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Prosecution show blood-stained clothes and bed sheets found dumped in the trash outside luxury home of James Rackover – Manhattan party boy is accused of killing and dismembering a guest at his house party

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Rutgers student Joseph ‘Joey’ Comunale, 26, of Connecticut was killed on Nov 13, 2016 – James Rackover, 27, and Lawrence Dilione, 30, have been accused of his murder
Jurors at murder trial of NY party boy James Rackover were shown evidence from the night of the killing including a blood soaked bedsheets, the victim’s pants and a brown dress shoes all splattered with blood
The blood-stained clothes and bed sheets were found dumped in the trash outside Rackover’s luxury home in Manhattan, NY
Joey was killed at a booze and drug-fueled party after argument over cigarettes, his killers stabbed him before mutilating his body and dumping it in New Jerse
Rackover has been charged of second-degree murder, hindering prosecution, tampering with evidence and concealing a human corpse
He faces up to life in prison for the murder charge, with additional possible sentences for the additional charges
Murder trial for his co-defendant Lawrence Dilione is expected to begin in January

Jurors at the murder trial of New York celebrity party boy  James Rackover, were shown the blood-stained clothes and bed sheets from the night he allegedly stabbed a man to death during a party at his luxury New York City apartment.
The disturbing photos show a blood-splattered pair of pants, a strained dark brown pair of dress shoes and a once-white bedsheet, which had been dumped in the trash near the Manhattan party boy’s home.
Joey Comunale, 26, of Connecticut, was brutally killed at the alcohol and cocaine-fueled bash in an argument over cigarettes, on November 13, 2016 authorities say.

Blood spattered clothes presented as evidence was found in the garbage near James Rackover's home in Manhattan, NY 5
This bedsheet was shown to the jurors on Tuesday. A gold chain necklace was caught inside the blood soaked sheet. The piece of jewelry belonged to Comunale, whose friend said he was wearing the chain the night he was murdered
Celebrity party boy James Rackover [left] is charged with killing Joseph Comunale [right]. Rackover and his pal Lawrence Dilione, allegedly stabbed the victim before mutilating his body and dumping it in New Jersey

Joey’s best friend previously said the victim was wearing the chain the night he died.

Michelle Gangi 1.jpgNYPD Detective Michelle Gangi [photo, on Tuesday presented jurors with a gold chain necklace found inside the bloody bed sheet recovered from the garbage outside James Rackover apt

Manhattan party murder suspects James Rackover and Lawrence Dilione point accusing fingers at each other in the killing and butchering of Joseph Comunale; Suspects tell cops victim was ‘killed during fight over a cigarette’

Celebrity party boy James Rackover [left] is charged with killing Joseph Comunale [right]. Rackover is also charged with concealing a corpse and hindering the investigation […]

The jury also saw the victim’s bleach-stained clothes, including a gray sweatshirt that smelled strongly of bleach, his driver’s license and college ID.
Blood-stained towels and empty bottles of household cleaners were also seen in court.
The victim’s body was found three days after the gruesome murder.
His body had been mutilated, burned and buried in a shallow grave in Oceanport, New Jersey, where the other defendant, Lawrence Dilione lived.

Bottles of bleach presented in the James Rackover,murder trial.JPGJurors last week saw empty bottles of household cleaners [photo], allegedly used by the killers in their clean up attempt

Last week Thursday, the victim’s father Patsy Comunale, was seen crying as he relived his last few interactions with his son.
‘It would have been at my house,’ Patsy said, noting that he knew his son intended to go out the night that he died.
‘He wasn’t feeling well. He went out anyway.’
When horrific crime scene pictures were shown, revealing Joey’s burned and mud-covered remains, both Patsy and Joey’s mother, Lisa Comunale, reportedly struggled to keep their composure.
At one point, Lisa was seen with Patsy’s arm around her as she cried into her hands. Patsy, meanwhile, held back more tears.

Max Gemma1.png
Max Gemma, [photo] has been charged with helping in the clean up attempt, but not for murder in the death of Joy Comunale

Max Gemma, 30, who was also said to have been at Rackover’s apartment the night Joey was killed, has been charged with helping in the clean up attempt, but not for Joey’s murder.
Rackover is said to be the ‘surrogate son’ of celebrity jeweler Jeffrey Rackover, who has designed jewelry for A-Listers like of Jennifer Lopez and Melania Trump.
Jeffrey Rackover has since distanced himself from his ‘adoptive’ son, but was named in a lawsuit filed in June 2017 alleging he helped to cover up the murder.
The victim’s family claim he is complicit because he provided cleaning supplies to James and alleged that the pair were in a sexual relationship.
The lawsuit also alleged the jeweler allowed James Rackover borrow his Mercedes-Benz to dispose of the victim’s dismembered remains on the Jersey Shore.

James rackover murder trial evidence 1.JPG

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