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DC ‘Mansion Murders’ suspect Daron Wint, claims his brother set him up after luring him to the house where wealthy Savopoulos family and their maid were killed – Prosecution now say he may not have acted alone

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Daron Wint, 37, is the only person that has been charged with the slaying of the Savopoulos family in their Upper Northwest Washington mansion, three years ago
DC millionaire Savvas Savopoulos, his wife,  their 10-year-old son and their housekeeper died in the home invasion and subsequent arson
The bodies of construction firm owner Savvas Savopoulos, 46, his wife Amy Savopoulos, 47,  10-year-old Phillip Savopoulos and the family’s housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa, 57, were found on May 14, 2015
Prosecutors say DNA evidence linked the Guyanese born Wint to the D.C. quadruple slaying 
For each victim, Wint is charged with multiple counts including first-degree burglary, extortion, arson and first-degree theft
Cops say the four victims were held captive and tortured overnight – for 18 hours
The robber fled with $40,000 in ransom money delivered to the house located in a posh DC neighborhood, he then torched the home
Prosecutors initially argued that Wint acted alone in order to claim the ransom money
His defense team claim he was set up by half-brother Darrell and stepbrother, neither of whom has been charged – his DNA was only found at the crime scene because he brought pizza for his  brother who had called him over to the home on  a pretext of a remodelling job
However, prosecutors are now considering the possibility that more than one suspect was involved
Wint could have had help they said, because four people had been taken hostage for 36 hours before they were killed
Daron Wint 2Mansion murder suspect Daron Wint [photo], is on trial over the slaying of a wealthy family and their housekeeper 

A man charged with the brutal murder of a wealthy Washington DC family and their housekeeper claims it was his brother who killed them, and the prosecution has also raised the possibility that he may not have acted alone.
Daron Wint, 37, to date, has been considered the only suspect in the quadruple slaying. He is the only charged with the slaying of the Savopoulos family at their home in a wealthy Washington DC neighborhood in what became known as the ‘Mansion Murders.’
The bodies of construction firm owner Savvas Savopoulos, 46, his wife Amy, 47, their 10-year-old son Phillip and the family’s housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa, 57, were found on May 14, 2015.
They had been tied up, beaten and stabbed before being doused with gasoline and the house was set on fire.
Wint, who was born in Guyana, has pled not guilty to multiple counts of first-degree murder, kidnapping and arson.
Prosecutors argued that Wint acted alone in order to claim a $40,000 ransom, the Washington Post reports.

But his defense team claimed he was set up to take the fall by his half-brother Darrell Wint and his stepbrother. Neither of them have been charged in the case.
Now, prosecutors have raised the possibility that Wint had help because four people had been taken hostage for 36 hours before they were killed, ABC 7 reports.
Wint’s brother Darrell – who the defense say is the actual killer, is scheduled to testify, according to the station.
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Suspected burglar, murderer and arsonist, Daron Wint Daron Wint 35, previously charged with kidnap and killing of DC millionaire Savvas Savopoulos, his wife Amy, son Philip […]

Last week, Wint took the stand, telling the jury that he was lured to the Savopoulos home in Upper Northwest Washington by Darrell.
He gave a detailed account explaining how he ended up leaving his DNA on a pizza crust at the house, which led to his arrest.
He testified that he only went because Darrell had asked him to come for a paint and drywall job, and later asked for his help in ‘unloading the house’ of valuables.
Wint told jurors he refused to help steal from the house after Darrell told him to put on a construction hat and green reflective vest to be less conspicuous.

Veralicia Figueroa [left] and Phillip Savopoulos 1The couple’s ten-year-old son Phillip [right] and the family’s housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa [left], also died in the tragic home invasion

Wint insisted that he had stayed in a room on the main floor of the house and wasn’t aware that anyone else was in the house or being hurt.
According to the defendant’s testimony, he met his brother Darrell at a construction company on May 13, the same day, a killer broke into the Savopoulos family home nestled in a posh DC neighborhood.
Wint claims that during that meeting, Darrell asked to use his minivan, which he would pay him at least $300, for that night, while he spent the night at a friend’s house.
He claims he didn’t hear from his brother again until the morning of May 14 when Darrell turned up at the friend’s house driving a Porsche.
Wint says they drove to the Savopoulos home and Darrell let them inside with a key.
He says his brother was wearing construction gloves when he brought him a pizza box after he mentioned that he was hungry, which he had thought was odd, he claimed.

Wint said he put an uneaten slice of pepperoni pizza back into the box because it was ‘cold and hard.’
He claimed that he and his brother argued after his brother asked for help stealing from the house and he left the hard hat and vest there.
Authorities found Wint’s DNA on the pizza as well as on the hard hat and vest.
But Wint couldn’t explain how his DNA ended up on a knife in the basement.
He said his brother told him to get in the Porsche and he would be driven back to his minivan, but says, his brother took him to a parking lot in Lanham, Maryland.
Wint claims his brother spoke about getting ‘rid’ of the minivan and some time after the incident, Wint claimed Darrell gave him $6,000 to ‘buy a new car.’
He also says he was given two white iPhones which Darrell told him were found in a park, but which authorities say were stolen from the Savopoulos home.
Wint also claimed that he only made Google searches after the incident, including ‘how to beat a lie detector test’, because ‘I didn’t want to go to jail for a crime I didn’t commit.’
He said he began doing searches online after seeing a story about the fire on the news and was worried that his minivan would be linked to the case.


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