The defendant, 23-year-old ‘Rami A’, who is a legal refugee from Syria, is accused of ten counts of sexual assault and harassment but, refused to co-operate
He tried to refused to leave his cell for his court appearance today and had to be tied up by officials 
Once in court, security had to wrestle Rami into a seat before proceedings, causing a two-hour delay
He is alleged to have carried out the crimes in Dresden between March and June 2018
A Syrian refugee who is alleged to have harassed and sexually assaulted ten women in Germany had to be dragged into a courtroom today to hear the charges against him.

The 23-year-old man, identified only as Rami A, is a legally recognized refugee and is married, although his wife lives in Jordan.
In Dresden, he is accused of at least ten cases of assault and harassment taking place between March 8 and June 3 earlier this year.
The crime scenes were all in the Neustadt area of the city, which is situated near the border with the Czech Republic in the free state of Saxony in eastern Germany.
At night or early in the morning, Rami A. would ambush his victims and push them against walls before groping and rubbing up against them, BILD reported.
Only when the women screamed for help would he let go of them.

Rami A. has been in custody since June 2018. allegedly terrorized female victims in the area over a three-month span. The legal war refugee whose wife lives in Jordan is said to have repeatedly attacked women in Neustadt.
Shortly after he was taken into custody there was an emergency medical call from the detention cell. The Syrian had developed a panic attack, twitching all over his body. A doctor was called in who certified him to be in the best health physically and fit to stand trial.
Early Tuesday the refugee resisted all attempts to get him to attend the hearing.
He finally had to be tied up while several judicial officials dragged him into court.
Once inside, he also did not want to sit and had to be forced down.
There, the process began late in the morning rather than early in the morning with a delay of almost two hours.