it had fired Amber Guyger, 30, for killing Botham Jean, a 26-year-old banking associate, in his apartment.
Dallas police announce that: ‘Chief U. Renee Hall terminated Police Officer Amber Guyger #10702 during a hearing held September 24, 2018,’ after ‘An internal affairs investigation concluded that on September 9, 2018, Officer Guyger engaged in ‘adverse conduct’ when she was arrested or manslaughter.
The announcement comes just days after Chief Hall said firing the officer would compromise the criminal investigation.
Police spokesperson Sergeant Warren Mitchell confirmed Guyger had been fired as a formality which goes along with being arrested. He refused to say why it had taken two weeks for the force to fire her, saying only: ‘It just happened when it happened.’
Her firing was announced in a press release which read: ‘Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall terminated Police Officer Amber Guyger #10702 during a hearing held September 24, 2018.
The press released detailed that ‘Officer Guyger was terminated for her actions, She was hired in November 2013 and was assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division.
‘Under civil service rules, Officer Guyger has the right to appeal her discipline.’
Amber Guyger, 30, was fired on Monday for fatally shooting Botham Jean, right, on September 6

Amber Renee Guyger 2.JPGAmber Renee Guyger [L-R], has been charged with manslaughter in the death of Botham Jean

Despite the wording of the release, which indicates she was fired for something she did while being arrested three days after the crime, police say it was the fact that she had been arrested which sealed her fate.
The shooting death of Jean Botham has galvanized protests against the handling of the investigation by local authorities. Last weekend, protesters took to the streets demanding that she lose her job. She had been on administrative leave until then.
It took Texas rangers three days to charge Guyger with manslaughter on September 9.
She claimed that she arrived at Jean’s apartment thinking it was hers and that the door was ajar when she arrived. She alleged that she opened it using a key then gave verbal commands to him as she looked at him standing in the dark, across the room from her, before shooting him.
A search warrant for the young man’s home to retrieve evidence for the case against her however claimed she that he came to the door after hearing her trying to get in with a set of keys.

Interior shot of Jean Botham's apt 1The scene inside Jean’s home when he was shot dead ‘in the dark’ by Guyger shows a half eaten bowl of cereal he is believed to have eating at the time, an open book and covers bunched on a couch

Neighbors also say they heard a woman shouting ‘let me in’ and knocking on the door seconds before she fired her weapon.
They say they heard the pair exchange words and that a man shouted: ‘Oh my God, what have you done?’ after she fired her gun.
Guyger claims she went into the apartment, challenged the intruder before shooting. The evidence of witnesses, however suggests that she shot Jean at the door.

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