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Billionaire fightback -Wealthy heir claims girlfriend was ‘on drugs’ when he battered her to a pulp in ‘Self Defense’ ! Erick Bretz plans to sue Melissa Gentz, for destroying his reputation by releasing abuse photos

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Incredulous! – ‘Billionaire heir, Erick Bretz, claims he battered girlfriend in self-defense’

Erick Bretz, is fighting back after his girlfriend Melissa Gentz, publicly accused him of abuse by saying she instead was the aggressor
Bretz, 25, claims the 22-year-old college student Gentz was ‘on drugs’ when he beat her bloody in ‘Self-Defense’
Gentz admitted to throwing the first punch in her police report, at which point Bretz allegedly kicked her, pulled her hair, and slapped her with a bottled
Bretz’s lawyer denies these claims and says that his client will be found innocent and then plans to sue Gentz for slander and libel, claiming he is the victim
‘Evidence will show that Melissa Gentz was drinking and consuming drugs prior to the incident she has alleged,’ states Larry McMillian
McMillan predicted that ‘evidence will show that Melissa Gentz attacked Erick Bretz sending him to a hospital’
Gentz had filed for a protective order but it was lifted by a judge while his charge of tampering with a witness was dropped, though he is charged with battery 
Bretz’s attorneys said he plans to sue his accuser for destroying his reputation by releasing abuse photos
Bretz was arrested that night while sleeping at the apartment, and booked on charges of Domestic Battery by Strangulation and Tampering With a Witness
He has been released after posting his $60,000 bail and agreeing to surrender his passport.  
The Brazilian man who is charged with Domestic Battery by Strangulation after his girlfriend was left bruised and bloodied in the wake of a fight at his Floridaapartment last month claims he only attacked the alleged victim in self-defense.
Melissa Gentz, 22, told police that Erick Bretz, 25, kicked her in the head, ripped out her hair, smacked her with a bottle and left her fearing for her life on September 23 after he had been drinking and taken Patz, a sleeping pill similar to Ambien.
Bretz and his attorney are now telling a much different story however, saying that it was Gentz who was the aggressor and pointing out that she herself admitted to throwing the first punch in the police report.
He also announced that he plans to sue Gentz for slander and libel after she released pictures of her bruised face while claiming to have evidence that will show Gentz had been drinking and doing drugs that night.

‘The evidence in this case clearly dictates that Ms. Gentz was the aggressor. Erick and his legal team will bring all the facts of this incident to light and expose her account as simply untrue and that Erick is innocent,’ Bretz’s lawyer Larry McMillan said.
‘In the end, Mr. Bretz and his family will prosecute Ms. Gentz for her slanderous and libelous actions. They will seek to recover damages for the harm to his and his family’s outstanding reputation.’

He goes on to say that her medical examination contradicts her claims, claiming that  ‘physical evidence reveals no sign of trauma to her neck’ and his client’s ‘hands have no signs consistent with striking someone multiple times.’
Bretz also has no history of violence and was never given time to speak with police according to his attorney.
Then, there are the claims that the defendant is making against Gentz.
‘Evidence will show that Melissa Gentz was drinking and consuming drugs prior to the incident she has alleged,’ states McMillian.
‘Evidence will show that Melissa Gentz attacked Erick Bretz sending him to a hospital.’
This all comes as omne judge has lifted the protective order in the case just days after it was filed and the district attorney’s office has reportedly dropped the charge of witness tampering.
Bretz has pleaded not guilty to the one remaining charge of Domestic Battery by Strangulation and is out on $60,000 bail.

Erick Bretz 5.JPGBretz [L-R], denied the charges and was released from Hillsborough County Jail on $60,000 bail

He has had his passport revoked however and is unable to leave the country.
Gentz released audio from the alleged attack on her social media last month, which is when she claims Bretz  brutally beat her in his Tampa apartment.
Gentz then recorded part of the fight, in which she can be heard crying while her boyfriend screams: ‘Why are you so dumb? Stop being stupid, see . You have no more notion of p … none. I already told you, see. Stop being dumb!’
He then goes on to state: ‘You do not accept the man who has more dominance than you. You do not accept, you think you’re the man of the relationship. But you’re not, you’re a woman, you see , you have to accept that!’
A report filed with the Tampa Police Department later that day detailed the alleged attack.
Battered and bruised Melissa Gentz posts video after attack

Melissa Gentz says Bretz split a door in two during the horrific altercation in Sept 2018Bretz allegedly kicked in the door to his bathroom [photo], in order to get at Gentz at one point
Audio footage shows argument between Melissa Gentz and Erick Bretz

Gentz then made the decision to share photos of her bruised and bloody eye as well as the other injuries she claimed to have suffered on social media, a move that has prompted Bretz’s decision to sue.
‘Unlike the “victim” who is trying her version of the events through social media; we have advised our client to pursue his position in a court of law that is designed to settle disputes through the legal process,’ Bretz’s lawyer tells
‘Ultimately, the court will decide what really happened and what should be done about it. We are confident that Erick will be vindicated.’
Gentz told police that the pair were at Bretz’s apartment a little after 4am on September 23 when he took some ‘Patz,’ a medication similar to Ambien he is prescribed for insomnia.

‘The defendant became argumentative and jealous after he consumed his medication and approximately four beers and three fourths a bottle of wine,’ states the police report.
Bretz was reportedly angry over a photo posted by his girlfriend to Instagram, which prompted him to berate the victim according to the report.
That is when Gentz tried to hit and punch Bretz, who she believed had taken her cell phone.
Bretz allegedly, responded by physically assaulting Gentz she later told police.
‘The defendant then proceeded to grab the victim and throw her onto the floor. He then kicked her in the face and began to strangle her with his legs,’ read the police report.
‘The victim advised she could not breathe while he was strangling her with his legs.’
That was just the start of the attack though, with Gentz claiming her boyfriend continued to assault her by ‘grabbing her hair and striking her in the face multiple times with a closed fist.’

Melissa Gentz 3Geentz, a University of Southern Florida undergraduate student, left her boyfriend’s home with visible injuries including cuts and bruises to her face

In the middle of this, Bretz also allegedly hit Gentz in the face with a bottle of Pedialyte.
Gentz’s first attempt to find safety however failed when Bretz allegedly knocked down a door to get to her as she tried to hide.
‘The victim was able to enter the bathroom in attempt to call 911 but the defendant kicked open the bathroom door to prevent her from contacting 911,’ said the report.
‘She attempted to run out of the bathroom but the defendant continued to restrain her.’
She was finally able to flee the apartment and get to the doorman, who called authorities.
Bretz was arrested that night while sleeping at the apartment, and booked on charges of Domestic Battery by Strangulation and Tampering With a Witness.
He was then released two days later after posting his $60,000 bail and agreeing to surrender his passport.
Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is monitoring the case.
Bretz has entered a plea of not guilty and is prohibited from having any contact with Gentz, who he had known since high school but only been dating for two months.
Gentz is trying to recover from her injuries in order to complete her degree by December as she had planned to do prior to the attack. She is currently working toward her biology degree at the University of Southern Florida.


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